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Changing my point of balance

Its been a good while now since I had my first - "real " piercing. I got my deep triangle about 3 months ago now and have gone through quite a journey with it. I never expected this when I first got it- so I thought I should follow up the experience I wrote about the actual piercing. 

The healing- well that went really well. I want really expecing what it would be like- but the actual healing happened quicker than I thought it would. The first week or so- it was very difficult not to keep touching it and moving ti around- I had massive feeling out of it. Basically it made me cum without me wanting to- mostly in the night. I tried not to but it seemed impossable not to. I was trying to be very concentious and not disturb it overly but my body had some different intentions. Getting used to it in the day tiem was odd too. I had quite a lot of swelling and could only ice it ocasionally. It did make a difference to ice it- but it still brused up quite a lot over the next two weeks. Its an odd feeling going to work feeling like you have a damaged little pocket battleship in your trousers! In the end it calmed down as did the uncontrol ablitiy of the response. I seemed to get mentally more used to it.

My sensitivity is a lot higher after it now. Its sort of ok when Im in nice fitting underwear- it sort of sits - finds its own place- but without support the sensitivity goes through the roof again. Its a low level of constant feeling that way. I can cope and I can be pretty regular. I do think a lot more about my body and what it is feeling and I find my attention is a little harder to get. Interesting! I'm just about to have my first stretch on it this Tuesday- so tommorow and am really wondering how it will be with a thicker ring. It was pierced at 8 gague and the same ring size - the stretch will be to 6 gague and we are keeping the ring diameter as it seems to sit in well and not twist.

Twisting was a problem to start with- I actually found that it was very much about how I sit and how I move generally. Its very much like having a centre tongue piercing- for the first two weeks or so you catch it by accident and then you really regret doing that! Way more than the center tongue. After a while I learnt that I could change how I moved and how I sat basically to give it more room and less movement.

The twisting is down to a bearable level- though I do still have a double me up pain if I tug it hard the wrong way. It doesn't actually happen that much anymore and I've changed how I dress a little to to make sure certain. No more tight jeans at the moment- I'm actually pretty freaked out by the whole profile of it under my clothes anyway as you can see it quite clearly at times if you look there. So tight clothes are back of my list at the moment. There is still a shock value when I see it- when I look down or look in the mirror. I'm not sure yet how I feel about being open about it. I'm guessing that most people don't look too closely but I can indeterminately see the line of it when I wear my hipsters. OK! Next.

Though I understand the principle about streching and did my own ears it seems better to let Neil (who did the piercing) do this stretch- so I have an appointment with doctor Dom. Can't wait but am pretty nervious too!

I have been thinking about the stretch a lot and talking to Neil about it. Given that I have to concentrate at times with accepting how my body signals me- I do have my fears about going bigger. I think it is in some ways the fear of the unknown that leads me on for it- I am an explorer and this is an exploration of my response- my physical sensation and even my emotion. I love the delicate place it puts me in at the moment- and I have to say I'm not sure how it will be. There are times in my day that I stop work and just take a quarter hour to meditate and to regain my calm over all of this. All of that said- I cant not do it- I want to go there and I want to explore how far I can take it. Wish me luck for tomorow!



submitted by: emmsteel
on: 17 Sept. 2012
in Triangle Piercings

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