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Suspensions in the woods

It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to have a suspension meeting outside in the woods. And that was exactly the plan for that day. Colin came by to pick me up (and buy my boyfriend's bass guitar). Together we drove to the train station in Venlo, the meeting point for the event. We met Be, Steffen, Bert and his friend, who were already at the station. One by one others followed: Jan, Jerry, mpatshi, Marisa, Dan, Sharon, combatiple, Kor, Brigitte, Rule, and several non-iam people.

When everybody had paid their entrance and/or suspension fee to Brigitte, we drove to the meeting ground together. The meeting ground was a backyard that had an enormous lawn. There were some trees for shade, and blankets were lying everywhere for us to sit down. There was a little tent were we could get drinks, cake, candy, fruit and lots of other stuff. Further to the back there was a little wood where the suspensions would take place.

Everybody kind of crashed down on the lawn and chatted about everything and nothing, just getting to know each other a little. After a while, most of the people went to check out the little wood. A wonderful atmosphere was created in there. Various colorful cloths were hanging down from trees, there were bowls and vases with flowers everywhere and there was an area with huge cloths coming down from the trees, with animal skulls and axes on tree stumps underneath them, and branches and saws in a circle around it. The piercing area was an amazing colorful igloo-like open tent.

There were two rigs (both adapted tree-trunks) to suspend from: one was attached to two trees, and hence only gave the opportunity to swing back and forth a little. The other one was coming down from a thick branch with only one rope, which allowed to go all crazy when it came to swinging.

After admiring the suspension area, Jan was called to go get his hooks. He had a lot of spectators! Jan did a four-point suicide suspension. He went up slowly and did good, hung around and swung back and forth a little for a few minutes. After Jan's suspension, everybody went back to the lawn and lay down in the sun, and that is what most people kept doing the rest of the day watch a suspension, go back to the lawn into the sun, watch a suspension again, seek out the sun again.

Next up was Jerry, who also attempted a suicide suspension. He got rigged up and slowly the tension on his hooks was increased. They took it really easy, he seemed to be in agony and soon thereafter he announced he couldn't take it and blacked out. He was quickly lowered and Kor kind of catched him in his lap. He woke up pretty soon afterwards and decided he had enough for today and got unhooked. Another guy (whose name I didn't catch) went up successfully, also 4-point suicide. Another 4-point suicide followed: combatiple went up slowly, hung there for a minute or so and got down again.

Now, it was Elise's turn. She did a 4-point suicide in February, and was going to do a 2-point suicide this time. Where for the 4-point suicides mostly 4 mm hooks were used, Elise would be getting 2 5 mm hooks through her upper back. The hook throwing went fine, and Elise was rigged up on the second rig, which allowed for more swinging (the first one to use this rig today). She went up pretty quickly, hung for a while and then started swinging, being pushed around by Rule and Kor and kicking herself off from trees. Good entertainment!

Next was Bert, who would be doing his first 2-point chest. You can read a full account of that experience here (it's in Dutch, though). This was very intense and impressive. Everybody fell silent when he was hoisted up into the air. Slowly, he went up, until only his toes touched the ground. Seconds later, he was free from the ground. He hung there, silent, for about a minute and came down again.

Steffen was the next one to get his hooks, He would be doing a 6-point knee suspension. However, he needed a little more time and Kor came to me and told me it was time to get my hooks. Around this time, food was being served as well: Brigitte had made a wonderful pumpkin soup, the main dish was vegetables, Turkish bread, olives, feta, pepperoni etc. As dessert there was fruit and yoghurt and chocolate, hehe. It was delicious!

You can read the details about my suspension in this experience.

In short, I went up twice the first time I started swinging right away and that was too much: I fainted. The second try I didn't move while being pulled up and started swinging when I was totally accustomed to the feeling, and hung around for about 10 minutes.

In between my two attempts Steffen went up. He swung around like crazy and he just couldn't stop blabbing about everything and nothing ("wow, you guys look really silly upside-down"), not only entertaining us, but entertaining himself the most!

Marisa had decided during the day that she wanted to go up too. It would be the last suspension of the day, it was slowly getting dark and the atmosphere was wonderful. She slowly went up and hung there for a few minutes, silent. Then she seemed to black out for a few seconds, so she was let down. I don't think she really blacked out totally though, she said she could hear us talking all the time.

Most of us went back to the lawn and just chatted a bit. People started leaving one by one. I asked Dan and Marisa if they could take me to a train station further to the south because otherwise I wouldn't get home again. They did thank you for that and with some high-speed driving from Dan I catched my train in Sittard. It was a wonderful day, I met loads of wonderful people, and I can't wait for a next meeting!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 2005
in Culture

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Artist: Truth Seekers Syndicate
Studio: little wood in a backyard
Location: Venlo, The Netherlands

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