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ModfestV3.0 - " I became a true believer "

In my first article about Modfest I focused on its history and philosophy. This time I am going to share with you the story of my first visit at Modfest and show it to you through my eyes. This happend about a year ago. I had never heard about this event before and had no idea what this event was all about, until I heard about it from my friend. He partcipated in all previous Modfests and, knowing my interests in body modifications, told me I should attend the event, too. His stories about Modfest, my passion for body modification in various forms and the urge to meet people with similar interests, all of that helped me make my mind and go for it.

The day before the event I went to my friend's place. As it turned out, we consumed some considerable amount of alcohol during that evening and night, so on the next day I suffered from quite a big hung-over. I tried to do my best and to not get sick on my way to the event. Fortunately, I was able to take control over my stomach. After arrival I got a bit confused because the location of this event was not like I had imagined it. My friend told me that this was a BDSM club. Since I had never been at such a place before I tried to figure out what they practised here. Once inside, though, I got the idea after seeing crosses in various rooms; pictures on the walls also kind of gave it away to me. We were a little late, so there were already plenty of people there. I still felt a little sick so the first thing I did securing a place on a couch. At first I was a bit antisocial since my hangover kept reminding me of the last night drinking, but I also tried to keep in mind that I was there to meet and connect with people attending the event. I managed to pull myself together and I introduced myself to the group I sat down next to and they responded. It was a little awkward feeling to me. All my life people have judged me for the way I looked; especially since I started to modify myself. But when I looked around I saw that there where people from all categories here. Some did not have anything visible done while others did have lobes as big as my hand, implants, tattoos covering their entire bodies. I started to realize that this is not an event closing someone out, everyone is welcome as long they have an open mind for other people.

It did not take long before the organizer approached me direction and introduced himself. This was my first encounter with a man who later became one of my closest friends, Fredrik (667). Unfortunately he did not have too much time for chatting as he had some scarification work to do. After having dinner together with all the people I decided to take a small tour around and try to get back to my normal self. I started to embrace the atmosphere of the place. Others felt the same and started such "pain" acitivities as branding, cutting and play piercing. People who did not leave their seats after the meal started watching films from previous ModFests and I decided to join them after a while. Here I got a good picture of what ModFest really was, especially "summer-ModFest". (It was like a 3 day Mod camp with people laying on "bed of nails" and suspending from trees).

As I was walking around I noticed that the artists at this event were very friendly and I could really enjoy a conversation with them without feeling like a total idiot because of my (maybe) stupid questions about their work. I also noticed that the artists let people watch closely what they were doing (but still from a safe distance because of hygiene and cross contamination risks, of course). Nevertheless it was much closer than I have ever been to someone getting their face cut before. After a while I felt comfortable enough to join other people. I was really curios about "bed of nails" and "pulling & trucking". I set my goal to go for both of them and starting with "bed of nails". Laying down on it made me feel really wierd. At first I felt some pain and I had some serious problems with relaxing but after a few minutes it got better. This did not give me much pleasure, so I decided to save it for next time. After watching two really cool guys from Denmark suspending from the 2.5 meters high ceiling I wanted to try pulling. I headed off to the guy who was responsible for the flesh-pulling activities and asked him if he could prepare me for it. He said "of course" and we walked off to the piercing room. I was so damn nervous and my stomach did not appreciate this self-inflicted stress. I handled it pretty well, though. After cleaning the area that was going to get pierced he told me about the breath technique that was the most comfortable while getting the hooks inserted. I layed down on the table and felt his hands getting hold of my skin as he said "breathe in...and slowly exhale..and one hook in place". This was more painful than I thought, the pressure of the skin trying to break free and the sensation of piercing my skin on my back; damn, it really hurt! Actually, I did not want to get the other hook in but for the better pulling experience we did it anyway. The other one did a hole lot better then the first one. I do not know why but I was happy it did. When I entered the room where the pulling session w "Ãw˜ò(

as taking place there where 2 fellows already in a big battle with a thug of war. This was really cool to watch since there was a pretty big difference in size between them, everyone watched them with big enthusiasm and joy. When they finished I decided to try it myself. As this was my first time I wanted to take things slowly and just stretch the skin by myself and try to get my emotions in hand. After a while I started to get comfortable with my skin stretching. I wanted someone to lift me from the ground while I was laying on my stomach. This was really neat because I got a sort of hang of how it would feel like to suspend.

What did other people think about this event then? I could honestly say that words didn't express their emotions in a sufficient way. I would say that it was not what they said but what they showed me, in their faces and during their conversations, that really struck me. And I believe that I myself had that sort of tendernes in my eyes as well. This shining sparkle when you are truly happy. It may seem very silly but this was what I could see and I believe this was what people could see in me too. Of course I talked to people and asked them what they thought and they expressed their feelings and thoughts. Most of them love this event and maybe that is why all of them attend Modfest every year although some people have some issues with the fact that some of the procedures do not take place in a "correct" studio.( in ny opinion, as long as the procedures are done correctly and with safety and sterilization kept under control everything is fine).

As the evening was passing by, so did the participants and those of us who remained there were just having a good time on the couch, drinking some beer and talking about the event and what we all thought about it. Conclusion of this was that we all had a really fun day/evening and night together. After my first attending this event I must say that I have never experienced such a down-to-earth communication with people. Even if we did not know each other it did not take long before I made a whole bunch of new friends. I can not wait to meet them all again. Well, summer is just around the corner. I believe this event had affected me in many ways. Now I know that I am not alone. Before my first Modfest I did not realize there are so many people in Sweden who share my deep interest in body modifications. I think this event has grown in my heart into something bigger and more powerful than I could imagine. I became a true believer in mankind´s free will to change our appearance and I am going to attend such events to learn more about myself and others, to hang out with people who share my passions, and want to experience similar things .

If you want to learn more about Modfest check http://www.bmezine.com/news/edit/A50318/artmodfe.html

Thank you Fredrik (667) for the great welcome and giving all of us such a great time.



submitted by: Paindreamer
on: 21 April 2005
in Culture

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Artist: 667
Studio: Club+Sesam
Location: Gothenburg.Sweden

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