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PA, ball stretching and Subincision

For me bodymod started in my early 20's. i was going out with a girl and we both agreed on getting a piercing, we both had our tongues pierced at the time but it was time to get a little more kink. I agreed to get a PA and she her nipples. i was the first one to go and it was pretty straight forward, piercer was good, no  blood at all for the first day and healed within 2 weeks. she however chickened out due to a friend telling her how painful it was. i started with a 2mm cbr but it was not very comfortable having sex so stretched to 3mm them 4mm (6g) and that was a goodsize. a few years later we broke and decided to lose the tongue bar but keep the PA.


A new chapter started and i though about moving up to a 6mm (2g) diameter circular barbell. going from 4 to 6 was a little difficult as finding something in the middle was proving difficult. after about a month of trying slowly it was stretched to 6mm and it felt good, much better that the 4mm. The weight was perfect and for me sex was good. i never had any complaints from anyone only intrigue and more often brought more fun in my relationships, i wanted to go to 0g but never got round to it . i was now in my late 20's by now and i took it out one day and did not put it in, nothing to do with who i was with, i think i was just bored of it. had it out for about a year, maybe a little longer.

shortly after turning 30 i met someone who rocked my world, she was not into piercings  or anything but we got on like a house on fire. while we where dating i started putting the ring back in, could only get a 3mm cbr in but quickley stretched out to 6mm again but i decided to get to 0g and that would be my final goal. we got married after about 6 months i moved up to 0g.. the weight felt very good and overall i was happy with but i still thought the 2g was actually the perfect size. one very good feeling was while having sex, quite often it felt like the ring stopped my dick from coming out too far and as if it was being pulled back it. all in it was a good experience and happy that i had a PA.

Ball Stretching:

Most of my life my balls generally never bothered me, but occasionally they would ache from being too tight or not enough sex.. after being married for a few years i came across an article about ball stretching, pros and cons and after doing quite a lot of research i decided to give it a go. my wife is supportive on almost anything i want to do so had the discussion with her and we agreed to give it a go. i decided to buy a 400 gram steel ball stretcher. it was now 2010 and i gave it a go. at first i could only wear it for an hour or so and after a few  tries i noticed my balls being a little looser and not as tight. i would wear it 3 to 4 times a week for a few hours a time and after a month they where not stretched but just seemed looser. just what i wanted. i would not wear it for a month or 2 then they would start to get tight again, i would go back to the weights for a month and all would be good. sex is awesome with the weights on, my wife loves them banging against her ass but not so much against her clit when going from behind but she usually holds them when in that position. a few times if she is stretched enough, i can stick them inside and she usually comes within a minute, the ball weights where a good idea. 



In 2011 i was considering getting another piercing, maybe a Apadravya or something. i had a pa so i was half way there. i put a lot of though into it and the PA was from the past so it was time to do something and then be done. I had seen pictures of subincisions and honestly it did not appeal to me at first. but the idea of just the top from the PA to the tip seemed ok. i read a few articles about experiences with subincisions and some say it makes no difference during sex while others say if feels great. the more research i did, the more i wanted it, so approached my wife and she was fine with it. i read about quite a few methods of doing it but because i already had a 0g PA it should be easy. i was a little concerned about how it would look after so i used a simple technique i read online. i thread a piece of dental floss through the PA and tied it tight. this gave the appearance of a subincision and it looked fine. i left it tight for about 30 minutes then went to the bathroom with sharp sterile scissors and had a think about what i was about to do.  by now there was only a small piece of tight skin to cut. i cant remember everything that went through my mind but doubt was there. i thought  to myself.. fuck it, just do it... snip.

The head where i cut immediately split about 6mm and started bleeding. it only bleed for a few minutes and then i got to have a good look, i was over the moon, although it opened a little it looked fine and was quite strange seeing your own urethra. It healed in about a week, first few times having sex we used a condom. thereafter is was great.

Its been 2 years and i love the subincision, blowjobs feel more intense when tongue goes between the glands. it feels no different for my wife during sex but there are a few bonuses for me. if i rub my dick on her clit, it rubs perfectly over it feels kind of like a blowjob. During sex if i get the right angle, i can feel her cervix opening my dick up inside her. The only problem i have had was you got to learn how to pee again. I have no intention of cutting or anything else, as it is just right.

Pictures will be posted soon.



Currently i decided to stretch my balls a little, its been 3 months since i last stretched and they do feel a lot better when they hang a bit. not entirely sure how much but i still use the 400gram weight which i am starting to think is becoming a little light and it might be time to add. 


submitted by: shalaw
on: 26 July 2013
in Partial Subincision, Scrotal Stretching, Prince Alberts

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