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Slave Cazzy Part 1

Well where do I start! Recently I met this woman online and we seemed to really hit it off, yeah I know meeting people online is sad, but perhaps just this once you'll see why it is also a very good way to meet like minded people. I won't bore you with the backstory about my past relationships, lets just say that I have never really been the real me as the people I have been with are too preppy/boring/normal.
I saw that in her photo's she appeared to have stretched lobes and as I have a thing for piercings and tattoo's then I thought she might be someone that I would get on well with. We got chatting, initially via this dating websites contact messaging system but then I thought I'd ask for her number to then be able to text message her. Anyway not long after the initial messages I asked her about her lobes, she then told me how big they were and what else she had done and things started developing and getting interesting from there. Pretty early on I think she realised how into piercings I really am and in particular what ones I like. In the past I have pierced myself and friends and a piercing of my ex-wife (Ear) but have always dreamt and fantasised about performing piercings on a girlfriend/wife. So I started off with a little stretching of her lobes from 6mm to 8mm as she's already done this in the past and has also been at 8mm before so thought this would be the ideal place to start. That went really smoothly and didn't really feel like I stretched her at all, but I also know about the dangers of skipping gauges so knew it was best to do it gradually and hopefully there will be a long way to go until she's finished, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.
Anyway we'd talked about what she'd like done and she said that I she would like me to pierce her at one point, and that point came on Friday 12th October. We started off having a takeaway and watching the tv, I'd put a film on but I don't think either of us were that interested in it. Then I suggested that I put her hood on her, at this point I should say that I had bought her a hood which she had briefly put on a week before, it completely covers her head with one little hole for her to breathe. Then I started playing around with the clamps on her nipples, just to test the water to see if she said "What the hell do you think you are doing?", but she didn't and she seemed to like it. So I said what I'd like to do and she said ok, at this point I was still expecting a late change of mind when it got closer. As things got closer, i.e. me marking her one nipple and then clamping it and freeze spraying it, I started getting excited, could this be the time that I carry out one of my fantasies. I put the needle to the outside of her left nipple, asked if she was ok and got a yes response, asked if she wanted a warning, and she said no. So I said ok I won't give you a ........... done and pushed the 2.4mm needle through. We had chosen to do it at 2.4mm as these are going to be functional piercings if you know what I mean. She let out a little groan and said that it wasn't as bad as she was expecting, I had hit the marks that I had drawn perfectly, not only had I done something that I've fantasised about for as long as I can remember, I actually did it perfectly. The jewellery transfer was a bit fiddly as I was still shaking from the adrenaline and excitement but as soon as I had done it and screwed the ball on, I cleaned it up and removed her hood. She was still smiling and I think very proud of herself for what she had gone through, not only was it her first piercing in a sexual area, but it was also the biggest initial piercing that she had ever had. Her ears are stretched to 8mm but the thickest initial piercing she'd ever had was 1.6mm and this felt no different.
I wanted so much to carry on and do the other one straightaway, but then thought that I'd best give her a break from the pain and also leave us one to play with ;-)
We've discussed piercing her other nipple and also her septum and conches and stretching her ears further so I'm hoping this is the start to a journey into my wildest fantasies that will last forever. We've discussed the master and slave possibilities in the future and it's something that I'd love to do especially with my Cazzy, I'd love to carry out piercings down below as well and get a chain going from a collar to her nipples and then down to her clit. I've always wanted to be able to lock someone up down there and own them but I think I've got a lot of convincing to do before I get anywhere near to that stage.
I'm seeing her again this Friday 19th October and am hoping to stretch her ears up to a 10mm and maybe pierce something else if she'll let me, I guess I'll have to wait and see and update you all on our journies along the way.
Happy piercing


submitted by: kinkyceltic
on: 18 Oct. 2012
in BME/HARD Fiction Stories

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 @6:14 p.m.
that really is a highly erotic story and I can totaly feel with you ! keep us informed about your proceedings as you oth seem to be very sensual and developing ! [email protected]

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