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Historical VCH

Where to begin? I guess I should start with saying this all happened over eight years ago almost to the day actually. I had gotten the craving for a new piercing pretty hard. I had, had a lot of things pierced at that point and I was looking for something a little more functional, but also something to make myself look pretty and maybe a little girly. I wasn't keen on facial piercing, ears were boring and I saw no point to surface piercings. 


Thats when it struck me that I had always discounted genital piercings because they were far too dangerous...lol. That changed needless to say and after reading about fourty experiences I was set on it, the vertical hood piercing. It looked so pretty and it had the added benefit of heightening sensitivity and making it easier to get there..if you know what I mean.


I knew from reading all the experiences that you had to have suitable anatomy to be able to get a VCH and so I took myself into the bathroom to do the q-tip test. The results were kind of iffy, the q-tip fit but just barely and the skin of my hood seemed to be kind of thin. I decided I needed to just bite the bullet take a trip to my usual piercing studio and see what was going to be possible. In all honesty I was more unnerved by the thought of someone else looking at my junk then I was about getting pierced. So I figured if I could just get over that hurdle I'd be all set.


I called the studio, the piercer was there and available so I hurried on down town. The drive seemed to go by in a blur and before I knew it I was walking in the door of the shop. I told the girl at the counter that I had just called and I needed to be checked for placement of the VCH. I'll admit at this point my nerves started to kick in quite a bit and I could feel the adrenaline starting to rise.


About five minutes later the piercer came out and took me to the private piercing room. She was so friendly and easy going that it made me much more comfortable with the thought of striping down and having my lady bits prodded and poked. There was a very nice paper covered bed type of thing in the room and she asked me to take off my pants and undies and sit with a leg on each side of the table. My cheeks must have been very red because she told me she wasn't going to do anything but just check out the placement and I didn't need to be embarrassed or scared.


She was very nice but I was still embarrassed, I tried to just ignore things as she put on some gloves and opened a new long handled q-tip swab thing. She was very professional and focused on her work, she parted the folds and smoothly inserted the tip of the q-tip underneath the hood. It wasn't uncomfortable or painful at all, and just like that she removed the q-tip stripped off the gloves and threw everything away. She said I could getierced but that the skin of my hood was thin and would probably stretch easier and may rip if handled roughy before it was fully healed. I kind of had expected she would say something like that and I was prepared to baby the piercing...not like I wasn't going to anyway hehe.


I said I would be sure to take care of it and I was ready to get the piercing done today. After getting dressed again we went out to the counter and I filled out my paperwork, she took my I'd and photo copied it and then onto jewelry selection. I wanted to be pierced with titanium and they had a rather limited selection at the time, but I did find a very nice 14g cbr in a vibrant and pretty pink color and so it was decided. Again my nerves started up and my stomach bubbled and churned...now I was getting worried about the piercing.


She went back to set everything up and told me to have a seat and just relax for a few minutes, she'd call me shortly. The shop was empty except for me and the counter girl, she didn't seem to want to chat so I was just sitting there fidgeting and feeling my heartbeat crawl up into my throat. Soon enough the piercer came back and led me back into the private piercing room I smelled fresh rubbing alcohol, a fresh paper liner was on the bed and a small rolling cart had all of the supplies needed for my piercing lined up on the surface, everything still in its steril pouches.


I undressed again and sat on the table a leg to each side just as before, she had me lay back onto the now reclined back of the bed. She explained what steps she would take, I nodded kind of numbly sort of following along but sort of lost in that strange fuzz of adrenaline. Once she had her gloves on, opened all the pouches and prepared her equipment she began with swabing me down with a q-tip, under the hood and all around the outside of the hood. Then she inserted a receiving tube under my hood. The metal seemed to be freezing cold and it pinched a little bit as she sort of pressed ontop of the skin making sure the tube was in the right spot. It was uncomfortable and the skin of my hood seemed very tight but it wasn't painful.


She then told me to lean back and relax as much as I could through my entire body. I tried to close my eyes and breathe, I relaxed a little but not much I guess. She kept talking and told me to breathe in and out deeply to relax my legs and whatever I did not to pull back or jerk my legs shut. I focused on that and was determined to be as still as possible and at last let myself relax enough. She then said to breathe in deeply and let it out slowly. I breathed in until my lungs hurt and then slowly let the breath out making a pssssss noise. As I started to breathe out she pierced me, very quickly I'd emagine but wow...ouch. It was the most intensely weird pain I'd experienced at that point in my piercing experiences. It was not horrendous pain but it was burning a bit and the sting was quite sharp, it was bearable and before I knew what was happening she had removed the receiving tube and inserted the cbr. That also pinched and was a little sore but entirely bearable. I opened my eyes at this point and she asked me if I was ok, I nodded still breathing deeply to keep myself calm as the adrenaline went full tilt. She struggles for a minute to place the ball into the cbr but amazingly she did it without pulling on the new piercing for which I was extremely greatful for.


She cleaned up around the piercing and told me to expect some blood for the next couple of days, not to worry unless I was bleeding uncontrolably. She handed me a small hand mirror and let me have a look at my new piercing! I loved it! The pink cbr was perfect and petite and I loved how it made my bits look. There was a tiny ring of blood around the top hloe of the piercing but it wasn't actively bleeding which I took as a great sign. She told me I could sit as long as I needed and when I was ready to get dressed and meet her out at the counter to get my instruction sheet and pay for my piercing.


I felt just fine and so I got dressed, it was a little strange to try to fit the ring into my panties and have it lay so it wasn't pulling, I managed and thanked myself for wearing big baggie pants. I went out to the counter and felt as if I was buzzing from the humongous adrenaline rush, I paid for my piercing and tipped her a little extra, just because I believe it's the proper thing to do. She gave me my aftercare sheet and stapled her business card to the front with shop number circled at the top left. She insisted that if I had any problems or questions that I could call any time and someone would be able to help me. I thanked her with a big goofy smile and went on my way!


All in all the experience was great and totally empowering! The pain was completely worth it. The piercing healed well and as she had told me I did bleed tiny amounts  for the first week or so. I did twice daily SSS and took ibuprofen to help with the slight ache and to keep swelling down as much as possible. It will take some time getting used to having a piercing there but it's just like anything else you live you learn.


I had my VCH for almost three years and I loved every single moment of it, but in the long run my tissue was just too thin to carry the piercing and with time it just started pushing out. I tried jewelry changes, massages and so forth but no matter what I did the jewelry just kept migrating until I was sure that if I left it there it would eventually just rip out. So sadly I remove it and to this day I still miss it and maybe one day in the future I will try it again or maybe this time a horizontal hood instead, you just never know!


I would highly recommend this piercing if you can carry it. It is not difficult at all to heal and is so pretty and so much fun!


submitted by: Demekinfishie
on: 04 Feb. 2013
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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