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Both nipples done (female experience)

I had decided I wanted my nipples pierced a couple months back. My boyfriend currently lives 2000 miles away and we only see each other once a month so we figured me getting them done after a visit would be best (for healing purposes). There's only one piercer in my area I am comfortable with so I drove the hour and fifteen minutes to the shop she works (Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh) to get them done.

This was not my first piercing. My current piercings consist of a VCH and a belly button ring. My retired piercings consist of a tongue ring (done twice), industrial, and a nose ring (done twice). I also have 6 tattoos. That being said I think it is important to note I am a BABY when it comes to needles, I HATE them. I attempted to convince myself that if I could get the VCH then I could do this. As I pulled into the parking lot of Blue Flame I knew there was no backing out!

My piercer (Ashley) is very reassuring and professional. She took a look at my nipples, decided on the best bar and prepared the room for my piercing. When the room was prepped she had me come back in and remove my shirt and bra. She began by rubbing a cold sanitizing wipe on my nipples. I then was told to stand up with my arms by my side as she drew the dots of where the needle would go in. After she was satisfied with the markings location, she had me lie down and relax (as if relaxing is possible at that point).

I lied back and she started with my left side. I am the type who does not like to watch the piercing process so I kept my head up but she explained what she was doing. She did not use clamps but instead pinched the tissue and pulled it up in the way a clamp would. She had me breathe in, then breathe out. I waited for the needle but she had me breathe in and out again and then needle goes in. Oh my Lord. That was definitely not painless. I flinched hard and I believe I yelled s**t. I must have tough nipples or something because it definitely seemed like a struggle for the needle to go in. As she screwed in my jewelry, I tried to calm down. I apologized for my reaction and Ashley said it was normal. I had a slight thought where I considered not getting my second nipple pierced that day. I knew if I backed out then I would probably never go back for it. She asked if I wanted to take a few minutes break to recoup between piercings. I said no and that I was ready for number two. I did not see a point in waiting, let's just get it over with.

I could feel my adrenaline was definitely pumping after the first nipple was done. I just wanted this done! I have read in the past that people think the second nipple is the worst so my nerves were definitely going at the idea of number two.

She lined up next to my right breast and pinched the tissue in the same manner as the left nipple. I began my breathing and on the second breath out she stuck the needle through. When the needle went in I just kept thinking I was glad this was over. I wouldn't say the second nipple hurt worst or any better. I felt relief that I was done. She screwed in my jewelry and I sat up, so glad that this was done. I was excited to see them!

I stood up and looked in the mirror. They looked awesome, I was so happy with them! My boobs are naturally small so this definitely makes them appear more appealing. The day I was pierced, I had been wearing a sports bra, so I gently put my sports bra on. My nipples were sore but it was not excruciating. The sports bra offered a good sense of stability to keep them in place.

The first night there was soreness, but I gently cleaned it with a q-tip. The next morning my soreness was minimal and they looked great. Very little (if any) swelling, very little initial bleeding and easy to clean.

With any piercing, great aftercare is definitely an important factor. Q-tips do make it easy to clean the piercing and the bar. Complete healing time takes about six months, but with proper care you will reduce soreness and swelling quickly.

Out of all the piercings I have and have had this was the most painful however I definitely recommend it. If you are considering it I say just do it! Piercing lovers all know to expect a little pain or discomfort so just go for it if it is what you want!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 June 2012
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:39 p.m.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014 @6:38 p.m.
Hey! Glad to hear that you went for the 2nd right there! In my experience, my 2nd hurt a little more (probably didn't hurt much for the 1st b/c my adrenaline was pumping) Also, I feel like my rook hurt soo much more. Did your industrial hurt at all??

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