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Follow-up experience to my 1st Tattoo

After getting my first tattoo nine months ago - a tiger from knee to ankle on the outside of my right calf - I was very concerned about people's reaction. As I described in my first story back in December, I had never considered getting a tattoo.

My husband has many tattoos and when we got together he was the one who planted the idea in my head. I was always concerned about what other people would think about a lady with a tattoo - and this was a major mind-block for me. My husband kept saying not to worry and was also keen for me to get a large tattoo - not some small skimpy one which would be covered over in a few years.

As I work as a secretary, for quite a conservative firm, where every day I am expected to dress up in a business suit - skirt/high heels etc etc I was obviously worried about how a tattoo would effect my job - and how people would perceive me there..

At the time I last wrote about my inaugural tattoo experience, I had not yet mustered up the courage to reveal my tattooed leg to my work mates. Up until then I had turned up to work with thick stockings or in pants.

Well that all changed when my husband suggested I turn up to my work Christmas party and reveal all there! I thought it was a great idea - the perfect place where everyone would be in a festive party mood.

I went shopping for a sexy dress and found the perfect number - a long sexy black dress with a long slit down the right side which would show off my tattooed leg every time I walked. In my high heels it looked amazing - especially when my tiger peaked out.

The week before my work Christmas party, my husband also arranged for me to get my ears pierced again - well two more in each ear. I now have six piercings! After my experience getting half my leg tattooed - getting a few ear piercings seemed like nothing.

I was very excited about finally being able to show off my tattoo to my work colleges. I was also very nervous - as I wasn't sure how some would react. Initially when my husband and I arrived, most of my work friends noticed my new earrings first! BUT when they finally saw my leg they could NOT believe it! Most thought it was not real ... when they finally started to see that it was ... I was bombarded with questions - did it hurt? why would I do it etc etc. They also could not believe how big it was especially as it was my first tattoo!

Most of them reacted well, but I was most concerned about what my boss would think. Finally when he saw it ... his initial reaction was surprise ... but to my own surprise he was totally cool about it. Maybe it was the alcohol? Maybe the party mood - but I think it was the perfect place to tell people about the new me!

I still can't believe how much I feel like I've changed in nine months. Having permanent modifications to my body does change your perception about things - realising that sometimes not everyone approves of body art.

Overall though getting my leg tattooed was a liberating experience and after my work Christmas party I am totally liberated - as I don't have to hide my tattoo anymore. It has also meant that my husband has started encouraging me to get another tattoo.

Finally I have relented and I am booked in to get the inside of my left ankle tattooed next week. The design is a tribal/butterfly design my husband found on the net. I think he's asked JX our tattooist to modify it slightly so it is unique. it was also my husband's idea to get the tattoo on the inside of my left ankle ... is so that it is visible when looking at my tiger on the outside of my right calf.

I am less nervous this time round - and hopefully this next tat will appease my husbands desire - at least for the moment - to get me completely covered with tattoos - something he's already started talking to me about!

After my next tattoo I will take a break and really consider how far I want to go with getting more work. I still can't believe that not so long ago the idea of even getting one tattoo was totally out of the question. Not to mention something that was visible an difficult to hide!

I will write again very soon about my next tattoo experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Culture

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Artist: JX
Studio: Sydney
Location: Australia

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