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Richmond Suspension Social/BBQ 2005

I had been looking forward to the Richmond Suspension Social for a good long while since we, Holy City Suspensions, had been asked to do the suspensions. I was so excited to see all the good Iam people again that I had met at the past Raleigh BBQ.

After a good month of planning, we were ready to head up to Richmond to see some great people, and hopefully help some people change their lives in the process. We were not going to Richmond for us, we were going to Richmond for the people who wanted to suspend. We get pure enjoyment out of helping people suspend and watching people enjoy it as much as we do.

Out of our team, Trevor, Chris, and I were going, along with Carolynne, my girlfriend, and Leann, Trevor's girlfriend. That made for 3 cars to go from South Carolina to Virginia. With Gas prices where they are, that would be about $250 in gas right there.

Warner and his wife were nice enough hosts to have the three of them up the night before to spend the night, but unfortunately I had to work, so Carolynne and I made a 10am departure the morning of the BBQ. After 6 hours of driving, and MapQuest messing us up, we were finally there.

Walking into a clubhouse at an apartment complex was something new to me for a suspension party. We were in the land of vanilla, until we walked in. We are at home. There was a rig screwed into the ceiling, biohazard tape on the floor, setup along the walls, modified people everywhere...it was heaven.

I caught up with my team members and went over the plan for the night. Shortly after this I caught up with Cere. Little did I know what a big help he would be throughout the night.

After prepping the area, it was time for our first person to be prepped and hooked. Moe's hooks were thrown, and she was given time to cool down. Another guy was next who took his hooks for his first suspension, he was to be first.

He put on a great show, staying up forever. What a great way to open the night. If the rest of the night went this smooth, there would be nothing to complain about...except for my lack of sleep the next day at work.

An influx of suspenders came through. Prepping and hooking, it is all a blur. Cere stepped in throwing in his hooks. Without him, we would have run out of time and hooks. He was such a great help and a wealth of knowledge. We appreciate all you did for us that night.

After it calmed down for a little bit, Warner offered some play piercing and Carolynne showed some interest. So I did a couple bits on her arms. She took 11 needles. Of course we were fully hygienic using Technicare, as always. Some people say that takes the fun away, but I say it's the only way to do it.

Onega went up on 2 points. A little uncomfortable about going up on 2, I assured her she would love it. Tightening her rope, she gave me the, "Are you sure?" look. She went up and did not want to come down. I have never seen anyone look so natural in the air. It is just great to see someone so comfortable up there, who loves it so much.

Also, watching UberKitty do her knees was a treat, especially in a bikini.

Over the next while, people started to leave to go to the after party, while some hardcore suspension people stayed to see the last people go up, including our great host Warner who did a 4 point knee. He stayed inverted for close to 5 minutes, I could not believe it.

To cap it all off, Trevor did a 1 point suicide on a Sea Demon 5 gauge. He rocked it out, pulling himself up. I was really proud of him; he stayed up for a good while.

With the night going by so fast and the turn out so great, there was not time for me to go up unfortunately. I really wanted to do a 2 point on those Sea Demons that Cere brought down.

Unfortunately, before clean up, or fortunately I should say, Carolynne and I had to hit the road to make it back to Columbia. We got back around 7 in the morning. Having to work at 1pm, that sucked.

All in all, the Richmond Social was an awesome BBQ. I learned a lot about suspension, both from my own team, Cere, and the suspenders themselves.

Much thanks to Warner and his lovely wife for hosting this group, to Cere for all his help, and to my team for opening this door to this journey.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Nov. 2005
in Culture

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