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A long time coming

I've always had a foreskin that was quite tight. I also had to deal with washing very, very frequently otherwise the foreskin would become very irritated. In that sentence there are two very valid medical reasons for getting circumcised but I was always hesitant. A couple of years ago I approached my family doctor and she advised against it because she said it was extremely painful to get done as an adult. I let it go at that point, she is a great doctor and her advice is usually spot on.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm dealing with a different doctor. My foreskin was bothering me once again and I decided to seek advice or a urologist. We talked about my medical history, checked out down below, discussed conditions that were causing problems and he said that a circumcision would indeed fix these issues.

I wanted it done there and then, get it over with, local anesthetic would be fine. Unfortunately couldn't do that and the procedure needed to be approved by insurance anyway. That was unfortunate as I had read experiences where it was done on the spot after a consultation. I did however get it scheduled for a few weeks later.

It was done as an outpatient at the surgical center, which explains why the amount charged to my insurance is so high.

On the day of the procedure I’ll admit I had some nerves. I had decided to go with local anesthetic only beforehand but while waiting I wondered what I was thinking. It turns out there is a level of anesthetic in between local and general which would result in me having no recollection of the procedure. As horror stories stick in my mind of general anesthetics not working completely and people being awake and unable to move during procedures I was keen to avoid general if at all possible. I had a good chat with the doctor about options and it was time to go. We opted to avoid going under general anesthetic if at all possible which was good for me. The last thing I remember of the actual procedure is being told we’re going to give you some oxygen now.

Next thing I knew I was in the recovery center. I was very groggy and confused. I spoke to the doctor and they said part way through the procedure I just wouldn’t stay still so they had to put me under in order to finish the procedure. All things considered I was feeling okay. As I had picked up meds before the surgery all that remained was to go home and rest.

I was tightly bandaged so I could only see minimal blood through the bandage which remained on for two days. The weirdest thing was not having feeling down below. The anesthetic lasted for about 36 hours and its weird peeing when you can’t feel anything.

I got a call from the hospital two days later reminding me to remove the bandage and to take a shower. The bandage came of easily right up to the last part which got caught on my frenulum. It was rather painful getting that part off and started hyperventilating and thought I was going to pass out. Most unpleasant, but I made it through without help and went to lay down for a bit. The sutures were very tidy looking, there was actually minimal blood on my penis which was good. It looks like they trimmed my frenulum a bit, it has a few stitches and isn’t as prominent now.

It’s now eleven days later. I went back to work quickly which was a huge mistake. Sitting down or walking around made it very swollen and painful. At the end of each day up to day eight I would come home, collapse on the bed completely naked letting it just lay wherever it wanted completely unrestricted. Now, I also realize that my week at work was a waste of time, while I thought I was being productive whilst on the prescription pain killers I wasn’t really thinking clearly, my productivity was about ten percent of usual at best and I was having memory problems. After stopping the meds I feel more like myself again and there is minimal pain unless I catch it on something, like my underwear which is mighty painful.

So far i seems to be healing very nicely. The head of the penis rubbing against my underwear isn’t as painful, but I do use Vaseline on the head to lessen the amount of contact. It will be about another four and a half weeks before I am able to use it for anything other than peeing and I’m looking forward to seeing what it feels like.

Once it has healed I will probably get my PA redone, I retired that before it healed previously, but I won’t get that done for a while, after I know what sex feels like without one.

I don’t regret getting it done and wish I had done it years ago, it would probably have caused me a great deal of pain and irritation over the years.

While this was done by medical professionals and is very common in North America I still consider this to be the most significant modification I have had. It’s not a walk in the park as an adult and the experience has been just as interesting as having any other modification done.


submitted by: kindacurious
on: 16 July 2013
in Male Circumcision

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