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My freehand navel!

Hi, my name's Jordan and I just turned 16 today! Well let's start off by saying, of course, the navel piercing is the first body mod I ever fell in love with at the tender age of 13. And you guessed it, I wasn't aloud to get it. So a while passes and I got my tragus and daith pierced. Then at 15 I asked for a navel piercing, and of course my dad said no. I let it go even though it was still floating around in the back of my head. A few months before my 16th b-day I brought it back up to my mom, she was hesitant at first and didn't want to talk about it because she knew how my dad felt, but I kept brining it up and she finally agreed to let me get it done, as long as I hide it REALLY good from my dad. So I called up my piercer Thomas from Who's Your Donny? Tattoo in Fenton MI (he is the bomb) and he said it would be about $75, well at the time my mom didn't have that so my sister volunteered to pay for it. I was so happy I have wanted this since like 6th grade and it was finally going to happen. So my sis was going to take me and then I was going to go spend the night at her house so a week or two before my mom went in and signed the papers so my sis could take me.

So fast forward to the day I was getting it done. My sis showed up to take me and we headed down there and I was a nervous wreck, I get my self so freaked out before piercings I don't know why. So he gets everything prepared and takes us back into the piercing room with the good old dentist chair, cleans my belly and marks it, re-marks it like 4 times until it was perfect and told my to lie down. All when that was happening we were all joking around and talking about piercings and that really eased my nerves. Always bring someone with you that makes you laugh or can distract you, it helps a ton!! My sister was holding my hand trying to calm me down, when really she was freaking out haha! Thomas gives my belly button a little massage, and then lines up the needle, thank god he doesn't use clamps he does everything freehand, I can feel the tip of the needle and I start focussing on my breathing and my sister freaks out and thinks I'm going to pass out and so I start laughing and Thomas has to get it positioned again then I feel the needle push in and at first I'm like oh that's not bad at all, then he has to push it the other half way through and boy I felt that. My eyes shot open and my jaw dropped because it shocked me how much more the second push hurt. And again my sister started freaking out and squeezing MY hand thinking I was in extreme pain haha. Once Thomas went to put the jewelry in my stomach growled really loud and they stopped and looked at me and all I could do was laugh and say how hungry I was. So once the needle was in being the weirdo I am I asked to look at the needle but they wouldn't let me, Thomas transferred my lovely IS champagne prong set barbell and cleaned me up. While he was putting the jewelry in (which doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable) my belly button starts going numb and I ask if that's normal joking around and he said "ya I probably hit a nerve, oh well!" Haha  I looked in the mirror and fell in love! I was ecstatic I couldn't help the ear to ear smile! We walked out and talked a little more, my sis payed and bought a tongue ring for her self (ya she was freaking out and has her belly and tongue pierced and 4 tattoos hahaha). But we walked out and I was all smiles, and it was even better because my sister liked Thomas so much that we are planning on doing some sister bonding with piercings!(: 

 So to wrap up, it was probably like a 5/10 on the pain factor and I have had it for 3 days so far and I haven't bled once, not even when being pierced. The only time it is sore is when I bump it in my sleep, move to fast or bend over, other than that I don't even feel it! I think if you are thinking about getting it, I say go for it because it only hurts for literally a second. And if you are in the Fenton MI area go to Thomas at Who's Your Donny? Tattoo, he is the best piercer! 


Happy piercing!


submitted by: jordanruggs121311
on: 22 April 2014
in Standard Navel Piercings

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