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Piercing Redux

Last spring, after a urethral blow-out, I converted my semi-useless PA hole into an 8 gauge apadravya. At the same time, I also acquired a 6 gauge hafada. The latter was so painless I went back a week later and added two more to get a start on a scrotal ladder. I was surprised at how little pain was involved in these three piercings, and enjoyed the pendulum effect of three 6 gauge 5/8&" straight barbells swinging from the lowest part of my ballsac.

After my new holes healed, I got antsy and finally got a tattoo, something I'd thought about for quite a while. Having that tattoo, the Goddess of Speed, and a bunch of bolts hanging from my balls really helped me get through some long, boring days at work, as I thought about what I looked like underneath my plain vanilla exterior.

The summer was kind, and allowed me to hit a couple of nude beaches, where I got to show off my handiwork (really, the piercer's and the tattoo artist's work, but I am the canvas). Both men and women noticed the jewelry, and maybe the tattoo, but I got to enjoy walking along the ocean with my balls swinging freely from the weight.

After Labor Day, I swapped out the jewelry, going for a 6 gauge circular barbell Reverse PA and 6 gauge circular barbells in my ladder. I then reused two of the straight barbells to extend the ladder. However, all hadn't been good as one barbell's threads got messed up, and one fistula narrowed alarmingly and had to be retired. Also, the circular barbell was moving around in the hole uncomfortably and its replacement curved barbell wasn't any better. The Reverse PA hole began to migrate and simply uncomfortable much of the time. At the same time, the circular barbells seemed to irritate my scrotal skin, resulting in some unsightly (and virtually unnoticeable due to the nature of scrotal skin) hypertrophic scars.

Anyway, after more time doing sea salt soaks and applying hydro-cortisone cream, the scars seemed to have retreated and the hard skin on the top of my glans improved. So recently, I replaced the 6 gauge Reverse PA with a shorter 4 gauge straight barbell that fits nicely and snugly in my glans. It doesn't move about and is supremely comfortable. With that accomplishment, I thought I'd try to change out the two 6 gauge straight barbells in my scrotum with circular barbells. Those 6 gauge barbells went in like a charm, as did the 4 gauge circular barbells in the remaining original two scrotal piercings.

With that success, I thought, "What the hell" and went to the piercer the next day and extended the ladder. I was also able to upsize the 4 gauge scrotal jewelry to 2 gauge, making for a nicely weighted ladder. So what's ahead? In a couple of months, I'll repeat the ladder process, swapping out the straight barbells for the circular barbells, and moving the rest of the jewelry up, going to 4 gauge where the 6 gauge circular barbells are now, from 4 to 2 where the 4 gauge barbells are hanging, and from 2 to 0 where the 2 gauge items are jingling merrily when I walk.

Did I mention the sound? The four barbells banging against each other is a wonderful, erotic sound, even more so when I'm in the act of making love. Of course, freeballing in loose shorts gives passers-by the impression I'm carrying a big ring of keys, but that makes it kind of cool because they don't know exactly what's going on underneath my clothes. At work, when I drop my drawers guys in the next stall have to hear the same noises as well, and it makes me wonder if they've heard it. The weight feels good as well, and is especially erotic when everything is warm and hanging loose. Also in the works, another tattoo to add to the art that is my body

If you're thinking of work like this - do it. I found the tattoo to be about as painless as holding a vibrating phone to my side, and the pain from the piercings has been absolutely minimal, but hey, I'm used to it. I don't even consider pain when trying to figure out what to do next. I do think about how large the jewelry I wear can get, and how long it will take me to get to the largest comfortable (I would like to say practical, but scrotal piercings aren't the least bit practical) size. I've got some healthy fantasies going in regard to my jewelry needs and requirements, and spend time checking out sites such as BME to what people are wearing.

I enjoy every minute I spend thinking about my modifications, planning them and then actually having them done professionally. It's a great journey and the results have been exceptionally pleasing.


submitted by: Henry Joy
on: 14 Nov. 2014
in Scrotal and Hafada Piercings

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Sunday, January 25, 2015 @7:38 a.m.
it looks and sounds amazing, would like it myself ;-)

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