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Tongue Split

Tongue splitting was one of the things I'd wanted done since I knew it existed, but never did I dream that it would be possible to actually have it myself, however at around 4pm on the 19th of July 2013 the final bit of tissue that held the two sides of my tongue together snapped apart, creating the wonder that is the split tongue.

I chose to do it using the tie off method for the plain and simple reason I didn't know anyone within 50 miles who'd even carry out the procedure and I had absolutely no money to spend... so if I can do it for free then why not? On the 14th of February I had my tongue pierced (with no intention of splitting at this point - it hadn't really crossed my mind that I'd ever actually do it although I knew it was possible).

Within a few months I decided to start stretching my tongue up so that I could split it. I'd done a lot of research and I knew that a large gauge piercing was a good place to start with a tie-off split. I got it to about 4mm when I decided I might as well start the splitting process. My granddad gave me a whole reel of fishing wire (I didn't tell him what it was for) and on the 12th of July I used it as binding for the first time - I pulled it tight enough to hurt a little and tied it with a triple knot - within hours I was in agony but I didn't take it out and soon after I went to sleep.

Over the first few nights I often woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain I had to simply cut out the fishing wire in tired distress. I'd wake up the next morning disappointed that I didn't keep it in. I went to college most days in pain but I stuck through it, within a few days there was already a little fork in the tip of the tongue so I knew it was working. Some days I didn't tie it up at all and I always had to take it out in order to eat anything, even talking and drinking was painful and I spent a lot of time trying to numb it with ice lollies. 

After a few weeks college finished and I was faced with a long holiday. Over the next few months I spent more time without a bind in than without, I do enjoy pain but only when I can control it - so being able to cut the tie out was always an easy option and I often did because I just wasn't strong enough to sit through the pain some days - other times I simply couldn't be bothered with the hassle of tying it up because it wasn't a simple thing to tie and was also very painful. I tried to tie it up every night but sometimes I didn't, most day times I didn't tie it up at all, some days I kept it in all day and only took it out to eat and others I just tied it up for a few hours when I was feeling determined.

I often complained about how long it was taking but it was my own fault because I was too scared of the pain, I barely tied it up tight enough to even feel it. During this entire time I continued to stretch my tongue. I taped up my 6mm tongue bar to 14mm by the time my tongue actually split.

I also found myself getting frustrated and several times I attempted to cut open my tongue using razor blades - I wouldn't necessarily do much in one sitting but to me it felt good because it produced a lot of scabbing which indicated I had made a good cut into my tongue. The problem with cutting it was that whilst it didn't hurt too much afterwards - it did hurt if I tried to tie it up, so whenever I cut it I had to wait a few days before I could tie it up again.

So the 19th of July, around 2:30pm, I was at a point where the tiniest little bit of tongue was left. I was so frustrated that I decided today was going to be the day - if I didn't have a split tongue by the end of it I would be just devastated. I took new razor blades and started scraping off the scabs that had formed over the past week of having it tied up almost all the time. Once the area was mostly scab free I started making little cuts - I only cut it about 10 times in total but each cut took a while to build up to and after each cut I waited for it to stop bleeding before trying again.

It got to a point where it looked like 2 little cuts might do it, at this point I readied myself and told myself "don't feel bad if it takes more than 2" as I secretly thought I was kidding myself at the idea that it would finally be done after just 2 more cuts. So I sliced once and waited for it to stop bleeding, when there was no more blood running I took a good look in the mirror and used my tongue muscles to just tug away from the centre and pop. My tongue had just split... after all the effort and time and pain I had been through it finally happened.

I cried and texted my friend feeling overwhelmed with emotion. My friend replied demanding a picture and so I calmed down, took a picture and showed her then uploaded it to BME. I was just so happy and couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror. The scabs were unsightly but I couldn't have cared less, they've turned white now and should be gone within a week. I'm so pleased with my new tongue and can't stop showing it off... but all I can think after "wow I have a split tongue" is "ok, what's next?" 

I'm thinking about getting it pierced a little further back then extending the split in future.



submitted by: Dace
on: 30 Aug. 2013
in Tongue Splitting

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