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My Navel, Finally

I had wanted my navel pierced for long time. I am turning 26, and if memory serves I was 12 when I first really felt like that was something I wanted. This was something I've wanted for a long time, and haven't done for myself until now. As an adult, I kept telling myself that I had to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, etc. until I would do it. This had gone on for years and years! It seemed like a good incentive, but I came to realize that I would never be happy enough with my body in order to actually reward myself with the piercing. So, this year I finally got tired of waiting. I guess the real issue is that I got tired of being hard on myself; it's so counterproductive.

I decided I was going to get it done for my birthday, but then I didn't want to wait. So a few days early, on August 1, I went to Tat Fu Tattoo and Body Piercing in Flagstaff, AZ. I walked in with my husband, we were greeted right away and I let the front desk guy know I wanted my navel pierced. He brought me to a case with an array of starter jewelry. I was tempted to go with something a little more sparkly, but in the end, I chose a simple stainless 14g curved barbell.  Then, he gave me the usual form to fill out, and took my ID while the piercer got ready. The place was really busy, which I took as a good sign. I perhaps would have appreciated the chance to let them know that this was kind of a big deal for me, a step towards accepting my body. I'm sure I could have interjected and they would have thought it was cool...it just felt too busy to share much.

 It was a pretty quick and painless process. Suga brought me back to where the piercing was to happen (very clean and neat) told me where to put my personal belongings. My husband continued to hang out in the waiting area. In the past he's come in with me, but this was something I wanted to do without him. Suga had me stand with my arms at my sides and my shirt rolled up and tucked into my bra. He cleaned the area and marked it, and then instructed me to lay down. I tried to make small talk...I'm interested in becoming a body piercer myself, so I asked how he got into it. He told me he'd been a client at Tat-Fu for a long time and then was offered an apprenticeship. I was glad to get some insight on getting into the field...it seems like I'm going to need to get more mods and build a relationship with a shop, and that's something I look forward to doing. Anyway, he said I was just going to feel him pinch, then I took the deep breath in, out and felt the piercing happen. Of anything I've gotten, other than my earlobes, this was the least painful for me. He got the jewelry in super fast and with little discomfort, which I appreciated, as this is normally my least favorite part of the process. I thought it was odd that I wasn't given the opportunity to check his markings, but he had come so highly recommended to me that I trusted him, and I guess the placement is pretty standard. In all honestly, it would have been hard to see because I'm a little squishy in my belly area! He gave me after care instructions consisting of soaking with sea salt/water solution and washing with antibacterial soap, told me to stay out of pools and baths until it was healed, and asked me to come back in 8 weeks for him to check up on it. He was very professional and personable and I would definitely go back for future piercings.

It's been two days, and it already looks great and I have a good feeling about the healing process for this one. I'm not sure if it was Suga's skill, how my body handles things, or a combination thereof, but it's already going better than my other piercings. I ended up sleeping on my belly last night, despite my best efforts, so I feel pretty sore there, but otherwise no complaints! My only concern so far is that I tend do just roll over onto my belly like that no matter how I fall asleep, and I imagine it may complicate things. My tummy feels very loved and beautiful, and I've been inspired to work on a project beyond the standard navel piercing I just got. I'm not a skinny girl. I wear my weight well, the opinion of myself and others, but the odds of me showing off my navel piercing right now aren't great. This was something I've done for myself in order to work on accepting myself as I am, while trying to be more healthy.  I'm just so glad I finally did this.




submitted by: TigerBomb
on: 04 Aug. 2012
in Standard Navel Piercings

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Artist: Suga
Studio: Tat-Fu Tattoo and Body Piercing
Location: Flagstaff, AZ

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