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Story of an evolving cock modder

First of all the way I did my mods is very dangerous and I have been very lucky not to have any serious health problem following the procedure. Don't do it yourself. This stated, this is my story I am not going into details of each single procedure. Indeed, since this is my first story I am posting I will introduce myself and explain how my "passion" for cock modification evolved during the years.

I have always been a modder since I can remember but it took me some time to put myself together and finally decide I could make it. My first attempt was to tattoo my cock. That was hilarious, I finally manage to do it small initials on the top of my shaft. Painful at the beginning but once you start you cannot go back since you will leave only a spot of ink with no sense. After a while i got bored of the ink and started using needels. Nearly 3 years ago I started cutting. The meatus was the first victim. The first attempt was a little bit ridiculous, I was scared and I didn't cut so much. The second attempt went, by contrast, even further than I thought and I started having troubles to pee stand. The idea not being able to pee standing up always scared me and that is why I didn't make any serious cut before. But now that I did it I was a little bit depressed. Peeing was a mess and plus i wasn't able to jerk off at a "long distance" as before. A little bit unexpected lets say. But what is done is done, and now I have no more strong excuses to restrain myself by going on Now if I want to pee standing up I need to insert a small tube or to open the meatus at "full range".

Next step was Emla cream. The anesthetic helped me to feel more free in the cutting since the feeling was greatly reduced. I started cutting small pieces of my glans on the top and around the borders of my meatotomy. I than put the pieces on one side and started eating them. The flavor is not good but the idea of eating small pieces of your cock is...peculiar. I also tried a couple of piercings in the shaft and in my balls but I had to get rid of them due to a small infection.

Finally I tried xilocaine. I injected it on the lower side and on the dorsal nerves. The lack of sensation is incredibly great It is like not having the cock anymore, you can also extinguish a cigaret on it and you don't feel anything. I start reading some post relating to neurotomy and I became curious. the idea to permanently numb my penis turned me on so badly. I than tried. Reading some other posts and asking to some of my friends who are doctors I decided to do one of the most stupid thing ever: injecting a small amount of diluted amuchine underneath the skin of the penis. I heard that amuchine may cause nerve damage. I wasn't ready to inject it directly into the dorsal nerves since I didn't want to lose completely the sensation in my glans (not yet). End result is that it is already 2 months that I am completely numb on the right side of my penis shaft and, from what I understood, there is no way I will be able to feel again on that side. I honestly was completely unprepared! And when I woke up the next morning after the incredible pain of the injection and I realized I couldn't feel anything I really went mad and I started crying! Shit happens and, though partially I got virtually and partially penectomized. But I am getting used to it even though sometime I really regret what I have done!

I started with a little niddle and now I find myself tattooed, meatotomized, pruned, unable to pee properly and half numb on the shaft. But the thing which is most great is that I really love how the things evolved even if sometime I miss peeing and jerking off like a real man and having the full feeling of my cock. And now here is my next idea. I would like to make a urethra reroute and close permanently my pee hole at the top. The sole idea not only to pee through the reroute but also not being able to pee in any other way really excites me. After that I will start loosening my glans from the shaft....and who knows...maybe to cut it off...

This is my story so far. Please feel free to ask me questions of any kind and give me suggestions.


submitted by: portos
on: 20 Oct. 2012
in Meatotomy, Male Genital Tattooing, Penectomy and Partial Penectomy

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Monday, October 22, 2012 @10:27 a.m.
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Monday, October 22, 2012 @10:30 a.m.
Meine E-Mail :fuerte.fan@gmx.de Hatte ich zu erst falsch geschrieben,Dietrich
Monday, October 22, 2012 @12:09 p.m.
That would be great seen than you!
Monday, October 22, 2012 @12:10 p.m.
Sorry I mean: that would be great seen thank you! How do you do it?

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