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Lets "hang out"

So, here I am, 19, totally into the body modification culture and I had never seen a suspension in real life. That all changed this weekend when a couple of "IAMers", my boyfriend, and I all went to the ROP (Rites of passage) BBQ in Pittsfield, Mass.

I had seen many pictures of suspensions on bmezine, and my piercer has hung a couple of times, as well as helped pierce a couple of time. While waiting to get my first tattoo back in July, he had nothing to do, so we sat and he told me a little about suspensions and pulls. I was GLUED to what he was saying and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, so I decided I had to check it out. I mean, what is more fun than camping, BBQing and suspensions?

I had it all planned out. A couple friends and reserved a campsite for the 18th – 20th of August and were all psyched up to see some people hang from hooks. Try explaining that to your mother...

On the 18th, we had all our shit packed in a tiny little Subaru (The VT state car), and made the three and a half hour pilgrimage down to Pittsfield. When we got there I think we were all expecting for it to be a huge hoopla of crazy people, but we later learned that the park didn't even know what the BBQ was all about.

After we got all out stuff unpacked and the tents set up on their wonderful campsites made of GRAVEL, we decided it was time to check stuff out and see if anyone was hanging yet. We started talking to people, introducing ourselves and having a pretty good time. I was surprised to see how nice everyone was, not to mention the gorgeous pieces of art everyone had all over their bodies. Now, I have a tattoo and 13 piercings, and I know a lot about piercings, but I felt like I was staring at everyone. One person had some nice sub dermal implants on his head and boy did I want to touch those!

We figured that nothing would be happening until later when everyone was settled in so we went out into the town for the regular camping amenities. When we were driving back we saw my piercer, Derek unloading all his gear. Its was really nice to actually hang out with him. Like instead of him just being my piercer, he is now also my friend. Derek said that there were suspensions going on at the ROP group site, so we all headed over there.

Over at the group site there was a huge campfire and tons of people and their dogs (2 Chihuahuas, a pug, and some other small dog, ha-ha). Then as you walk back into the woods a little there were 3 or 4 rigs all set up and people were hanging around.

This one kid, Brandon, got crazy with his 4 point suicide suspension. He was bouncing off trees and getting running starts. It was amazing how much his skin could take. He was probably up there for a good hour too. So we asked him if it was ok for us to take pictures and he said yeah so we got a bunch of pictures and a couple videos.

Other suspensions that I saw were a 4 point knee to 2 point chest suspension, 2 point spinning suicide suspensions, 4 point suicide spinning suspensions, a 2 point chest pull, a couple more 2 and 4 point suicides. I missed a lotus suspension and I think there was also a coma that I missed too. I was kicking myself about that one.

I was really impressed with how professional the ROP team is. They had all their biohazard bags and sterile tools and all that you would expect in a studio, OUTDOORS!

I got to watch the piercings and taking out processes too. They actually slip a 6 or 8 gauge needle on the end of the hook and then pierce you. I was assuming they just shoved a big hook through your skin. Ouch. I also saw how tough the skin on your back is. It is such thick tissue to be pierced; it looks like it takes a lot of muscle to pierce through! When they took the hooks out was really cool also. I forgot about the factor of air getting under your skin, and I thought the process of getting the air out was wicked.

All and all I just can't wait until next year when I can suspend. The BBQ was so much fun and I met so many nice people. If you ever have a chance to go I would recommend you do, it was a blast and a half.


submitted by: allison_scout
on: 23 Aug. 2006
in Culture

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Artist: ROP+suspension+group
Studio: pittsfield+state+forrest
Location: Massechuttets

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