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Partial subcision - measure twice, cut once

Disclaimer: don't try this at home. It worked for me but it may not work for you. 

I've been toying with the idea of extending my subcision just a bit more.  I started with a meatotomy, and over about a dozen sessions I've extended my sub about an inch down the side of my shaft. I want to get about halfway down and stop there - others that I've seen like this are the best I reckon. 

I've had the urge to cut for a while now, but I've been really busy, and not had much time to myself.  Finally this last week, I had the time and the opportunity so I started.  I use the clamp and cut method, because it's worked well for me previously.  There are some great links in the BME wiki on the clamp and cut method.

So, I got my tools out, and I lined up the clamp and from where I was sitting it looked OK.  My cock curves to the left, so I wanted to make sure that the clamp was centered down the urethra, so I tried to offset it a little to account for the curve. I applied a fair amount of pressure and after about 5 minutes I was able to get the clamp closed to the first click.  After a few minutes I was able to get to the second click, and then shortly after that, I had the clamp fully locked on.  That was about the quickest I had ever applied the clamp - usually it takes me a long time to be able to get it fully closed.  Maybe I'm building up my tolerance to pain?

I gingerly tucked my clamped cock inside my pants and started to concentrate on other things. Timing is important at this stage - the clamp needs to be on for at least 15 minutes otherwise you might as well not use a clamp at all.  Usually I aim for 30-45 minutes. The time ticks by slowly and it's hard to stay focussed on other things.  

Finally, an hour has elapsed.  I go out to the bathroom, and get the scissors ready.  I remove the clamp.  The clamp sticks, so it takes a while to prise the jaws off the skin. The compressed part is translucent - you can see light and dark through it.  It looks pretty thick, but normal compared to what I've done previously. It looks a little off-center though. Looking at the mirror it seems to go a bit far to the left. This is where things go awry.

I should have stopped there, and just left it.  If you just clamp, then eventually everything goes back to normal and there are no side-effects of just clamping.  I've done that before, like when I've run out of time to go the whole way. I could try again later, and maybe the next time everything would line up OK. I should've remembered an old carpenter's saying: "measure twice, cut once - not the other way around".

So, I just blindly kept on going, because I really wanted to do this.  I made the cut.  It was tough going, the scissors take a bit to cut through the compressed skin. The scissors have a straight blade, and it slips on the tough skin. It's like cutting thick card. I can see the clean edges straight down the middle of the clamped section.  It starts bleeding as I get closer to the end of the crushed section - somewhere I must have nicked something - so I apply some pressure and wait. Every now and then I remove the pressure and watch it, and it starts bleeding again.  It's important to stay calm - it will eventually stop if I haven't hit any major blood vessels. After about 10 minutes it slows down and stops, so I just wrap it up in layers of toilet paper and put it away.

Every couple of hours after that I change the wrapping and make sure that it hasn't started bleeding again. There's a lot of seepage, but it doesn't start bleeding. Eventually I go to bed.  I have to make sure that I sleep on my back or side, and I'm very careful as I roll over.  Once before I wound up on my front and it started bleeding again, so I don't want a repeat of that!

The next day, I unwrap it and have a look.  Everything is a little swollen, but you can see that it's off-center.  The cut is crooked.  I start to use a bit of toilet paper folded over and wedged in the wound to help keep it separated while it heals up. Over the next week I'll keep doing this until it has healed enough that it won't try to close over.  After that we'll see what happens with the positioning.

I'm thinking that perhaps it might work itself out, and that it won't look that crooked.  Only time will tell.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 June 2012
in Partial Subincision

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