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Warning: Unprofessional Artist!

I guess this experience started when I decided I wanted a female artist to begin a new piece on me. this piece was very large and very important for reasons I don't exactly like to talk about. I have another artist I work with that is amazing but I really wanted to work with a female artist on this piece.

It was the very first time I had researched artists online without getting personal references from people I know (No one I know gets tattooed in Calgary). There are a lot of tattoo shops in Calgary but when I came upon K. and found a Stunning blackbird sketch in her artwork it seemed perfect that she do the piece (it contained blackbirds). She didn't have many pieces on her web page but they looked well done, so I emailed her.

Well K doesn't work weekends and I have trouble booking weekdays off so we made the appointment for the first day of my holidays and I dropped off a deposit with her apprentice that following Saturday when i made it to Calgary.

I started to chicken out after considering the fact that I had never seen any of her work in person and had never worked with her before, and this piece was significant to me so I gave her an excuse and asked her to do another piece on my left upper arm almost 2 weeks in advance of our appointment. We discussed what I wanted and I sent references of what I was looking for and she said she was excited to do the piece.

The day of the tattoo came and I woke up at 6 o'clock to get ready to leave at 7:30 for the three hour drive to Calgary. we arrived at the shop at 10:40, 20 minutes early and her apprentice opened up, I told him I was there for K. and he said "Have a seat, she's usually late". we sat in the shop waiting for a little over an hour and my boyfriend went out for a smoke, i waited alone for another 15 minutes and then joined him outside, livid that I had been left to wait for this long. we stood outside for about another fifteen minutes and nobody came out to say anything, I told my boyfriend I would wait another 10 minutes and then we were leaving.

As I went back inside I could hear a female voice and prayed that that was her! (after the appointment we had another 3 hour drive to the mountains to enjoy my first vacation in 4 years) As i sat she peered over the upper balcony "Kiersten, can you come up here for a second?" I went up and she showed me the sketch. It was nice, nothing like the idea of what I had in my head but I liked the drawing. we sized it and she sent me back downstairs while she made the stencil.

After finally applying the stencil at 10 minutes to 1pm, I asked her to add a little more hair and then we were on our way. This woman had the heaviest hand of every tattoo artist I have ever worked with, it felt as if she was dragging the tip of a steak knife sideways over each line. I peered over the tattoo quite a bit and I could both see and feel her go over some lines again after doing a few others. I could feel myself flinching here and there and it was a foreign feeling, I never even flinched when I had the palm of my hand tattooed!

Each time she paused I would take a minute to look, many of the lines looked crooked, but I was swelling alot so I figured once the swelling went down they would look okay. She finally finished the outline (only 2 hours and a few minutes to complete a lot of lines, seemed rushed to me) and had me look in the mirror. there were even more lines added to the hair AFTER the ones i asked for and it now went farther onto the back of my arm, although the front of my arm has a blank looking spot. I wasn't happy with it and told her I would continue until my boyfriend arrived.

We sat back down to start the shading and he walked in the doors, as he walked over he looked me in the eye and furrowed his eyebrows, I lightly shook my head implying "nothing" and sat a few more minutes before telling her i couldn't take the pain anymore. A sad excuse, I have a high pain tolerance and have sat for 8 hours before on my backpiece.

"I think I'm a little harder on you than your previous artists" she admitted. I didnt deny it, my first tattoo was done by a 58 year old man who completely butchered my leg and this session was more painful. She bandaged my arm with a puppy pee pad, charged me $350 and we left.

The second we got back in the truck my boyfriend confronted me "what's wrong?" i told him my concerns about the tattoo and he asked why i didnt say anything to her. I am horrible with confrontation and wanted to see how it looked once the swelling went down.

I began peeling really quickly and it healed without any real problems. once done flaking I sat down and looked at it noticing many of the lines were blown out or a little crooked. Some lines were crossed over others into areas they didn't belong. Unhappy with this, I found actual pieces of the tattoo that didn't make sense... the sleeves of her shirt look more like bra straps, her top lip extends across while the bottom curls under, the clock is supposed to be 3D and just looks weird, her ear is tiny in proportion to her face and the fishnet gloves (which aren't very nice fishnet) have double lines over her fingers (I am guessing to look like sheer finger holes).

Finally I took the chance to email her my concerns, hoping there was some way we could fix it. K. immediately took offence stating "nobody has ever said those kinds of things in my 11 years in the industry, blowouts just happen sometimes." going on to say "I am a hard tattooer, I don't fine line" and refusing to fix or finish the tattoo because it "Just leaves me in a position where I am not stoked on continuing on with it" and when I asked her to return my deposit she refused.

To me this was unprofessional, if you can't work with your clients then why do you work in an industry where working with people is imperative? If your ego can't handle a few critiques from someone who is STUCK with your artwork for the rest of their lives... why do you do it? K. proved to me she was only in it for the money when she refused to return my deposit. I'm hoping by posting this I can save a few people from being subjected to unprofessional tattoo artists like this one! Thankfully I didn't get the piece I had originally contacted her for in the beginning or I would feel ashamed of a very important memory.

[Editor's Note: Name removed due to artist's complaints to BME.]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 July 2012
in Pinup Tattoos

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Thursday, October 18, 2012 @7:50 a.m.
honestly, original poster it sounds like you had a pretty terrible experience. And yes hopefully you did learn your lesson about doing adequate research, but that doesn't mean the blame is all on you. Karrie, you really shot yourself in the foot with your comments here and your friends comments. You wewre called out for acting unprofessionally, and you responded in the most unprofessional manner possible. I felt sympathetic towards you to begin with, tattooing is a tough field where any little thing is risky for your reputation. But that sympathy completely departed once I saw how you handled things. You are supposed to be a professional. No matter how much you want to defend yourself, it is your JOB to make sure your customer leaves happy, and that requires putting your own pride and feelings to the side. Otherwise, you're left with a really pissed off person walking around with a permanent ad for how terrible you are. Yuour comments on this page were rude, defensive, and downright laughable -- I would never consider being a paying customer to someone with an attitude like yours. I get the difficult position you are in, but you are supposed to rise above and do what you can to rescue the situation. Again that is YOUR job. Every single field gets pissed off customers, professionals know how to handle it without alienating. You being a single mom has nothing to do with this. No sympathy points there. Don't use that as some kind of leverage tool. It just makes you look worse.
Saturday, October 20, 2012 @3:58 a.m.
Anyone wants to see the "terrible linework" please contact me. Ill be happy to forward you a picture and you can judge. Along with the email conversations between myself and the author.
Saturday, October 20, 2012 @12:25 p.m.
Tigers of the heart. What the hell are you talking about? This isnt wendys, its tattooing. Given the defamatory nature of the original post, Id say her comments are very professional. Unprofessional is posting a smear campaign on the internet behind someones back. Its cowardly and pathetic. Temperance, you need to get over yourself. This isnt how you deal with things in a grown up world. You are the worst kind of client, one who picks apart a tattoo before its even finished. Ive seen the tattoo, and it looks fine, very characteristic of karries work.( which your 'artistic eye' should have picked up when you looked through her portfolio.) you liked and approved the drawing, and now youve changed your mind? Maybe tattooing isnt the medium for you. You're. Reif stint as an apprentice doesnt qualify you to critique someones work, especially on a public forum. People like you are whats destroying this industry, watching reality tv and becoming self proclaimed experts in a difficult and stressful field.
Saturday, October 20, 2012 @12:29 p.m.
Also, tigers? Are you a tattooer? Or just another wikiexpert? Just curious, because no tattooer i know would EVER support this kind of bullshit.
Saturday, October 20, 2012 @12:53 p.m.
Also; temperance. Tattooing is a very small world, in which Karrie is well respected and well liked. Your name is sure to be spread around as a nightmare client. What self respecting artist would want to have anything to do with you after a display such as this? Im betting none. At least, the ones that dont need the money. Good luck with that.

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