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The nose knows!

Well I had my nostril pierced once before, the piercing itself went great...everything after did not. To make a long story very short so we can get to the good stuff I got a huge bulge of hypertrophic scar tissue...nasty business and no amount of soaking, cleaning, dabbing, LITHA did anything to help so bye bye nostril piercing.

Fast forward a year and I decided to get my nostril pierced again only this time on the right hand side. I was visiting with my mom close to Christmas and she (as awesome as she is) gave me the cash to get a piercing done. Being out of my home state it took me a couple of weeks to research all the local shops and decide which would be best.

I decided on Crazy Kats tattoo and piercing in Charlotte. I was so impressed with their website and the fact they include proper after care instructions and sea salt in the price of the piercing I was sold almost instantly. The co-owner of the shop is also the piercer names Ti and she was just amazing. The most  friendly piercer I have ever been pierced by.

Ok so into the shop I go, which is actually a house which had been converted. Immaculatly clean, bright and smelled like green soap which I love. Ti meets me in the waiting room and takes me back to select my jewelry (I had already called earlier and she knew what piercing I wanted done) . The selection of jewelry she had and the displays were amazing, she had just about anything you could want and after explaining my pervious nostril fail, she suggested the new labret style nose stud from anatometal, I chose the synthetic pink opal with implant grade titanium post and backing.

We walk around the corner to the piercing room which is quite large but still comfortable, not like an echo or anything heh. The room is so clean and had such a great atmosphere I was instantly at ease with my pre-piercing jitters. Ti had me sit on the piercing bed that she uses and began to remove the jewelry, needle and all the other various bits and bobs required for the piercing. She showed me each sealed steril package before laying them out on the paper lined cart/table. She xplained everything to me as she went through the steps, this time I would be having clamps instead of as receiving tube and the jewelry would be inserted from the inside and the thread less top would snap into place inside the post on the outside of my nose.

She swabbed my nose inside and out with iodine and then followed with an alcohol prep pad. Once my skin had dried she dipped a new toothpick in violet ink and marked a spot on my nose, handing me a mirror she asked me if I liked the placement.  One thing I can say when a nostril piercing is involved is be sure you like the placement, don't get to nervous and just agree to anything. I really liked the spot she picked and so it was time for the clamps. I hated the clamps on my nose, not that it hurt but it felt like my nose might come off or something she took her time to be sure everything was lined up correctly. When she was ready she asked if I was ready, I said yep, so a big breath in and as I breathed out the needle went through my nostril. A split second of pinching pain, thirty seconds of jewelry insertion and I was all done!

I did tear up in my eight eye a little and by the time I was done wiping it away with the tissue Ti handed me and the sting in my nose was gone, like nothing had even happened. She handed me a mirror and I beamed a big smile looking at my new nose! The whole experience was so pleasant and easy I wished I lived in her area because I would go back to her for all my piercing needs if I could. She gave me my aftercare sheet, which not only listed instructions but my exact jewelry specifications and information. And not to forget she handed me a zip bag of fine grain sea salt. I smiled happily and gladly paid and tipped her for her wonderful service. It has now been two months and I have had no problems what so ever with the piercing. No pain, crusties or even any bleeding. Though I have to say the piercing site started to itch like mad a few weeks in, no biggie though. Oh and the labret style jewelry is such a God send I love it in every way, easy to clean and so much easier to heal with in my opinion.

Your reading this story because you want your nose pierced...go do it! But just know quality makes all the difference and you do get what you pay for, and never ever forget your aftercare!


submitted by: Demekinfishie
on: 13 Jan. 2013
in Nostril Piercings

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Artist: Ti
Studio: Crazy Kats
Location: Charlotte, Nc

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