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ink and stretch marks

Sometime in early November of 2012, I had started my first substantially sized tattoo. It was a design I had be thinking about getting for years with a lesson I had to relearn more times than I would have liked to. I had my first session in November, and a second in February, with being told many times, "you better not get fat now, or it'll look like a C-can!" At that time it was just a joke my artist liked to tell over and over, little did we know that it might actually turn into a real issue.

April comes along, nothing is out of the ordinary, save for the fact that my belly is starting to grow? Yep, I was pregnant! I had a bun in my oven for about 5 months, which means the little guy was in there for 2 tattoo sessions and a couple different piercings. For 2 years before hand I hadn't had my little friend to reassure me every month, so you could say I was surprised. I was also worried about my babies health being that he could have been exposed to infection and was definitely exposed to alcohol. But hey, this was a small miracle, so far as we could tell he was healthy, and life was great! My brand new ink however was looking worse for wear. It was a suitcase, with tons of straight lines which now looked like my artist had a seizure in the middle of working on. I also had two lines of lettering, which were now starting to expand and break apart due to stretch marks. Having a very long baby did a real number on my little tummy.

My son was born in August and no matter what I tried he started refusing to nurse anymore in November, so I figured I'd go see if there was any way possible to have my side ink look somewhat recognizable again. What I had now wasn't a C-can, I might have been so lucky if the scars on my hips and stomach weren't so deep. Almost all of the lines were broken up, and the letters no longer held the same position as before. I had been using vitamin E, aloe, and bio-oil as soon as the real stretching began. They might have prevented any really purple marks, but I could still feel divots and deep lines all over my skin. 

So I make an appointment, go in, and he starts pounding ink into my side. I had no clue that it would hurt so much more than before! He touched up the whole thing, but every time that needle went over my stretch marks I could feel the difference. For about an hour and a half he goes over my scars again, and again, and again. The lettering right on my rib cage was fine, thank god, but the stuff on my hip bone was far from fun. I may have threatened him at one point because every time he worked over those stretch marks I got prickling pain all the way into my guts. But I sat through it anyway, I'd rather have pain than a mess on my hip. 

All of the lines are still pretty wonky. None of the words or shapes fit me like they used to. Some of the letters are still partially broken up and I'm not very happy with the dark shading either. I feel like it really shows where the scars used to be. My tattoo had to go through hell in order for me to have my little boy, and to this day every time I see my artist he will ask me to pull up my shirt and show off my lesson learned, my "C-can". I still have a million marks around my belly button, and it kind of looks like a wrinkly butt hole. I've often thought about getting all of that hidden with a tattoo as well, but seeing and feeling what it's like to have some covered up I'm unsure. Would it work better once my skin tightens up? Should I wait until my scars fade as much as possible? Maybe I should just avoid it entirely until I'm completely sure I won't be having anymore kids. 

In hind sight I probably should have waited a while longer to get my tattoo touched up. Yeah, it may not be perfect, and I can still feel all the soft scars beneath the ink, but as wrecked as my suitcase may be I guess the quote really holds true. "It's not my baggage that defines me, but how I chose to carry it". So now I'm a proud momma, and I better start learning to be proud of my scars and to be proud my ink, which just barely survived. 


submitted by: Shorti2Step
on: 21 April 2014
in Miscellaneous Tattoos

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