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My first BMEfest, just great.

It was a regular Wednesday for most people in the most polluted city, but not for me, I usually wake up at 7:30am but that day my alarm clock went off 30 min earlier, I've has as awake as I could be I knew something big was about to start and I was ready for it. The plane left at 10:00 and I was more calmed ready to embrace everything that should happened, there's no turning back it's all in motion and I'm loving every detail.

Arrive, taxi, hotel and I meet the first BMEfester Rana iam:HolyJesusBoner we arranged to share a room so it would be cheaper, my mind was set to focus on each moment at enjoy it as much as possible. Walk in downtown, it was fucking hot but never the less I love walks in downtowns and I really enjoyed this one. Eat, walk, pool, grocery shopping, drink by the pool, domino, sleep.

Wake up, walk, souvenir shopping, eat, and more BMEfesters. Just in the right moment we meet really great people, I was done walking in the heat, and hanging with this awesome folks was incredible, every one I meet was real and authentic, that's something I really appreciate cause it's really hard to know someone like that in the big city, remember that this was my first BME event so everything was pretty much new for me, I was like a kid in a candy store. Sadofilia tattoo shop - Rafael iam:RAFAEL works there, hotel, carlos & charlies, beer, talk, beer, hotel, sleep. And a lot of pictures in between.

Alarm clock at 7:30am, shower, meet in front of carlos & charlies, go too the sea lion experience, and a little hangover. The movement on the boat didn't help my headache, but the swim with the see lions did, then to the private beach, and meeting more people all of them awesome, my soul was taking every moment and feasting with it. Playa "el tecolote", eat, drink, pictures, talk, pain solution show. The show was great and it was only a teaser compared to the one at the night, it's really hard to describe how I felt then, it was a combination of excitement and rush of adrenaline with peace and tranquility. Drink, talk, drink, talk, go back, hotel, shower, after party, more drinking and talking, knowing better all the people, 2nd show from pain solution (of course I bought a t-shirt). At this point I have to say that I really wanted to share this experience with someone very special to me, Stacy iam:Chrisshuni, she was (and still is) in my hearth and in my soul all the time.

Wake up, breakfast, sadofilia, Jay iam:NJwithetrash and Jason iam:Beachnut (great dudes) got scarifications done, I've never seen a scarification live (besides the one I did to myself) it was interesting to see how it's done properly. Suspensions, Jason got suspended (again, it was the 1st time I saw a suspension live) I was like a kid in a candy store, suspension here, hook getting in there, he's getting ready, he just got down; it was really great I took pictures as much as I could (ran out of memory). Jennivere iam:Ghobian got her first suspension, it was awesome, I really loved it, I took pictures from the beginning to the end, everyone could tell she had a great experience up there. Her boyfriend Badnon (not in iam) it's great, they make a really cute couple, and he has some very interesting ideas.

Wake up, fucking hell it's check out day, my soul is exited with every emotion in the last few days and I couldn't have asked for a greater event, many told me that this was one of the best event they ever attended, I'm so lucky. I just hanged out with the group till it was time to leave. There's a few people I haven't talked about, Jessica iam:i say death and Travis iam:Boy Damnation. Jessica was really great, she put up with me taking a lot of pictures of her (not that kind you pervert), there's something about her that looks great on the camera. And Travis oh Travis, he had the worst luck ever, but there was always a smile on him even when he was about to loss it he rocks, by the way he learned a lot of bad words in spanish.

After saying goodbye to everyone I took of to the airport, but my trip wasn't over yet, the first thing I found out in the airport is that my flight was delayed 5 hours, so there I was in a small airport with all the stores closed just a little bar and a restaurant, but in both of them they were showing a Mexican soap opera, so I stayed in the other end of the airport for a couple of hours just looking thru all the pictures I took during my time there and then I spent my food coupon in the bar. Great flight, I almost join the mile high club with a girl I meet in the plane.

I just want to that shared this experience with me, you made a great experience for me that always will be treasured in my hearth.


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on: 04 July 2005
in Culture

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