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The not so visible tragus piercing

Just like every other piercing that I have this was a spur of the moment piercing, minimal thought put into it, the usual for me. This is probably why I only have subtle, easily hidden piercings and no tattoos. I really have too many other things that I need to think about, getting a discreet piercing is fun and requires minimal thought, or at least that's how I like to think about it.

Unlike other piercings which were basically minutes or hours after the thought first popped into my head there was actually a delay of a few days between the thought and getting it done. I work in a professional environment, have to attend shows and visit customers frequently, which means my appearance must be as mundane as possible to fit in. I did some research about local piercing places and quickly sent an email enquiring about what options were available for jewelry, explaining my need for it to be very discreet. I asked about getting it pierced with glass. A few days passed and I got a reply to my email. I was told that yes, piercing with glass is an option but there are risks. The jewelry might slip out or break. I wasn't at all concerned about these "risks" so without giving myself much time to think I decided to head over to the shop after work.

The shop was quiet, clean and had a good selection of jewelry. There were a couple of girls in at the same time, in their early 20s, excited but nervous about what they were going to get for themselves. I'm not old, but certainly older than them and dressed in business attire. They asked what I was going to get pierced and one girl excitedly said that she was going to get her pierced done too but she was afraid of the pain. Fortunately, I was going in first and said I would tell her how it went.

I had read many tragus piercing stories, some tell of no pain, some of lots of pain. Most stories focus on the healing, although I will admit the fact hat I had heard that the shop refuses to pierce both sides at the same time to make things easier to heal made me wonder what I was letting myself in for.

The piercer selected the glass retainer and marked my tragus. She had me lay down, but the receiving tube in my ear, counted to 3 and then it was done. I felt minimal pressure but no pain. For some reason unknown to me my tragus decided to bleed for quite a while but we waited for a while and it calmed down enough to leave.

On my way out I let the girl who was nervously waiting to go that it was nothing to worry about and went on my way.

As it turns out I seem to sleep on the side that I got my piercing on. I wondered if that would make healing troublesome. There was no pain while sleeping even on the first night and aftercare consisted of cleaning with water only a few times each day. Approximately one week later I caught the retainer whilst shaving and snapped it. Oops and ouch! Fortunately, I was able to put what was left of the retainer back in and was able to head back to the shop to buy new jewelry, buying two retainers this time just to be safe. As a result of snapping the jewelry and the trauma of getting it back in myself there was some swelling and the slightest hint of the dreaded bump forming. I used chamomile tea soaks for a few days and the bump went away.

Its now three months later and while my tragus is still more swollen than the other one healing seems to be progressing well. The one precaution I took was not wearing headphones for several weeks, not even over the ear ones. Although now I have allowed myself to wear earbuds for small amounts of time. Hopefully the next 9 to 12 months of healing will be uneventful.

My only concern is that it was pierced at eighteen gauge which may limit jewelry choice, but that is a minor concern as realistically I'll be wearing the retainer almost all the time.

This is my third piercing since Shannon passed after not getting any for a while. I think this is probably the last one I will get for quite a while. I’d like to get my nipple pierced again but I go swimming a lot so it’s not really convenient right now.

For me, the piercing was painless and healing so far uneventful. If you are considering a tragus piercing I would say go for it. It's small, discreet and painless.


submitted by: kindacurious
on: 02 June 2013
in Tragus Piercing

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