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Get pierced - Its the DRs orders

It’s unfortunate, but true. The world has a stereotypical image of the pierced and tattooed lady. Let me start by generalizing and saying im not your usual piercing candidate (in the eyes of the narrow minded layman). I have only my ears and bellybutton pierced and at the age of 28 I thought that was it for me, but how I was wrong. I work at a university science lab as a laboratory technician and have done so for many years. As you can imagine my colleagues are not the "piercing type".

My journey started when I broke up with partner. To quite his words "I couldn't keep up with his needs", he never explicitly said it, but I knew he meant I was no good in the sack. A few months after we broke up I was having a talk to a friend of mine who had recently gotten a pair of nipple piercings. She said her sex drive went into overdrive and she loved them. This got me thinking and the scientist in me had to investigate. I visited a medical lecturer at the university I work in and ran the theory past him. His response was "She's right", I got butterflies in my stomach for some reason. To cut a long story short, when nipples are erect /aroused they release a Oxytocin (the thing that turns you on). Piercing the nipple helps your body release oxytocin in turn increasing your "want" (Search oxytocin on the net). The lecturer was kind enough to point me into the right direction and I found lots of medical journals in the library support the theory. Many went on to explain how Hood piercings (more so VCH) and Triangle piercings had a similar effect. Armed with all the info I went back to the lecturer to ask 1 last question, "What about breast feeding?". Dr reassured me that there was no ill-effects to breast feeding as a result of piercings. He actually went on to say that the piercing opened the ducts and was offered to patients as a possible helping hand to those who have issues with breastfeeding.

I couldn't leave it at that. I HAD to test the theory and prove it. So I made an appointment at the piercing studio in the city for the weekend. Its been over 10 years since my belly piercing so Iwasn'tvery calm or relaxed about the entire idea. The weekend came around too quickly, I was having second thoughts, did i really want them, did i need them? Regardless, before I could answer these questions I was called in. There was no turning back for me. The lovely lady asked me a few questions 1) horizontal or vertical 2) ring or bar 3) 12 or 10g I told her to pick. She went with horizontal, 10g D rings. She said the 10g was marginally thicker and usually better for those who want to enhance feeling, D Ring because its easier to clean anddoesn'tget caught on things like the barbell and horizontal because it looks better.

She asked me to remove my top and lay down. She wiped down my nipples with the usual wipes and marked them with her pen. I checked them and gave her the all ok. Now a lot of people tell you the clamp is the worst part. THEY LIED. She clamped my left nipple first and told me to breathe in, then out, in and OWE. It was a sharp pain, notunbearable, but painful and slightlypleasurablein a weird way. She pulled the clamp off and pushed the ring through. That was a littleuncomfortable, but not too bad. I let out a HUGE sigh of relief. Then the lovely young lady reminded me I had 1 more to go. I was soo close to telling her NO, leave it at 1. But that would just look stupid. I closed my eyes and waited for round 2. I have to say the 2nd one hurt more. After they were done I looked in the mirror and I must admit, they looked great. I have larger breasts so i was glad I went with the 10g and the rings (although a small set of bars will look awesome too). She put little gauze/bandaids on my nipples and gave me an aftercare sheet. I would suggest wearing a padded bra, nothing with lace.

The rest of the day I hardly felt any pain, just a weird tingly feeling in my nipples. It really felt good to be honest. The following 2 days there was VERY minimal pain at all if any. For a few weeks there wasminusculeamounts of blood/discharge that was easily cleaned in the shower. Its been approx 6 months since getting them pierced and I have to say its the best thing I have ever done. Not only do they look amazing, I feel "sexier". Its hard to put my finger on it, but Im more concious of my sexual side. My nipple piercings have been such a success that I went and got a Triangle piercing (piericng below the belt, google it) last month. I do no regret either of them and I can not recommend both of them enough. Its done wonders for my confidence as well.

Ladies, I promise you wont regret it :)


submitted by: MissScience
on: 19 Dec. 2012
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 @11:30 p.m.
Thank you sooooooooo so so much for this experience!!!
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:32 p.m.
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