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My beautiful tongue split.

Lets start off with a backstory, shall we? I believe that's how all good stories begin...


When I was fourteen, I was beginning to get into body modification. I loved the way it looked and I loved the people I met who were modified. Browsing the Internet back then, I came across a photo of a woman who had her tongue cut in two. I immediately fell in love. I wanted it. However, being fourteen, that just wasn't feasible. So, I was forced to wait but, like a smart person interested in any heavy modification, I decided to do my research, weigh the pro's and con's, and wait it out. For a while, I forgot all about it. Once I remembered again, I went back into my files on my computer and looked at everything I had researched and the itch for two tongues was there all over again.


Fast forward to a week ago... I am 21 years old and sporting 22 beautifully healed piercings, six scars from retired ones, and five tattoos. I still had every desire to have a bifurcated tongue. After speaking with my artist and deciding that I had talked about it for long enough, and him ordering the equipment, I was in the shop. Nervous as hell, but I put my faith in him and we went from there.


It started with a few injections of a numbing agent to get things started. We let that take hold, placed a few more injections, and it was time... I sat down in his chair, unable to feel the meat tentacle in my mouth, and clenching the hand of my husband, who, in retrospect, probably didn't want to be there, much less videotaping his new wife having her mouth mutilated. My artist clipped those dentist bib things to me. You know... The ones they put on you when you have a tooth filled or something, so you don't drool on yourself? One was clipped to my shirt, and the other to my waist and draped over my lap to catch any falling blood. He then drew a line down the dead center of my tongue, using my two center piercings as a guide. After I told him the placement looked just fine and that I was sufficiently numb, he grabbed his clamps and flattened the hell out of my tongue. Oh, god, that looked funny. Then the scalpel was placed and the initial incision was made. He got a bit of the way down, loosened the clamps to move them down a bit to keep them out of the way, and continued the split. I hadn't felt any blood dripping down my face yet, which I thought was odd, but I wasn't in any position to question the man with a scalpel in my mouth. The next thing I knew, the clamps were removed, I felt a warm, wet sensation down my chin, and saw blood dripping into the medical paper in my lap, and my tongue was holding on by one small piece at the tip. Of course, I decided to watch as this last bit of my appendage was sliced in half. With a careful precision, he cut through the last remaining piece and I was sitting there... With two tongues hanging out of my mouth. From what I heard, it was a sight to behold. From my angle, however, it looked like a crime scene. There was blood all down the bib covering my shirt and a pool on the one in my lap. I was brought unopened ice pops to suck on to help control the bleeding and it slowly died down. I went through three freeze pops, four dentist bibs in my lap, and lots of encouragement from my husband for me to finally relax enough to watch the splitting of my oral organ.


The entire process, from numbing agents to fully split, only took around ten minutes, which, even though I heard it was relatively quick, still surprised me. I had hyped myself up, I suppose, as most people probably do. 


One very long half hour later, I was given my aftercare instructions and I was done. Putting my two tongues in my mouth for the first time was the strangest, yet most natural feeling I have ever experienced... but I loved my new tongues and I was showing off the bloody mess to anyone that so much as asked why I had a lisp. A week later I have had no regrowth and I am eating and speaking as I did before the split. I would do this again in a heartbeat.


BUT! I will say this. This modification is NOT one to have done on a whim. I'm glad I did my research and thought it out. 


submitted by: CarrieAnnKramer
on: 08 June 2013
in Tongue Splitting

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Artist: Jimi Harris
Studio: Mystic Piercing and Tribal Tattoo
Location: Crofton, Maryland

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