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Night of the Vertical Nip

Well, I'm back again with another short tale! of my ever so hole-some adventures!

I got my nipple pierced on the night of September 29th, my first piercing as a university student. I really wanted something within my first month of being a freshman and experiencing the freedom of being 18 and in university. That, and after removing my bridge (improper placement failed me) I felt a flesh void that needed a serious filling.

So, let me start off with my whereabouts. I go to a school in Ottawa, ON and my residence is a mere 20-ish minutes away via bus from apparently the "best" piercing place in the city (or so I had been told by a chick what I just met who had gotten her nipple pierced the night before mine). Now, I have small ta-ta's but since when did anything really stop me from having a new piece of bling? I told myself that it was time to embrace my happy little gifts! Ahaha.. That Saturday, I grabbed my friend Tye and announced proudly that we were getting piercings that same night. She agreed to get her nose pierced and I began asking every guy within earshot distance what I should get. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a piercing for ME but it was curious to get the opposite sex in on the discussion (plus, there's this guy I like and I wanted to impress him slightly..). We all came to a consensus and at about 8:40, Tye and I headed to the bus stop on this cold night and caught a show of a lingerie party in one of the res windows. 

The bus was 20 minutes late but the wait seemed to be a lot faster. Tye called her mom and told her of her decision. I decided against telling the familia. The bus finally arrived and we anxiously went over the future reactions of our new jewellery for the entire bus ride. 

When we reached Silverline we were alerted that they only took cash and that they were closing in 15 minutes. No big deal, we j-ran across the street to the closest atm (there's a Scotia almost directly across the street) and I took out money for the both of us because her bank was way too far. My nipple was only $55 with a barbell and Tye's nostril stud was the same and they were really nice so I didn't mind paying it. we paid our $162 (-ish), filled out our forms, they checked our ID and we waited until everything was set up and made small talk with the girls up front talking about my shady septum experience and how we should always go too parlours and such for any holes. The shop was clean and nicely decorated with smoke paraphernalia, jewellery, and art among other things. The piercing room was through a door and had pictures of piercing procedures and pin-up girls. It also had by far the comfiest dentist chair I had ever sat in. Our piercer was well adorned with silver rings and she introduced herself Nicole, I believe.. Slips my mind at this moment. Tye went through with her nose and receiving tube, she chomped on her cheek and bit through it making everything 100x more painful for her (the dumb-bum) and then it was my turn.

I was walked through the procedure, dotted vertically on my left because I'm "different", and then relaxed on the comfy chair while I was cleaned up and the clamp and needle were readied. The needle was opened in front of me and our piercer was wearing gloveswhile she did everything which was quite reassuring. I barely felt the clamp at all as it was being positioned which made me kind of giggle for some odd reason. And the I closed my eyes and then asked to take 3 breaths. Breath One; I felt the needle press on my skin and a slight push, it tingled and there was slight pressure but it was bearable (Pain level: 2/10).. no big deal. Two; I felt more intense pressure as a searing pain followed (5/10) ouch, no cursing necessary. Three: One more push, I felt the needle push through and there was an almost mind-numbing, purple-nurple after burn, I was holding my own hand and it didn't bruise, go numb, or anything severe (7.5/10). It was not the most painful piercing but I'm sure if you ever had a boyfriend who was a biter, than it will be equal to or even be less painful then they'd ever put your through. After I was cleaned up, Tye and I received cleaning instructions and were alerted that if anything were to occur that we worried about, we should just walk into the shop or call and we can get it checked on. The we thanked our piercer and the girls up front and wished them a good night. 

We went dancing later on that night (myself with the added support of a sports bra over my bra) and everything seemed well. I popped two Tylenol when I got home and all was well. The next day it felt like the aftermath of a mild titty-twister but I'm now on the second day and it only faintly stings when I put too much pressure on it.

It was a really good experience. I'm quite happy with Silverline and I'll definitely go back and I recommend it to anyone in the Ottawa area.


submitted by: Quite_Simply
on: 03 Oct. 2012
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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