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Tragus punch (2,5mm/10ga)


About three years ago I had one tragus pierced at 1,6mm, and a year later I had another one pierced. And a year after  that, when they both had settled down, I decided I wanted to stretch them to a size somewhere around 5mm/4ga. 
So I grabbed myself some lubricant and gently pushed a 2mm single flared plug through the oldest tragus piercing. The stretching itself was pain-free, but the following night was the start of a bad series of nights. 
My ear was so painful that I couldn't even sleep on it! And this pain held on for a lot of days. It was so horrible that I didn't see a future in self-stretching the little bastards. So I started looking for information about punching the little fellas and I decided rather quickly that it would be in my best interest if I just retired them, waited a couple of weeks and got them punched.

6 February 2013, wednesday

Actually I didn't plan on having them punched this day but due to a little mixup I had the impulse to just go for it. 

We (me and my piercer) talked about it and decided we would punch them at 2,5mm (10ga) and immediately stretch them to 3mm (8ga). 
There was a nice atmosphere hanging in the shop. Just talking with each other, having a good time. And in the meantime my piercer was getting his set-up ready. When he was ready he started measuring and drawing dots on my tragi to see where it would come. This was rather easy ofcourse, since I already had two little scars from the previous piercings. After my little peek in the mirror I was ready and I was welcome to lay myself flat on his bench (or is a thing like that called a table?). 

At that particular moment it struck me: I was going to be in pain! Because it was such an impulsive decision I didn't really had any time for mental preparation so I panicked quite a bit. I started to breath really fast and I was cursing as much as a drunken pirate (inside my head ofcours, I'm a well-raised person...).

One, two, *inhale*, three *exhale*. And with a really loud cracking sound my left ear got punched. It wasn't as painful as I expected, at all. It was just really loud. So, now my left ear was at 2,5mm and there was a 3mm juwel waiting to be inserted. Since the punch itself wasn't painful, I expected this to be the same. But... it was not! This was utter horror! It hurted like hell and when this was finished I new I still had to endure the right side. Oh boy, I was scared.

I had to turn my head to the left, one, two *inhale*, three *exhale*, and another loud cracking sound. This time the sound was a bit different, it was more like a real crack instead of some loud noise. The punching itself was again very easy but the insertion of the jewel. Another horror story.
I was so happy when it was over with!  

The little fleshy parts were bagged up and given to me. I casted them in resin! 

The night following the procedure was so painful. I almost didn't sleep at all. I tried to make little cups with my hands, so I could place my ears in them but that didn't work as well as it was supposed to. And in the morning, both my tragi were really bloody (which is kinda stupid, since it was immediately stretched to keep it from bleeding) and it kept bleeding that day. 

And after that, everything went really well. Something I didn't expected. The following night I could sleep on both my ears, and there was no pressure or pain or any form of discomfort! So more than one bad night wasn't to it. 

13 June 2013, thursday

Prior to this day I noticed that my right tragus felt different from the other. There was some sort of gap in between the cartilage and this could only mean one thing: it was split! This probably happened during the painful stretching right after the punch, and it also explains why my right ear made such a loud and different noise than my left ear during the stretching. But a quick look on Google (and Modblog) I soon found out that it isn't that bad  to have it cracked. It appears to be something that happens to a lot of people and they were able to stretch even bigger! 

Also prior to this day I ask my piercer to make custom delrin 3,5mm plugs so I could stretch them. He made some beautiful pieces and assisted my with stretching them both.
I don't even know if you could call this stretching, because I didn't feel a thing! Now I'll be waiting for a few weeks (six or so) and then take it to the next level! 

8 July 2013, monday

Not even four weeks after I've "stretched" to 3,5mm I tried to stretch further (to 4mm). I had a 4mm taper and two no flare flesh tunnels. 
The stretching itself wasn't the problem, but the insertion was a bit tricky. It  appeared to me that everytime when I shoved the taper through, I didn't have the chance to follow with the tunnels. The skin part wasn't the problem, but the cartilage part was. I had to follow the taper really fast, and the moment I got the hang of it, stretching was easy as hell. Again: no discomfort what so ever. 

I think i'll wait for further stretching till the end of August or September. It'll be about six weeks from now. I hope that will be enough, but we'll  see! 

I'll probably be updating this story every time I stretch it bigger, so stay tuned.


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on: 23 June 2013
in Large Gauge Ear Cartilage

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