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DIY Tragus

To begin with, I have this passion for body mods and once I get an idea in my head, it'll lurk there until I get it done. Needless to say I have experience it piercing both myself and others although I have yet to obtain the "professional piercer" title. Which is due to being under aged. Although I know this is something to look down on I do what I do simply because it is part of what I enjoy. Body modifications are a way of life, not some trend or a "cool" thing. You're either in it for the pleasure of what body mods bring into your life and mean to you or you should go home - looking cool will leave you with noticeable acupuncture scars when you grow out of the stage. Excluding play piercings of course, which I'm totally into self-performing for non erotic, personal amusement reasons.

I had been anticipating getting my tragus don although I was somewhat reluctant because of a couple of previous DIY stories I had read. Not to mention some YouTube videos where people were taking the longest time to actually begin (although I assume that was the cause of mental preparation or deep thinking of what they should expect). A couple of them were even done without proper piercing needles or involved jewelry stabbing aka self "piercing" with an earring. In the stories there was talk about bleeding, spending up to half an hour performing it, and descriptions of ridiculous pain plus an excess in preparations. It took me a while to get used to the concept that if I wanted something done right I had to do it myself, since I would pierce people but never had anyone to pierce me simply because no one would do so, or no one had experience. Anyone who did help, always messed up and I'd eventually have to man up and re-do the job myself. So I had a change of mentality that now makes DIY piercings an easy task. I've learned to expect pain and work through it. The key is to know you're doing what you love and do best..except now, it's not only being shared with people around you, because you're able to do these things and you're capable of modifying yourself. At the same time making the piercings far more precious to you, and also something you grow proud of. Inducing yourself into voluntary self inflicted pain with the intentions of decorating your body, your temple.

Fast-forward to the story

It was three in the morning and I was lacking sleep. I wasn't necessarily bored but I could do with some exciting entertainment. I've always been this kind of adrenaline junkie, it's crazy. The rush I get, both exhilarating and comforting. Highly fancied by my body and mind. As I was laying on my bed thinking, only to be suddenly struck with an excess urge. I knew what I had to do in that instant. It was one of those "you either do it, or you don't" moments and I was suddenly feeling pumped as I went to go grab my clamps, a curved barbell, and a new sterile 16g hollow piercing needle from my needle compartment. As I stood in front of my mirror all I could really think was that as soon as I opened my needle and exposed it to air I wouldn't be able to turn back - who wastes a good ol' piercing needle? I put some music on to easy my state of mind, my body was beginning to feel this rush of excitement. I washed my hands and placed hand sanitized in them to sanitize them, I also cleaned the area to be punctured. I've never really been a fan of marking the area to pierce, so I skipped that part. After opening my needle I clamped my tragus and put the needle to my skin. I wasn't sure what to expect for the pain but that didn't stop me. I began to apply a bit of pressure and kept firm to is as I hardly pushed. It was done nearly instantaneously. I'd say in a matter of three minutes, from the whole opening the needle to the clamping and finally getting down to the point. All I heard was a small popping sound as I felt the needle glide through. The pain was a one out of ten and honestly, it was virtually painless. No blood, no struggle. The only upcoming "incident" was the jewelry insertion. I had to remove the needle to place the curved barbell in due to the needle length and ear interference. Although I assume this wouldn't be an issue if a curved hollow needle was used in place of a straight one. Totally a piercing I'd recommend a tragus to anyone who wants something cute and dainty or to anyone who fancies ear piercings. 


submitted by: IngridMaurice
on: 07 July 2013
in Tragus Piercing

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