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Third Time Lucky


I've previously had two attempts at a navel piercings. One rejected because I was careless; I didn’t take care of it very well, and I had a habit of sleeping on my stomach at the time. The other rejection happened because I had to wear a binder that was skin-tight. The material it was made of caused friction, so the material rubbed and made it irritated the skin. Unsurprisingly, it rubbed enough for the skin to eventually become thin and the piercing popped out, right through the layer that was left. At that point I decided it was best to leave it be.Now being older and wiser, I'd been considering the idea for the past few months. Having not had any new body mods for almost a year, I desperately wanted a new piercing. My flatmate had been feeling the same, but hadn't focused on anything. Luckily, he'd just come into some money and decided he'd treat us both to some new metal.

We decided on going to Rock 'n' Roll Tattoo Dundee, in Scotland. Having seen some previous impressive work, both piercing and tattoo, it seemed like a good choice. We stood awkwardly at the window trying to find the prices until we worked up the courage to go in- which was where the list turned out to be! I was impressed right away. There was gorgeous artwork on the walls, and Bring Me Horizon playing through the speaker system. I spent some time looking at the jewellery, making sure that they were using decent quality material. I’ve had past experiences in shops where the jewellery hasn’t been great and it’s caused me problems.

The guy at the counter did the usual procedure. I was given a form with medical questions to check off, and to sign for consent. My ID was scanned to go along with the paperwork, and the piercer came to talk to me about what I was having done. She made sure to check that I understood there was a chance it could reject again before I gave the go-ahead for the piercing. She then left me to go set up the piercing station, so I waited on one of the couches. Even though this was the 30th time I’d had something pierced, the excitement and nerves were still getting to me!

When I got into the piercing room of the shop, the piercer lay out several curved barbells for me to choose from. I chose one with a blue gem on the bigger ball while she put on latex gloves and got the equipment ready. After choosing, the piercer asked me to roll up my shirt. She then marked the place where the piercing was going to go through, getting me to check twice just to make sure I liked the placement and was okay with it going behind where the scar tissue was. It was exactly as I wanted it, so everything was set to go!

The piercer had me lie down on the massage bed. She clamped the area where the needle was to go through, which actually stung more than usual. After a few seconds, she told me to take a deep breath and as I did, the needle went through. Due to the fact it was going through scar tissue, it hurt more than I think it usually would. Once the needle was through, the piercer quickly switched the needle with the jewellery. It was weird- this time I actually felt it going in too. I felt a bit woozy, so I waited a little bit longer to get up.

The first thing the piercer did once I stood up was to get me to check that I liked how it looked, and put a bandage over it to stop it from catching on my shirt or anything on the way out. I then returned to the front desk. After I paid the piercer gave us care sheets and a bottle of piercing care solution. I felt really happy about the sparkly piece of metal now at my bellybutton. I couldn’t wait to get home, take the bandage off and admire the piercing for a while.

It’s been a day since I had the piercing done and I’m already more optimistic about it’s healing than I was with my previous attempts. The swelling isn’t too bad, and I’ve been cleaning it twice a day like I was instructed to. I keep smiling when I change my shirt and see the sparkly bit of blue at my stomach. I’m hoping to go back in a few months and have my lower navel pierced too- I’m really impressed by the work of Rock n Roll tattoo and would recommend them to anyone. I can’t wait for it to heal so I can have many new navel bars too!


submitted by: SyntheticAudio
on: 22 Oct. 2014
in Standard Navel Piercings

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