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22-8g Earlobe Stretching

Before I go very far I want to say..Don't do this!

Ok now that I got that over with this is my ear lobe stretching experience. I'd like to start by saying that I am 34, I'm also a woman and married heh. I strarted out with a normal sized earring, 22-18g depending on who you ask about that, and ended up with 8g plugs.

So I was visiting my mom for Christmas and having some deep relationship problems with someone I left back home. For some reason piercings or new body mods make me feel calm when things are crazy. Christmas Eve night I decided to stretch my lobes. I'd done all the research and had been planning on stretching before but just never got around to it...I guess. Feeling the seriously unresistable pull to have a mod done and little choice I went down to the local Walmart (I know not a good place to buy jewelry but needs are what they are). I got myself a taper set 16-8g (meaning 16g-8g in one taper, two to the set)and an 8g plug set.

I drove back home nervous and a little excited. I just wanted my lobes stretched and to see those plugs sitting there as a bold statement to myself and to anyone who looks at me. I went into the bathroom and opened all the things I'd need. I cleaned the tapers first then the plugs, got in the shower to wash my hair and to heat up my lobes, which I read is a good way to get the skin and tissues to loosen.

Once I was all dried off and ready I rubbed each lobe with bio oil then coated each taper with bio oil. I started with the left ear and began to push the taper through. It was fine until about half an inch of the taper was through and then the pain started, mostly just nagging pain so I continued onwards. Lets just say ouch! About half way through I decided to give the left lobe a few minutes to adjust. I started with the right lobe and for whatever reason things were much easier. Still painful but I got about 3/4 of the taper through and left it to rest and adjust for a few minutes.

My lobes were really really angry with me, bright red and these little annoying pain zingers that stung like crazy. But I wasn't going to give up, I managed to get the left lobe up to the 3/4 mark so both sat about the same place on the tapers then I went to watch tv and leave the tissues to relax and adjust for about an hour. My ears burned like mad and the stinging pains continued but I guess I was just on a mission because an hour later I was back in the bathroom reheating my lobes with a hot towel. This time I put some antibacterial ointment over the tapers, front of each lobe and back. I managed to push the right taper all the way through to the o-ring, but OMG ouch! It hurt so bad I was kind of shaking inside a little and sweating just a little bit. The left ear was not going to cooperate and did not want to move much...needless to say I did finaly get it to the end of the taper..not fun...not recommended.

Then came time to insert the plugs both of which were cleaned and coated with antibacterial ointment. First the right, I removed the o-ring from the top of the taper, lined up the plug with the end of the taper, supported my lobe and pushed! I dont know if my lobe was just on over load but I didnt seem to feel anything, no blood nothing funky and there sat the plug! The left was not nearly so nice, it hurt like nothing I can describe, lets just say I'd rather have gotten a fresh piercing then the pain from the stretch on the left lobe. I got the plug in and wow I loved them, I mean just loved! My lobes on the other hand...not so much. Very red almost bruised looking without the bruise. I washed down the new plugs and my lobes with a salt soak and then after that I iced both lobes. Ice feels pretty nice after the constant burning sensation.

It is now about three hours after I got the plugs in and my lobes look almost normal, they are of course a little swolen and the pain zingers have gone down some but not entirely gone. I love my stretched lobes, if I had it to do again, I would choose to have gotten them done in a shop or even pierced at 8g. But it is what it is. If you want stretched lobes go for it I love mine and no I do not plan to stretch any further, 8g is it for me.

And no I did not have a blow out or a rip, I was very lucky. So do yourself a favor and go to a pro, or if you must do things yourself go much much slower then I did, dont take the risks.



submitted by: Demekinfishie
on: 25 Dec. 2012
in Standard Earlobe Piercing

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