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Sandy Cracks UK

Were they real? How could I be sure, unless I met them all? Would I be laughed at? Would I feel left out? How would I know unless I went ahead and went through with it?

I was browsing the Events board on BME, looking for something, anything, that was happening close to home, and not in another country! Eventually I found something... and it was called SCUK2.

SCUK2, what is that? I check, and found it to be a BBQ/Munch/Meet, which was to be held near Liverpool! I signed up, and started the process of getting to know people that were going.

The excitement was immense, I was always checking for new information regarding the meet. I over posted in the forum, got talking to people who were going, and generally made my presence known. Our finances were really lacking, and luckily for us, Gimp and Spacy offered us to crash at their house! I felt so relieved when this was sorted, because we would have slept in the car, so long as we were there! Just lucky for our backs that we didn't have to do that!

My mum also offered to watch Callum for us for the weekend. He is 13 months old, and has not been babysat over night since he was 5 months old. I was really worried about how he (and my mum) would cope for the whole weekend. We took him over everyday so he would become really familiar with the surrounding, and I think it helped a lot!

Along comes Friday the 8th of July. We spent the afternoon at my mothers, helped put Callum down for the night (to help him settle), and away we went! We set off from Penrith at about 8pm, and the journey was filled with expectation, and even a slight apprehension. Sure, I had spoken to most of these people online, but I assumed it wouldn't be the same. I have NEVER in my life met anyone that I had spoken to online. I felt that this was a big first for me.

The journey down to Liverpool was great. It was the evening, so it had cooled down a little bit. Unfortunately, both me and Popple had never been to the area before, and didn't know where we were going exactly. After attempting to follow the directions that we had printed off the internet, we gave up and parked outside a McDonalds. Our assumption was that we couldn't be too far away, and that a recognised place like McDonalds would be easy to direct from. We called Gimp, but she told us she was in town picking someone else up. So I searched through my phone and called Spacy. Unfortunately, she had only just moved to the area, and while she did try to help, we still found it difficult to find the way. Eventually we realised we were on the right road, just not far enough along it! When I started to recognise road signs from our 'map' I could have cried with relief. We were determined to arrive before midnight, and when we pulled into their street, it was 11.45pm!

We parked, and proceeded to find the exact house we were staying at. Nervously, I knocked on the door, and it opened. Now, I have to say that I have the memory span of a dead goldfish, and I admit that at first I didn't know who it was that answered the door. We were greeted with: 'Hi, I don't live here. Come in!'

We followed her through the door, and were led to the back yard. Whilst Kaz (Caged Crow shouted ahead saying that everyone else was too lazy to answer their own door!

After introductions, hellos and queries (from Toast, asking if they should call popple, Popple. Or if it was just a girlfriend thing) we brought our stuff in. Personally, I am the kind of person to pack for every eventuality! So we had our double and single quilt, our pillows, a bag of clothes each, and an extra 'bits and bobs' bag. We were led upstairs to where we would be sleeping, and I was really surprised when we were shown a bed! I really didn't expect it. I had assumed that we would be crashing on a floor or sofa somewhere. They even had quilts and pillows for us! We dumped our bags on the bed, I changed my top, and downstairs we went.

We went to the backyard, and started to get to know everyone. Alcohol was offered (which neither of us took) and conversation ensued. Both Popple and I felt rather quiet by comparison. I was basically just observing what was going on. Suuz, Toast, Spacy, Caged crow, gimp and tattoodfreak206 were all there in the back yard. After some initial weariness, I worked out who was who. To a degree anyway! Kaz went to bed shortly after we arrived (due to only having an hours sleep the night before) But we stayed around for a while. Someone suggested play piercing. I have never done play piercing before, and I still didn't feel ready for it when everyone else was playing. But I really enjoyed watching. I was kind of worried about Popple's reaction. Personally I had never heard of Play Piercing before joining IAM, and Popple doesn't have an IAM account. I was worried he would freak out, or be disgusted to some degree. Actually, he seemed quite interested! We were offered play needles, but declined. Maybe another day we would try it.

After a while both Popple and I were rather tired, so at approximately 2am we went up to bed. I felt like a wimp for giving up so soon, but we had been up early the previous morning (me with toothache) and sleep beckoned us! We should have had naughty sex, but it didn't happen, for we were tired, and thought it would be a little rude shagging in someone else's bed! We discussed our first impressions of everyone (all good I swear!) and settled down for the night.

I woke in the morning at 6.30. I couldn't believe it, I still had fucking toothache! What I should have done was taken some painkillers and gone back to bed... but no, I was stupid and got up and wandered the house a little bit. The house was huge! And I didn't actually see a lot. There were lots of random squeaks as I stepped over creaky floorboards. I was worried about waking someone up, so I tiptoed around as quiet as I could. I went outside for a cigarette, enjoying the early morning air. It was a novel experience for me being up and outside that early in the morning, and I really enjoyed the cool air. After about half an hour of sitting, no-one even seemed to be stirring, so I sat and read my book (how boring am I?). after a while I was starting to get lonely, and hungry. So I got Popple up at 9.30. I was starting to feel very hungry, and I felt rude poking through everyone's cupboards in the kitchen. So my only other idea was to go out for breakfast. After a cup of coffee for Popple, and a cup of OXO for me, and then away we went. It was starting to get warm as we drove down the road we knew so well from the previous night. I decided that I may as well take a break from my diet, and we went to McDonalds for breakfast. (Well, at least we knew where it was!). After our food and coffee, we went for a wander around a shopping centre next to McDonalds. We bought some bread, cereal, milk, and a load of KitKats! I also bought some sunglasses, because the sky was clear and blue, and I had a feeling the sun would agree with me too well. We set off back to the 'House of IAM', and I was praying that SOMEONE would be awake by the time we got back, to let us back in! We couldn't find a key for the gates out the back, and no-one was around for us to ask about borrowing a key to the front door.

Luckily, everyone was up by the time we got back. We were let in, and hung out for the morning. At about 1pm, everyone had decided that we would set off at 1:30 to get to West Kirby. We really didn't have a clue where we were going, so Kaz and Judith came with us. Kaz seemed to have a better idea of direction, so she sat up front with Popple driving, Spacy and me in the back. It was so confusing driving through the centre of Liverpool, and after a couple of wrong turns, we managed to find our way to the tunnel. By this time, I was starting to get a bit carsick. I felt rather queasy and my head was pounding. I just tried to sit there quietly. Spacy was fill of energy, talking away. I felt so bad for basically ignoring her, but I was afraid that if I spoke too much I would chuck up everywhere!

We arrived at the Morrisons near the beach, after some giggling about having the devil as our chauffer. I almost fell out of the car. And the child lock was still on, on Spacy's side of the car, so we had to let her out too.

We toddled down to the beach, whilst my head was pounding. I just focused on the floor and held onto Popple, letting him lead the way for me. The four of us walked along the beach until we saw a group of people in a circle around a disposable barbeque. The first person I recognised was crumbs, who seemed to be in charge of the BBQ. We were all greeted warmly, and I got a cuddle from both crumbs and Memma! Hooray for cuddleslutiness.

We plonked ourselves down on the sand, and I tried to work out who everyone was. The sun was glaring down, and there wasn't an ounce of shade. I really wish I had of taken a hat with me. Roo was absolutely adorable (even if he is freakishly tall, he he he) and gave me a vegetarian burger. I took a bite, and realised just how nauseated I was really feeling, and gave it to Popple instead. He was then toasting Marshmallows. Roo asked if I would like one, but I didn't have the energy to move the 2 feet to get closer to the BBQ. I sat watching everyone, and Roo passed me over a roasted marshmallow! It's the simple things that make me smile! Spacy then decided we needed a boundary, and started to drag her feet all round the circle of IAMers! Dizzy? I would have been! There were so many people there I didn't know, and a couple I had spoken to or knew off, like seroxat and mekofairy. Popple and I kind of felt like the odd ones out, as everyone else seemed to have met each other before. But It didn't feel uncomfortable or anything, just rather reserved on our part. Roo was making more burgers and sausages, and because people weren't eating them fast enough, he made a little forest of sausages, by skewing them with wooden kebab sticks and sticking them in the sand!

The sun was so hot, and I was melting. I was covered in sun lotion, and I had a huge bottle of diluted juice with us, but my head was pounding so much I could barely see. I lay down on the towel, and closed my eyes. I was so close to falling asleep, but every few minutes I opened my eyes and apologised for being majorly anti social! After a while though, I just fell fast asleep. I could hear the group around me talking and laughing among themselves, and I felt so awful for turning up and just ignoring everyone. No-one seemed to mind though (although I was asleep, so I wouldn't know).

Popple was awake while I was asleep, and he has told me that Boonah went off to the loo, and on the way she kicked an inflatable beach ball. This beach ball was possessed! It kept following her, she couldn't escape! Eventually, she picked it up and brought it back to our gathering, saying that it was a ball that wanted to be loved, and we should keep it. Although once it had been adopted by us, we couldn't get rid of it! Everyone tried to get rid of it, hoping that the wind would carry it away. A nearby family was the next target, and the ball went over to them. Boonah said that if anyone asked about the ball, to deny all knowledge of it! This couple overheard her, and decided to be so lovely and bring it back to her! Oh dear.

There was also the construction of the BME Bug, which was made from kebab sticks and one of the disposable BBQ shells made by the talented Roo. Of course, it wouldn't be Sandy cracks without a sandcastle! Many were made, many were broken, but the spirit shall live on! There were trips to Morrisons to purchase more nibbles and drinks, including strawberries, which shrivelled up and died by the end of the afternoon! We also had a visit from blulu, whom I had been talking to via IAM about our slight obsessions over Bon Jovi! She had taped them playing in the LIVE8 Concert, and said I could have the video!

After about an hour, I started to wake up. For 2 whole minutes, I felt great! I wanted to get up and dance and laugh, but after my eyes focus in the sun again, the pain hit me 10x worse! I said to Popple that I had to get inside. We gathered up our bits and bobs, and set off to the pub up the road. Kaz and Rachel came up with us too, which we were grateful for, as we would never have found the way otherwise!

The relief I felt when we walked into the pub was immense! The shade and the cooler air really made me perk up, and the wonderful Rachel buying me a cold drink almost made me fall in love with her! Kaz and Rachel talked amongst themselves for a while, discussing gossip between people they knew. Some names I recognised, but ask me to recall anything now and I couldn't tell you a thing! Me and Popple ordered some food between us, which I knew I would want by the time it would arrive! Then, everyone else had arrived in the pub!

The four of us toddled over to the other table where everyone else was (there was more room for everyone to gather around) while me and Popple sat at the high table with the big bar stools. For the type of person I am, it meant that I could basically sit and watch everyone, without having to join in too much myself! Roo, Memma and Josh were sat near us, and I tried once or twice to make conversation, but I couldn't think of anything to talk about! I bet everyone that wasn't at the house probably thought I was really anti social! I guess that because it was the first time I had met everyone. But no-one seemed to mind this 'stranger' in their midst!

Our food finally arrived after ordering it ¾ of an hour ago (was so not worth the wait), but I felt I needed the energy to go out to the Krazyhouse later that evening. It was really naff, but we ate it anyway. I was starting to feel much better by this point; I was really thinking that I may be able to go out clubbing that evening. I was very excited about this.

I hadn't brought going out clothes with me (didn't realise to be honest) so a few of us decided to go back to the house to get changed. There was me, Popple, Spacy, Boonah and Kaz. Unfortunately, once again we got lost! I was sat in the front this time, but with all the last minute lane changes, and going around in circles, I had started to feel quite sick again. It took us about an hour longer than it was supposed to for us to get back to the house.

Once we arrived back, I ended up curled up on the sofa in the living room, trying to keep my stomach contents in check while everyone else got ready to go out, and Spacy having a quick shower and changing many times! (I think I preferred the first outfit she showed us). I was so not up for going out, and I felt absolutely gutted for it. I have never been clubbing outside of my small town, and the Krazyhouse is somewhere I have wanted to go since I was about 14/15 years old. But I just couldn't go. I knew if I went I would just feel ill all night, and I didn't want to bring anyone else's mood down by being icky and miserable.

Spacy gave us her front door key, in case we decided to go out and join them, or just go for a wander. But we were both too tired, and after sitting and relaxing in the garden for an hour or so (eating coco pops) we retired to bed. I swear to god, I was so grateful for having a bed to sleep on! I crashed out almost instantly. Being up since 6.30am and dying from the heat made me a very tired Lozza!



Buzz buzz

What the fuck was that?

It was pitch black outside. I could see an orange glow coming in from the window. And there was this weird buzzing noise resonating throughout the house. I sat up slowly and heard voices. My brain was too fuzzy to make out whom the voices belonged too, but I knew they were female. I peeked through the blind, and saw Judith and Kaz stood outside! I realised that they didn't have the key, we still had it. So I grabbed some clothes, threw on a dressing gown, and tumbled downstairs to let them in. If I had of been slightly more awake, I would have stayed up with them and joined in the laughter and fun, which I can only assume was going on. Nope, I opened the door, apologised like mad for keeping them waiting in the night, and stumbled up to bed again. I swear I must have been dead to the world, because I didn't wake up until 10am. I know its not late for some people, but that's a major lie in for me! Popple was already up and about, and brought me a cuppa!

I dressed and went downstairs. No-one was up yet. Who knows, besides them, when they actually went to sleep that morning? There were new guys in the living room I didn't recognise, and I didn't want to wake them up by trying to watch TV, so into the garden we went again. Me slowly waking up to my book, and Popple talking away. After a while, everyone else seemed to pile into the backyard! After talking and discussions about mass feeding, Spacy went off to feed everyone. Me and Popple were full of toast and cereal, so we didn't need any.

After people had eaten their food and sat digesting, Spacy noticed something on the other side of the yard. After some quick analysis, it was discovered to be a turd! Complete with Loo roll attached. It was covered in flies and very disgusting. Numerous theories were thrown around. But no real cause was established! Just disgusting to think about! Unless it's a very hygienic dog which wipes its arse!

Then all of us went into the living room, and sat watching big brother. Although watching it made my brain turned to mush! Snippets of conversation about the previous night made me fill with envy. But I am hoping that we could impose ourselves on them again someday, and perhaps they could introduce me to the Krazyhouse another time, when I am feeling less icky!

Popple went upstairs to pack (saved me going all the way upstairs too, he he he) while I said goodbye to Gimp, who was going out to drop Andy off at the train station, I think. I looked around the living room looking for my sandals (and also found my purse and Popple's wallet, yay!) before getting everyone to sign my jeans. I had intended to get everyone to sign them on the Saturday, but in my cloud of ickyness, I forgot to ask everyone! We then packed up the car, said our last goodbyes and departed. The journey home felt a bit deflated, but I had thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone, and it was a great experience, even if I was out cold most of the time!

My other regret, besides my jeans, was that I didn't get to play Poi. I was really hoping that Roo would show off for me, but again it had been forgotten. For my first meet, although it didn't go exactly to plan, I couldn't have asked for better people to spend my weekend with. I am so grateful to everyone there making us both feel welcome. I wish I could have spent more time getting to know everyone, but I'm certain that we will come down again, and hopefully it won't be as hot! I am sorry if I got some peoples names wrong, or I forgot to mention people.

Thank you all, you are wonderful people. x


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