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How I Spent My Summer Vacation....

I has a pretty stressful couple of weeks/months leading up to going away for BMEfest. I was broke, depressed, stressed, broke, unemployed, broke, did I mention broke? I worried constantly about going away. Would I have enough money? Would I regret losing a week of job hunting time? What the hell was going to happen to me when I came back? I knew I was going no matter what, but the knowledge did not fill me with the happiness I knew I should be experiencing. Finally Jen, (savagerabbit) was here and I had managed to scrape together some money for the trip and we were on our way.

Phil came and met us at my place on Tues. night. We took the TTC to the airport in order to save money and because our flight was very early on Wed. morning. I was to take Phil's unicycle on as my checked baggage but we hit a snag involving a very snotty Continental employee who was all to eager to repeat "of course" over and over again, but was of no help at all. Other than that the rest of the trip to Mexico was pretty uneventful. Both Jen and I were searched at customs in Mexico, but it was easily passed and pretty much just added some excitement to our trip. We met up with some other IAM-ers who were kind enough to offer us a ride into La Paz. I could tell just from watching the scenery slip by as we closed in on La Paz that this was going to be an amazing experience.

We checked into the Mirmar hotel, had quick showers and headed to Carlos and Charlie's for a dinner of some of the best taco's I've had. Jen and I walked the boardwalk, admiring the statues along the way, taking pictures and admiring how beautiful everything was. We went to bed early that night after dropping by Carlos and Charlie's again to say "hi" to the other BME-ers that had arrived and to make sure that Phil had made it in once piece.

The next day was devoted to shopping. I was strictly a window shopper this trip but there was no lack of great items to look at. There are many local artists who sell their work in the stores and it was great to see and learn about. I was really taken in by the friendly nature of the people of La Paz. There wasn't a single time when anyone was anything less than compassionate, helpful, and kind. There was a definite language barrier but as long as an effort was made, our very broken spanish was usually understood. The only time we really were unable to resolve things was when we were trying to get a wake-up call and the front desk clerk thought we were trying to check out. At least we all got a laugh out of it.

Friday was BMEfest. We were up early to meet up for the Isla de Espiritu Santo tour and sealion snorkeling bonanza. It was amazing, truly life affirming and lots of fun. I think if I started describing how great it was it would take up WAY too much bandwidth, it was just that great. Lunch was simple but wonderful. Eating fresh fruit while walking in the Sea of Cortez is not too shabby. Soon we were on our way back to the main beach to join the rest of the fiesta.

It was fantastic. The food, the many drinks, the company, the entertainment. It just couldn't have been any better. I felt so lucky and happy. Pure happiness is not something to take for granted, no matter how simple it might seem. Pain Solution did a great show, the staff were all wonderful and were having just as good a time as we were. I got to meet new people and catch up with old friends. By the time we got on the bus to head back into town I was drunk, but still happy and ready for more fun.

Jen and I changed and headed up to the afterparty site. There was no one there, so we waited, talked, ate cookies, and waited some more before heading down to the internet cafe where I drukenly messaged people and made a sappy but true IAM update. When we went back to the afterparty site we chatted with Shannon before going around back where I promptly fell into a hole and really hurt my toe. Yep, if there is any possible way to hurt yourself, fall down or look like a jackass I will find it! I hobbled around with a ice pack that I McGyver-ed together and made Jen run and get my a couple of Corona's to dull the pain. Eventually I liquored up enough to forget the throbbing embarrassment that was my folly and had a fun chatting with Phil, Jon, Time, Caroline, and various other people. We watched the second Pain Solution show and then headed home where I passed out within a couple of minutes.

The rest of the trip was just as wonderful. Great food, great company, great experiences. It's the first time I've ever been somewhere and all ready thinking about coming back before I even leave. It's the first place I've been outside of Canada that I can see myself wanting to live in or at least stay for a long amount of time. It sounds cheesy, but I am genuine when I say it was the best vacation of my entire life. It could not have come at a better or more needed time. I think that it may have just saved my sanity and soul.

We left on Wed. morning. Phil and JenJen came and met us to take a cab to the bus station. The trip home was not quite as glitch free, but we made it home safe and sound by 4:30 Thurs. morning. We had a three hour delay in Houston but Frappuccino's and good conversation made it painless.

I miss being there all ready, but I have amazing memories to last me the rest of my life. Thank you to Shannon and Rachel for your hospitality and kindness. Thank you SO much Rachel for all of your hard work. You did an amazing job and are a pretty damn cool chick as well. If you're taking suggestions for BMEfest next year, I hear La Paz is pretty nice.


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on: 04 July 2005
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