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My Inner Conch Piercing

After going to the local piercing studio to get the jewelry for my tragus piercings shortened and replaced, I immediately got the itch to get more ear piercings after having not had any piercings in nearly a year. I have several body piercings, but my ears are relatively bare, and that needed to be fixed. After some research and thought, I decided to get an inner conch piercing on my left ear. I like the way that inner conch piercings look because they are pretty subtle and tucked away, but you can also have it be really prominent by changing the placement. I personally wanted something in-between, to where I can change the jewelry and have it be either prominent or subtle depending on how I felt.

I went into my favorite piercing studio a week or so after getting my tragus jewelry changed, Iris Piercing in Salt Lake City, to get this piercing done last January during the holiday weekend. Dustin was doing piercings that day, so I told him what I wanted while he was waiting for some jewelry to come out of the autoclave for another client. While I waited, I picked out the jewelry that I wanted, a 16g titanium Neometal barbell with a fire opal end. It really is gorgeous, and it looks nice with the white opal ends on my tragus piercings. I have no interest in stretching this piercing so 16g was what I deemed appropriate as I tend to lean towards daintier piercings in general since I am a rather small person.

After waiting and letting another customer go before me because she was in a hurry and only needed her navel piercing reopened, I finally got my chance to get my piercing. Dustin did this piercing for me. He led me to one of the piercing rooms with my autoclaved jewelry. The experience was initially pretty standard; he cleaned my ear and marked it to my satisfaction. He pierced through with the needle and put the jewelry into my ear.

Unfortunately, the jewelry slipped out before Dustin could put the end on it. This is because it was pierced front to back, but the jewelry had a fixed end on the back, meaning that it had to be inserted back to front, so the needle was backwards to how the jewelry needed to go in, and in this chaos he let the bar slip out of my ear. So he had to go get a taper and force the hole back open.

The piercing itself wasn’t so bad, but having a taper reopen the hole hurt a lot more than I expected considering the small size of the gauge, plus it felt like it took forever for him to taper it back open. I don’t know what it is about Dustin, but whenever I get pierced by him I end up bleeding heavily for some reason. Once the pain of getting the jewelry back in was over and the end of the jewelry finally secured, I finally got to go look in the mirror at it. My ear was caked in blood from the taper, but other than that it was perfect.

It swelled up about 2 to 3 weeks after getting it pierced, and it wept lymph fluid for months, but now (about 6 months later) it seems to have mostly stopped weeping and the swelling is completely gone. It had a hypertrophic scar for about a month as well, but that has been taken care of with some tea tree oil and care. Thankfully I have very soft and flexible cartilage so this piercing will hopefully be easier for me to fully heal.

If you have glasses or wear sunglasses; I would really think hard before getting this piercing. It wasn’t even something that I had considered before I got the piercing, but when that part of your ear is tender and swollen; your glasses may bump it and irritate it further. I had to have one of my sets of glasses readjusted so that it didn’t bump that part of the back of my ear, and trust me the people at the eyeglasses shop were really confused when I told them why only one side of my glasses needed to be fixed, and then I will have to get it fixed once again after this piercing heals. It does depend on the placement of the inner conch as well, you can place it to where

Overall I have found this piercing to be pretty easy for a cartilage piercing and have had few problems with it. If an inner conch is a piercing that you want, I say go for it! They take a long time to heal, but they are worth it in the end if you are willing to take care of it.


submitted by: gildedangel
on: 12 June 2012
in Conch Piercings

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Artist: Dustin
Studio: Iris Piercing
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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