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The long saga - stretching my nipples from tiny rings to 16mm tunnels

I had both my nipples pierced in 1999 at a professional studio, where they installed the usual captive bead rings. My girlfriend at the time convinced me to do it; both hers were pierced along with her navel and clit hood. She LOVED them, and we used them in a variety of somewhat kinky sex games. I thought her pierced nips were hot. I was resistant to the idea on myself at first, but the conversation finally turned to how Men “can't stand pain like women can because they weren't designed to give birth,” and so on. So I said, what the hell, why not?

It wasn't as painful as I thought, and when the piercer suggested that I wait a day for the second one, I told her “naw, go ahead.”

“Oh, you're one of THOSE guys, huh?” she laughed.

They were pretty sore for 3 weeks, had to wear loose-fitting shirts and apply Betadyne 3 times a day, and it was a full 4 months before my girl could do anything more to them during sex than a lick or a touch--nibbling was out. It was really almost a year before I could stand any kind of more vigorous play involving my nips without them getting sore the next day.

Then it happened—an unfortunate incident involving working outside shirtless building a deck onto the house. Hooked one of the rings on a nail head or something, and yanked it right out. I was damned lucky, the ring opened, the bead was lost, and there was a bit of blood but the examination with a magnifier by my girlfriend revealed it was simply a deep scratch in the skin from one end of the ring. It hurt far, FAR worse than the initial piercing, and the pain didn't let up for 3 days. Called the piercer, she said come in when the wound had healed and she'd install a new ring. All in all, it was about a 3-month recovery. Loose shirts, no nibbling, etc.

We started playing again, and my girlfriend suggested I stretch it. She had already stretched hers to #8 and wanted to go to #6, and she joked “You've already stretched that one more than either of mine. Let's try it, and then the other.” Both nips were easy in one evening on the couch with a dirty movie. She just worked them while I laid there, and used rubbing alcohol, then surgical lube and a steel stretching taper, and massaged them both in over the course of two hours. It wasn't painful at all, I just told her to stop when it started to sting, and she'd massage it around and get it little farther in. Presto, #8 stainless steel barbells. Recovery time was three days, they ached a little the next morning, but no big deal. They were awesome, wouldn't get hung up on anything, even tried some rounders and shields on them.

She left me, then sent a boob picture 6 months later with her new #6 rings. Hmmm, I thought. The NEW girlfriend (non pierced) likes these too, and all those sex games, so why not go bigger? I loved how my nips felt. We didn't have a #6 stretching taper, but my ex had left a #4. Bought a pair of clear acrylic #4 barbells downtown, and once again it was easy, even going up two sizes. The jewelry only lasted about a year, though...plastic too thin for the tapped holes, and broke. She bought me some 1-1/4 inch diameter #4 steel rings, but they were too heavy for everyday wear. Fun for sex, though.

She got her nipples and clit hood pierced soon after that, and then it was off to the races. But remember wire gauges and diameters in millimeters don't really reflect what's happening to your nipple...it's the CIRCUMFERENCE of the circle that your nipple feels, and that's 2 x pi x radius. Stretching to #2 actually took me four sessions; the first three were busts. Tried to go too far too fast, and had to go back down to #4 and wait three weeks each time with sore nips.

The we found our secret, though of course your mileage may vary if you try it. Stretch the barbells from BEHIND, with a swivel snap clip like they use for dog leashes, etc. I won't get into the leash part here, ahem. Sure there are nipple stretchers you can build or buy, but you have to remove the piercing to install them AND to remove the stretchers. Really awkward and uncomfortable to keep wearing for hours when unexpected company shows up, for instance.

To stretch from behind, this is how we do it now. We take a long soak in the tub, then clean the nipple with rubbing alcohol, then use lots of surgical lube all over the nipple. She slides on the snap clip, and instead of letting it hang and bounce, she connects both snap clips with another double-sided one across my chest. Then we play for a couple hours.....and maybe even slide on another snap clip behind the first one. It doesn't hurt in the slightest unless you lose your grip and make the spring-loaded gate snap closed at the wrong time. Ouch!

Then I relax, she lubes up the new bigger taper, and now it will slowly slide right in with the new, bigger jewelry behind it. Easy and painless. My nipples sometimes ache a little for about three days. And I found that in only three months I can again go up a size.

For me, anything bigger than about #6 steel is too heavy. Just doesn't work with an active lifestyle, jogging, carrying a backpack, etc. So it either has to be hollow stainless steel tubing with O-rings at each end, or acrylic barbells. Once I got to 00 gauge, there were now no more commercial acrylic barbells available. I tried commercial steel 00 gauge “flesh tunnels,” but they had grooves cut in them to hold the O-rings, and those hurt passing through. Plugs and tunnels meant for earlobes were not long enough, as I found after one painful sideways rejection.

Then I found www.smallparts.com online, and ordered both stainless steel tubing and clear acrylic rod in all the available sizes up to 5/8 inch (16mm, you never know!). Both materials cut easily with a hacksaw, then it takes time with some sandpaper on the acrylic rod to taper the ends with coarse sandpaper, then work down to 600 grit to polish them. With the stainless steel tube, it takes a bench grinder (holding the tube with needlenose pliers padded with leather so as to not scratch the surface), then the same deal with different grits of sandpaper, working on a hard flat surface and working down to 600 grit. For the O-rings, the red silicone ones from Smallparts.com last the longest before breaking, but plain black rubber ones from Home Depot for faucet repair work fine. Just slip the O-rings on with a taper 1-2 sizes bigger than the piercing.

No problem up to 0000 gauge (about ½ inch) with about four months between stretchings. But then there's a gap in available steel tubing and acrylic rod sizes. Remember it's all about circumference as your nipple feels it? I finally decided on 9/16 inch brass tubing since the hobby store had it, I polished it up, ordered the taper, and we we went at it. It worked fine, except during the recovery period the inside and edges of the piercing started to turn green. She said it tasted awful, too. So, we kind of pressed the time schedule and I went to 5/8 inch after about two weeks of green nipples. They ached a bit for a couple weeks, but then it was fine.

Then there was another near disaster. Yes, 5/8 inch is pretty damned big, and it a was a bike trip with a backpack that did it. One nipple got really sore, and on close examination she could see that it was tearing....just a bit, only a 1/16 of an inch long, but it wasn't getting better. I gently removed the tube with a taper, and went back to #2 for a couple months so it would heal. Then stretched it back to #0000 (½ inch) over only about a month.

So there I've stayed at #0000 for years now, mostly. It's comfortable, and makes my nips awesomely sensitive during sex. She loves them too. We have a blast. Then my job started requiring me to fly everywhere. OK, now we have the TSA. Sure, I can put in the ½ inch acrylic ones with O-rings that won't set off the TSA metal detectors. But now they have those new body scanners......I could just see myself in the headlines as a suspected “nipple bomber” as they probe and analyze my nipple to see if the plastic rod is actually an explosive.......

So, I remove the piercings before every airline trip. Even if it's for 2 or more weeks, I don't bother to bring the taper and jewelry along, not worth the hassle. When I get back home, I can re-insert the #2 barbells in about 10 minutes of stretching at the kitchen table reading facebook. And yes, the webcam is turned OFF in case you are wondering! Then from there, I really only have to wait a week before increasing to the next size during our next play session.

Sometimes I can get up 2 sizes in one session, but I just recently got back from another airline trip, and one nipple had no problem going right from #2 to #00 gauge, but the other just wouldn't go, thanks to the slight difference in gauge vs. inches at #00. So they are mismatched for now...see pictures.

But tonight, she's coming back from her own business trip, and we'll go at it again. I hope to get both mine up to #000 tonight, hers back to #2, and then for me back to #0000 in a couple weeks. It's super easy and painless after they've been stretched and released multiple times. I don't think I'll try to go bigger, though she recently found some thick wall vinyl tubing at Home Depot with a smooth finish and exactly 9/16 diameter.......hmmmm. Shall I go bigger again? I still have the 5/8 inch stainless tubes, too.

I'll let you all know how it works out, and post more pictures as I work my way back up to ½ inch--and possibly beyond--again!


submitted by: zap88
on: 31 Dec. 2012
in Large Gauge Male Nipple Piercings

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @3:03 p.m.
i got really inspired by your story and seriously considering stretching mine! thanks! i sure wish i could see some pictures...
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:33 p.m.
Hello dear, hope you are doing great, am miss Victoria but my friends call me Vicky i must say this i developed an interest on you immediately i view your profile and you are such a nice person which every human on earth will like to have as a friend and i was moved to let you know. please i will want you to writes on me via my e-mail ([email protected]) i have something very vital in my private life to share with you i will tell you more about my self when you writes back at me on my e-mail box. and you will get my pictures too. i awaits your response; remember love has no boundaries kisses.

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