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Self pierced Nipples

I really wanted nipple piercings.. Really really really badly. I've always hated my boobs, they aren't very big, I'm a small 32A and although they are cute, I've always been like embarrassed and repulsed by my breasts.. I hafta say piercing my nipples probably changed my life, I love my boobs now. I have a little but more confidence with them because of my piercings. So why did I decide to do them myself? I just love piercing myself, if it's something I can reasonably do myself I do it. Obviously I would never do any piercings that require a very high level of skill (such as genitals or tongue) because I don't have i. I suppose you could label nipple piercings as high skill piercings but I personally for my perfectly average nipples with a well defined ridge, I found them to be straight forward. If your nipples are inverted or you don't have a defined nipple (different then areola lol) go to a professional. I extensively researched nipple piercing placement, piercing technique, aftercare, everything before I pierced them. I also read a bunch of online things such as what I'm writing right now. So I'll give you a brief summary and some tips I learned from my experiance. 

I bought the piercing supplies off amazon, for starters. When you buy the things to pierce yourself make sure it is all sterilized and prepackaged. Buy from a reputable store (as reputable as can be on amazon). The piercing jewlery should be 316L end of story, this is by far the best for new piercings and is what my piercer uses on me when I actually go get professionally pierced. If your using clamps buy two disposable pairs, you don't have an autoclave, so you can't sterilize a metal pair of clamps after they've been used. When you pierce your nipples there will be blood, if any gets on the clamps when you use them for the first nipple then they will ESPECIALLY not be good.. Yes it is your own blood, so there aren't any diseases but it still does not create an ideal situation to pierce in. Lastly wash your hands with anti bacterial soap and THEN put on gloves, so your hands do not leave germs on the gloves, this is also what my piercer does. Don't open your tools and leave them on an unclean surface. 

Now that sterilizations covered that lets talk about the piercing process. If your reading this I recomend you read up on what Elaine Angel has to say on nipple piercings, she's the author of the Piercing Bible for those who aren't familiar. A nipple piercing goes right at the ridge where your nipple meets your areola. I recomend piercing your nipples when they are *slightly* hard, as in some cases your nipples depending on wether they are hard or soft will twist because of the way the tissue rises and falls. This may result in crooked piercings, just because the state you pierced them in is straight doesn't nessicarily mean they will stay straight depending on the state of your nipples. A good piercer will be able to tell if your nipples do this, and again this is not for everyone. Assuming you are not a professional piercer you can do what I did just to be safe, pierce them when slightly hard. Normally when you have your shirt off for a while in a deent temperature (not to hot not to cold) room this is the state they assume. What I did because I didn't have a sterile marking pen (only like a dangly sharpie) is I lightly pricked a dot where I wanted the openingof the piercing to be. I then took the needles and made sure the dot was in the center and the clamps were straight. Personally with the clamps I revived I did not use the rubber band method but an actual notch. As I found that it kind of numbed the area a bit. Make sure to lube the needle using a water based lubricant, if you are unsure of what I mean again look it up. The first nipple I did was unlubed and did not go in as easily as the second piercing I did which was lubed. Breathe in, and as you breathe out push the needle through. More then likely it's not all the way through, either keep breathing in and out and pushing when appropriate or you can do what I did. I had to take mini breaks when doing this piercing, I recomend keeping your hand on the needle when you take a break from pushing the needle through, and be sure to keep it straight as you can easily start to push the needle in crooked. Once the needle is through, take your INTERNALLY THREADED nipple piercing and follow the needle through. I took the clamps off after I put the jewlery in just because I found it easier this way. Repeat. Or not :P 

when theyre healing make sure to clean your piercings daily, with sea salt soaks. Don't use anything harsh on your piercings, look up proper aftercare and follow it to the T end of story, you pierced your own nipples, now they're your responsibility to look after and prevent infection. Don't change your jewlery too soon, also realize that nipple piercings have a pesky way of closing up quickly if you take out the jewlery! Also if you take out your jewlery it's interfering with the healing process and letting in bad bacteria! Don't take them out! Don't let your partner play with them, and don't play with them yourself too much either. If you play with them it's less offensive then if your partner does as they have different fluids and bacteria then you, your body is used to itself not these foreign germs.


to clarify I DO NOT recomend piercing yourself, especially if you have not performed other piercings on yourself before. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMEND YOU PIERCE A FRIEND, again foreign germs. Leave it to the pros kid! If you do pierce yourself, good luck and happy piercing ;)


submitted by: Whitesmokeofthepope
on: 12 Feb. 2014
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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