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Piercings and Stupid Questions

I live in a small town/community. Odd looks, strange remarks, and glaringly obvious questions are part of my daily life. Having said that, I have 21 piercings currently, at the age of 17, and have collected a small, but golden trove of invaluable inquiries thrown my way. Without further ado: Stupid Questions and Their Answers.


Did that hurt!?


Nooooooo. Of COURSE it didn't! It's JUST a needle that was jabbed through my flesh, replaced by a metal ring to keep the wound open until it healed around it! What part of that sounds painful to you? Duh! Every piercing hurts in SOME way. Your skin has nerve endings, doesn't it? If I pinch you, it'll hurt too!


But, how MUCH did it hurt/If I get that, will it hurt that bad?


Pain is relative. What I might consider absolute torture is someone else's tickle. If you know you're particularly sensitive to pain, then there's your answer. It'll probably hurt, but I doubt it's horrible for anyone, really.


How do you blow your nose!?


I have three nasal piercings: A septum piercing and two general nostril piercings. This is a surprisingly common question I've been asked and the answer is....


Like a normal person. Yep. I just blow my nose. Afterward, I take care to wipe any jewelry clean, same as someone wiping their skin clean. There's really no difference, honestly. Sometimes, if I'm really stuffed up, I'll kind of compress a tissue and shove it up my nose to clean the nastiness, rather than blowing my nose. I did this when my piercings were still a bit fresh and it hurt a bit to actually blow my nose. It's a gentler method, I've found.


Since you wear metal in your ears, and metal gets really cold, do you have a higher chance of getting frostbite?


Are you kidding me? I've never had frostbite and I doubt I ever will. People wear rings on their fingers without gloves in some cold weather: I don't see them getting frostbite either. 


How do you even eat with that in!?


I don't have a tongue piercing, but I do have two lip piercings. Though, I plan on getting two tongue piercings as well. The answer to this is the same as the nose blowing question.


Like a normal person. I bite, I chew, I swallow. NOTHING about my piercings hinder me, physically, in the slightest.


How would it feel if it just...got ripped out?

(I kid you not, someone asked me this. My response is as follows, followed by me backing away.)

Uh.....it would hurt really bad...it would start bleeding, probably....I think someone is calling me, goodbye!

How do you expect to get a job with those on your face!?

Thankfully, piercings are being more accepted in the world. I will try to get a job WITH my piercings, but if that's absolutely impossible, then I suppose they'll have to either be hidden, or they'll have to go.


Did you get that done with a gun?


NO! And if you need to ask, stay away from piercings. (The person asking this was talking about my nostril piercings)


Don't you worry about being a bad influence?


No. I don't see ANYTHING bad with what I'm doing. I am following what I wish, doing it safely, informing other youths of the dangers of piercings. I am not a walking talking billboard for "DANGER". If people look at me and determine that they want a piercing I have, as long as they do so safely (with a professional and complete consent, along with parental approval if under the age of 18) then no harm is being done.


Actually, I'd like to think I'm a positive force. If more people were exposed to passionate people who are modified, perhaps this negative idea others forced upon us will start to weaken.

Why do you do that to yourself/Why?

This is the hardest question I've ever been asked, and also one of the stupidest. I often throw it back at them, something along the lines of "Why do you have that haircut?" or "Why do you wear the clothes that you do?" or "Why wear makeup?"

The general answer is because...it makes me happy. I WANT my piercings and I appreciate them. They are a piece of who I am and a piece of who I will always be. They are a part of my present and past, and so, inevitably will be a part of my future, even if just in memory.


If you can't understand that, then I'm sorry. There is no other reason. It's not religious for me, not medical, and, really, not spiritual.


Only happy. Only emotional. Only me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 May 2013
in BME Culture

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