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Great Lakes BBQ v.05

Every year I go to the Great Lakes BBQ and come home complaining that I didn't meet near as many people as I'd hoped to, because I'm painfully shy. I usually bring an entourage of non-iam friends, so I at least have company while I hide in the corner and people-watch. Unfortunately, none could come this time around! So this year, I decided that I was determined to meet at least 5 people that I had never talked to before. Fully expecting to fail, I helped load up the car and we were on our way!

My younger brother and aunt came to help set up the tent, and then it was just me and my kid sister KatieCookie. The first person was saw was Lana, Erszabet with her hot pink hair, which was lovely! It was hot and humid, so we parked ourselves in the shade to eat sandwiches and drink some Gatorade while we waited for more people to start showing up. Once they did, we moved our chairs up to the middle of the yard and talked to Gene (Incoggeno) for a bit before wandering off to watch Gene, Adam(Bloodgasm) and atavist do some pullings.

It was my first time witnessing a pull, and it was amazing! I was enthralled and kept trying to figure out WHY the skin didn't rip with so much pressure on it! The noise from Adam's hook pulling out scared me, I thought it completely ripped the skin and had to go up close to get a picture just to prove to myself that it was just the ropes that made the noise! Next up was a three way pull between son of fire, sully2000 and another person that I didn't get the name of. Steph (Punkyfish), tribecanada and someone else did the next pull, also a three way. Hayley (bodmod*starlet) and Aaron (bullgod2481) went next, which was a riot because it was great to see Hayley winning the tug of war going on, cause, well...everyone knows women kick ass! Hah!

It was interesting to watch the little "cliques" start to form as the evening wore on, people kind of branched off into 5 or 6 large groups and settled in for discussions and crazy antics together. For once, I was in the thick of things! Everyone walking by kept stopping to figure out what the hell was going on, as our topics were insane. They ranged from ball hair to using Veet on genitals, to the exact technique of a woman aiming to urinate standing up without pissing in her shoes...it was insane. The sad thing is, most of us were sober at the time too! Poor Adam was being made fun of constantly for attempting to make out with his new tree friend, but it was funny, we couldn't help it! (I promise, I'll never mention it again Adam! Hehe)

The band was kind of non-existent, they played a little off and on, but it was okay because everyone was talking and having a good time anyways. I met tons of people, including monkie, SheBleedsCrimson, hotdogcore, wlfdrgn, newaddict, holey, AEK, liberate te ex inferis, punkyfish, RosesAreRed, Patrick, sknottzero, Mr. Gone, and SatanTheCat. I talked to lots more people, but God help me if I can remember their names at this time!

As it started getting dark, I had to chase Aaron down to perform some play piercings for me and my sister. We watched Hayley get pierced first, and then it started to rain so we were forced into a tent to continue. Then it was our turn! Katie went first, and got 6 feathers on each shoulderblade, and then I went. (I'll write up a separate experience for them)

After that, it was 1am in the morning and it was too dark to really see anyone we were talking to, so we decided to go ahead and turn in for the night. Or something. At 3:30 I realized I was getting rained on! Ick! We'd left the windows to the tent open to get some air circulating, and it started POURING. Water was running down to our blankets, so we had to hurry and soak it up with our extra clothes before our blankets got wet. Then, I had to go to the bathroom, so I'm wandering around in boxers and a tank top in freezing cold rain...it sucked majorly. I seriously didn't plan for Mother Nature to go haywire last night!

The turnout wasn't as great as last year, but it was definitely more fun for me because I actually managed to TALK to the people who were there this year. The highlight of the evening though, was being able to watch my baby sister get her first play piercings, and sharing the experience with her. And- no air horns or tipped over port-a-potties! I already can't wait until next years, and miss everyone already!


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on: 26 July 2005
in Culture

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