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I Love Pain 26

This is the translated story of my German text (Ich liebe den Schmerz) for the English speaking friends of pain. Sorry for the English!

-Finally, I'd like to tell you a little about me and pass on a few experiences!

I am now over 50 and since my puberty, I enjoy pain during sexual arousal. Therefore, my sex life was often not completed because most women do not like to hurt me during sex.

Even as a teenager, I've pushed needles through my sack or the foreskin, now I ended up with larger needles and nails. It has cost me a great effort to beat a nail through the testes, and later through both testicles and the penis. A fabulous experience! Now I've been doing it more often and seeking new challenges. So the nails will probably be quite thick, several at a time. Also a long needle through both testicles and cock I plan to do soon. I have just seen it on BME! Looks totally awesome and certainly hurts so beautiful!

It is important to me that I can stand anything without local anesthesia, otherwise it would be boring. The images are indeed similar, but the pain EXPERIENCE is missing the kick!

A nice little game was recently the "gender transformation". In addition I have my foreskin stitched for a pseudo-inner labia and then the whole genitals sewn up so that it looks like a vulva. I was not quite satisfied with the result yet, so I'll perfect it soon and show you!

Since I'm married, it's something in the hidden, although my wife has caught me up and then saw my pictures on BME (doc Chris Bonus Gallery in 1994)

Unfortunately, she does not participate!

So I'm always waiting for empty house and then I have joy in painful games.

A great passion is also the anal game! The things I put myself in the ass are getting thicker and longer. A beautiful anal shower before playing prevents the unpleasant aspects of anal play. The shower itself is a delight. I just take a shower hose, screw off the shower head and then gently push the hose in the ass. This water should flow with medium pressure. After briefly filling - one has the feeling it expresses a huge load - then I let it all out on the toilet. A few times and made it clean!

My dream is that someone finally fists me in the ass! At the moment I'm much too tight (max 6.5 cm) but I'm working on it! Slowly, more and more stretching!

Also, the urethra is a nice toy pain. She is very sensitive, so I was surprised when I recently introduced me a thick needle through the urethra and then I stuck it to the outside! It has hardly hurt! The more excited I am, the less I feel the pain! That's why I can stand with appropriate horniness also a thick needle or nail through the testes now, earlier it was not even a thin needle to imagine, so much did that! It so everything is getting more spectacular!

Soundings I've done with many things, it is funny when one overcomes the bladder sphincter and the urine flows! Have you tried it this way? Not so bad when you're horny, otherwise I would not do that! You should then only abundant piss for the bacteria to be flushed back out of the urethra and bladder, otherwise there could be inflammation!

Another tip: never take glass or other breakable things for sounding or anal play! There should nothing break during the game, otherwise you end up in the hospital!

I also plan to hang me up on hooks, especially on the genitals. But there must be really strong hooks and about 50 pieces and distributed over the body. Unfortunately, such actions alone are unlikely to be do!

My nipples had to endure for so many needle / nail or hook! Fortunately, they are always very sensitive, so you quickly can get an adrenaline rush with a simple needle.

Once I can not have visible scars or defects (wife!) everything must heal always good and fast. So one of my most favorite dream is to finally have my balls out to fresh air and completely free. The exposed eggs I would then nail on a board! Looks super cool for shure! Plus one or two nails through the cock and already my planned art work will be done!

Other games of pain are hitting the sack with fist or baseball bats and the like. Also fire-play and electro-play are fun but little dangerous.

Who likes my my story fun, the pictures are mostly  to see at BME, either on the old doc chris gallery (bonus galleries) or under my new pseudonym for about 3-4 years (ilovepain26)

If you Like contact me, just write on ilovepain26@web.de since one can share experiences and pictures.



May his pain with you


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2013
in CBT - Cock Torture

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