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BMEfest - A Negative Experience Can Turn Positive!

After my BMEfest 'Day in the Park' experience didn't go as planned (A 'Day in the Park' That Wasn't Quite So), due to my extreme shyness, I wasn't entirely sure that I even wanted to attend the evening portion of the event. However, my boyfriend, Brandon, encouraged me to do so.

Around 8:00pm Brandon and I ventured out into the rain to the subway station. Compared to those who had to buy plane tickets or drive long distances to attend BMEfest, our journey was not far – perhaps a 20 minute subway ride. While on the subway my nerves were in overdrive. I was worried that I would be really shy, like during the afternoon, and wouldn't meet anyone. I tried to push my doubts aside, while I clasped my BMEfest ticket in my hand. After switching subway lines we noticed 3 heavily tattooed and pierced individuals. My boyfriend and I assumed that they must be going to BMEfest, but they never got off the subway when we did and we never saw them again. Lesson: don't make assumptions.

Once we got off at Dundas West Station, my boyfriend and I headed to Sterling Road. We knew where it was because my boyfriend had lived in the Dundas West area last summer. We headed down Sterling Road, looking for the address listed on the back of our ticket. Once we found the address we were somewhat confused, trying to find Unit 5. Luckily there were some fellow IAMers outside and they pointed us around back to the correct entrance.

Brandon and I showed our ticket to Ryan had it hole punched, and got our shirts. The door was then opened and we headed into the main area. We were instantly hit with a blast of heat. The building was incredibly hot and sticky. At this point there were not many people there. As performers continued to set-up for the evening most people were just standing around, a few people drinking beer, getting accustomed to the environment. I felt incredibly awkward. Brandon and I ended up sitting down and watching the set-up crew do their thing.

As time passed more people began to arrive. While Brandon didn't know anyone, I "knew" a few people. I don't mean that I had ever met them, or chatted extensively with them, but rather I recognized them from browsing IAM and reviewing experiences over the last 3 years. I noticed, like I did in the park, that a lot of the people in attendance had way more visible modifications than myself, which made me a little unsure of the evening to come.

The building began to fill quickly and in no time The Great Orbax was up in front of the group welcoming us all.

The Great Orbax put on a great performance, sticking nails up his nose, followed by a fork and finally a condom. The audience was in awe and I began to relax and enjoy myself. I, along with others based on the amount of laughter, enjoyed his sarcastic remarks that he made about a variety of body modification related activities.

Not too long into the evening I met Kara – with whom I have been chatting with on IAM for years. Though we lived incredibly close to one another (on the same block) we had never met. It was great to meet an IAMer. We only got to chat for a few minutes though as the environment was sooo loud we could barely hear each other.

After The Great Orbax's performance he introduced Polly, who, walked up a staircase of machetes. She then laid down on a bed of machetes and The Great Orbax placed a cinder block on her and broke it with a sledgehammer.

I would say that Havve was the highlight of the evening for me. He did a 6 point knee suspension. I have never seen a suspension being performed. I was, and still am, speechless. It was amazing.

A number of times Brandon and I had to leave the building and go outside to cool down. We chose this option, while others chose to begin to remove their clothing. At first it was guys with their shirt off, then a guy in his boxers. The next thing I knew there were topless girls and before the night ended there were numerous people wearing next to nothing or nothing at all. I admit, I did begin to feel uncomfortable.

The evening ended with a battle of the bands style performance with The Matadors and The Legendary Klopeks. It started out pretty tame with people simply watching the performance. However, the situation began to escalate. Audience members enjoyed the performance a lot and started to "get into it" so to speak. I found myself moving from my spot up front to the back so that I didn't get trampled or hit with well, flopping body parts.

When the performance was through everyone heading out to the back of the building, where the fireworks were going to be set off. The fireworks were amazing, almost as much as Zidney Fiendish's fire performance.

Before the evening began I wasn't sure that I even wanted to attend. When the evening had began to wrap up my attitude was the exact opposite. Even though I didn't really meet or talk to anyone besides Kara, I had a great evening. I had the desire to linger around afterwards, but Brandon and I were on a bit of a time constraint – we needed to make sure we had enough time to get home before the subway stopped running.

All in all, despite a slightly negative afternoon experience, I am very glad that I attended BMEfest. If the event is held in Toronto again, I'm pretty sure that I will attend. If I do, I will make a better effort to introduce myself to people, which will allow me to have an even better time.


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on: 17 Aug. 2006
in Culture

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