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My Nipples Again

My story is of recovery. I have finally had my nipples repierced after some trauma to them and a time of healing. Now I am feeling much better and here is how it went.

14 years ago I had my nipples pierced. Over the next several years I gauged them to a respectable 8 gauge. While in a store, I leaned over a wire rack, caught my right ring in the wire and ripped my nipple nearly in half. Carefully, I pulled the ring out, bandaged myself up and proceeded to allow it to heal. 
In the mean time, I gauged my left nipple to 4 gauge. My body did not like that at all, so it had to be removed. I had let it heal for about 4 months. I started to think more and more about having them done again, but kept putting it off. Another 2 months went by and my wife finally just told me to get it done.

I knew without a doubt that Skin Candy in Racine, WI was to be the place. My daughters had a couple of piercings each there and I had heard so many great things about their piercer, Anngee. I called and got their hours and pricing. Now I had my mind made up and I was just going to have to go. Later that day, we were all tired and I was as usual just going to let it go, but I jumped up and said lets go. My youngest daughter and wife in tow and off we went.

The shop was pretty quiet for seven o-clock in the evening. Music not to loud, clean neat, nobody in the waiting room. I figured cool. No waiting around.. Anngee finished up the people before me and came out to talk to me.

The usual questions and the same old paperwork. And into the back we went. Daughter and wife with me side by side. I took a good amount of time explaining what was up with my piercings. This would be the second time my left nipple would be pierced and the 5th time my right nipple would be pierced. I wanted to explain everything that I had been through, from having my right one done way too deep, crooked, and then ripped out.

Anngee was fantastic. She readied everything and started to work. Marking both sides making sure they were straight, even  and where I wanted them. All the while Anngee is doing her work, my daughter is grabbing at the camera to make sure she captures every moment for me. Anngee was great about this as well. She even stepped aside for my daughter to get in close with the camera. It was funny to be a part of. 

Now Anngee was ready to begin. She asked if it mattered what side she started on, which of course I did not care nor did it matter. Right side it shall be. The clamp went on. Wow. I forgot how much I hate the clamp part. It, I think, is the worst part of it all. While I am putting on my most brave face, did I mention how much the clamp hurts me, my daughter with a great ear to ear grin is taking picture after picture.

Take a deep breath and let it out, she said. The needle went in. Very slowly. Heat, sweat, panic and done. I felt like a fricken baby. I maybe took all of 2 seconds if that. I laughed as my daughter took more and more pictures. I was really surprised when the barbell was in as to how small 14 gauge really was. Since I was kind of used to my 4 gauge, the 14's looked dinky...

On to my left nipple. Repeat the process. Clamp on.. Yikes I really do hate that clamp. My daughter is exclaiming how she will never ever have this done all the while taking pictures of me, making sure she catches any glimpse of a pain stricken father she can. This time the needle went in really quickly (I am really sure now that I was just being a big baby in my head about the other one) and the cork went on. A quick pose for pictures and then some blood. The right one did not bleed at all. I figured that there was so much scar tissue and so many previous piercings that the needle nicked a little tiny blood vessel, but it was just a tiny bit. Anngee quickly cleaned it up and I was done.

My daughter was excited to know that it kind of hurt me to have my nipples pierced! I was happy that I finally had my nipples pierced again and I did not realize how much I really missed them. We went up front, paid, took care of everything and I was on my way. Thanks to Anngee and Skin Candy for being a great place to get a piercing, clean, comfortable and easy to get exactly what I wanted.


submitted by: Nickya11
on: 14 Aug. 2013
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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