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My DIY Tongue Split - Bad Idea

This is an account of a do it yourself procedure. Do it your self procedures are risky, and can have disastrous effects, including but not limited to infections and severe blood loss. Any body modification should be done by a profesional for your own safety especailly surgical mods. Don't try this at home.

I had been fascinated with tongue splitting and seriouslly contemplating it since the first time I saw the Lizardman on Ripley's believe it or not. And not just because I thought he looked cool. Much the way tongue piercing had originally interested me the prospect of modifying my tongue in some way really appealed to me. I imagined to no end being able to flip it around in new and interesting ways, and strained the muscles against each other constantlly.

This is not the kind of thing I'd do on a whim, as it is a pretty major modification, and given the potential side effects one I consider irreversible. Several years went by and over time I went from thinking I wanted my tongue split to being absolutelly certain of it.

Now the only problem was finding some one to do it. Scarification of any form just does not exist in my communitty, and every oral surgeon in a hundred miles flat out refused to perform my split. I couldn't even get a consultation, just an out right refusal.

So I put it om hold for a while. I could live, I decided, with my tongue in one piece untill there were some open minded surgeons in my area.

Two years ago I decided I couldn't stand it any more. I got one offer to attempt it by a local piercer, but he inspired no confidence in me, and I got the same run around from the oral surgeons. I'd seen some one t v some time back who had performed his own split with a razor blade, and I thought if he could do it so could I.

Now the first stupid thing I did was considering it, and the second was failing to research it at all. At the time I'd never heard of bme, and it didn't occur to me to consult the internet. I knew from a failed piercing apprenticeship that ideally there wasn't a lot in the middle of the tongue and decided to just go for it.

My tools were probablly the third completelly stupid choice. I selceted a gentlly used blade from my utillity knife and soaked it in listerine for five minutes, doing a thorough rinse of my mouth with listerine as well, and that was as sterile as I could get.

I didn't bother with a marking pen, or an assitant to help me hold my tongue, I stuck it out, got a good look in the mirror and positioned the blade. I took a moment to ask myself if I was sure then I drew it down quicklly. The pain was sharp, but really no worse than having a small cut on your tongue, that brushes your teeth all day. And the complication was that it was in fact a tiny cut. A few drops of blood and a little red slit were all I got for my efforts.

Well I hadn't come that far to give up. I started almost sawing with the blade, up and down, with only minimal pain and bleeding. It took a couple of minutes to get through the tip of my tongue. In retrospect the blade may not have been as sharp as I thought.

Finally the tip gave way and I started making bigger cuts, and blood coated the inside of my sink. I stuck my tongue out at this point and forced it apart as much as I could, which wasn't quite an eighth of an inch, but I was so happy with my mini fork and determined to get to an inch. Between and eight and a qaurter inch the blood flow became heavy, and I stopped out of concern for my safety. I decided the first order would be to stop the bleeding before continuing to cut.

This was easier said than done. I ended up spending an hour with thick gauze pads on my tongue before the bleeding stopped completelly, and then I was too worried about bleeding control to keep going. Okay, I can do it in sessions I decided. I'd just wait for it to heal and then start again.

The next morning my tongue hurt furiouslly. Eating and speaking were both concentrated efforts to cause the least pain possible, but I still loved the look of my split, and took a lot of pleasue playing with it, though the size of the split limited what I could do in terms of independant movement.

The second day my tongue looked awful. The edges of the wound were hard and white and this disgusting milky substance came from my tongue constantlly. I spent two days alternating spitting out the goop and using mouth wash before I finally went to my dentist for anti biotics.

Over the next several days the infection cleared up nicelly, but sadlly the split was almost completelly resealed in a month.

I do plan to seek a profesional to have my tongue split again in the near future.


submitted by: KateB433
on: 16 July 2012
in Tongue Splitting

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