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My awkward industrial

I never saw the appeal about industrials when everyone around me started getting one - it looked bulky and crude to me, but when my right ear started to look far too empty with its  standard lobes, suddenly the idea started to spark my interest and with some massive browsing around, looking at industrial bars and photos of people with healed industrial projects I saw the beauty in it. How hipster of me.

So I gave myself a few weeks to lose interest in the idea because that's how I roll - and when I didn't, I decided to order a "pretty" industrial bar: 14g, star in the middle, surgical steel of a shitty grade.

So I decided to go to a local studio in a town I was staying in at that time, not knowing much about the location (nor people around really) - just blinded by the urge to fill my ear. The lady seems friendly and everything looks better than expected at that point (oh god, my standards went really low for that one)... and the price was... well I am not used to piercings that cheap.

So we sat down, marked the areas, I approved, she looked at my bar and grabbed the needles. Everything went smooth and painless. No blood, no mess, precise.I was happy and pleased at that point, getting all excited about seeing my new piercing with the shiny star on it.

So what went wrong? She pierced me with a 16g needle, and only realized it when she tried to insert the bar in and it didn't go in (she saw the bar before the piercing). Being the broke cheapskate, blinded by lust for the "pretty" bar - I asked her to re-pierce the fresh holes (still had the needle in them) for the bar to fit.

My perfectly painless industrial just became into my most painful piercing ever - to this day.

The lower helix went in fine as that area of the cartilage is thin and soft for me. The forward helix hurt like a bitch. It was already pounding and sensitive, and since its a very thick piece of a cartilage - in the industrial angle, there was so much blood and pain.

The bar finally went in, it looked pretty and all that other stuff. The angle was nice and I REALLY loved that bling bling on my industrial.

The best part of my experience with the industrial wasn't even the wrong size piercing, but the fact that it started healing fine for 2 weeks - no redness, no soreness....... until on week 3 I knocked my Siberia v2 headset (I always use a massive headset - this is not an industrial friendly headset!) into it and pulled on it very hard while taking it off, it started giving issues and I had to remove the bar and insert two separated bars because it wouldn't heal at all anymore. I used 2 16g labret bars - which I couldn't replace for almost a year because the healing was very slow (took almost a year and a half in total to heal fully and lose the annoying bumps from the original accident).

Needless to say the original bar never went in and in the end I found a pretty blurple titanium bar online which never gave me any trouble and now its fully healed and looking good.

Oh, and the price? 10 Euro in conversion because she felt really bad for messing up on the proper size. Lesson learnt here, whatever the lesson was... The place was kind of strange now that I think about it, although its not uncommon for studios in that specific country not to ask for an ID if you look over 16 from what I found out and there is no specific relegation regarding autoclaves in a piercing/tattoo studio. Also ever since I double make sure that if I bring my own jewellery - and even if I don't - that that size is right in all the ways... traumatized for life for sure.

Extremely shameful note : this wasn't my first time getting pierced properly (yet another child victim of parents getting my ears pierced before I even cared about it), I don't know why did I want it so much with that specific bar - maybe I liked how girly it was or the selection of jewellery at 14g I never even knew about. I didn't even care that 14g is NOT the size I go with normally and always get pierced with 16g because I think that 14g looks too big and/or crowded on my ears. I know my stuff, my studios, most of the proper ways of how NOT to get pierced, healing and all the other common sense that everyone should have when they get pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 2012
in Industrials and Orbitals

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