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My wonderful conch piercing!

If you had asked me a few months ago about getting my conchs pierced I would have told you "There is no way in Hell that I am doing that!" I especially wouldn't of ever told you that I was getting both done. I had always thought of conch piercings as extreme and those that only heavily modded people got. They looked so painful and I just couldn't imagine doing that to myself. 

Well a couple months ago I had planned on making a trip up to Jacksonville, Fl to visit a few friends in April and as custom my friend Taylor and I always get pierced together. The last thing I had gotten pierced was a 16g helix (ear cartilage) piercing with her last January so I knew it was time to get something else done. I was looking on BME at ear piercings and saw the conch. The more pictures I saw, the more it grew on me. I liked the way it looked with the bar in it, and it seemed like a trouble free ear piercing. I especially liked the look of having one on each ear. I instantly began reading countless conch piercing stories on here, and about 90% of them said that this was the worst piercing ever, and that the pain was awful and almost unbearable. I read horror stories on here about people's ears bleeding profusely and the insane amounts of pain people were in having this piercing. 

I almost chickened out. But I knew I really wanted it, and figured what the heck, I'm just gonna suck it up and do it. So I picked up my friend and we went and got pierced. I decided on my left inner conch. I'm not gonna go into much detail here because I want this to be about my other conch that I got done a week ago. The piercing went well. It wasn't bad at all. I would actually probably consider it my least painful piercing. It felt like a lot of pressure and then a dull kind of pain. Putting in the bar was the worst. When I got up off the table and looked at it, I was shocked at what I saw. I instantly noticed it wasn't angled the way I wanted it to be. I was expecting it to be angled straight but it definitely wasn't. The angle at which it stuck out of my ear was not right. I never talked about the angle with the lady that pierced me, I just assumed that it was gonna be angled straight and with the curve in my ear, and it didn't quite turn out that way. 

So fast forward two weeks. I knew I wanted the other one pierced, but didn't know when or where I was gonna do it. I ordered some titanium jewelry online for it since I am allergic to surgical steel and finally got it in the mail. I decided to just go ahead and do it as soon as my jewelry came. I figured what the heck, I want both so why not just go ahead and do it. I was hoping that this conch piercing would kind of make up for the bad angle on my left one. I went to a place that I had seen driving home from school everyday called Orlando Tattoo Company. I looked them up online and was very impressed with their website. So last Saturday evening I drove down there. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous and so close to backing out of it. 

I was scared that this piercing was gonna hurt a lot more than my left one because you know what they say, the second piercing of something always hurts worse than the first. I finally drug myself out of the car and into the shop. I eventually met with the guy who was gonna be doing my piercing, Stevo. He gave me some forms to fill out and made a copy of my id. I was shaking trying to fill out the forms. I don't know why I was so nervous this time! So he took me back into this small piercing room and had me sit on this doctor's table type thing. 

Stevo is awesome! I was so impressed with his piercing knowledge and his cleanliness. Everything was completely sterilized and he changed his gloves multiple times during the piercing procedure. I told him about the angle of my other conch and he promised me this would be straight and in the middle. He marked a dot and I had him move it over and down a little bit, and it was perfect! That's when I started getting nervous. I knew what was coming and was trying to calm myself down. He lined the needle up to the dot on my ear and asked me if I was ready and I told him I was. He told me to take a deep breath, and on the exhale he stuck the needle through and.......... it wasn't bad! It did hurt worse then my first conch, but it wasn't anything like I was expecting. This conch hurt about the same or maybe a little more than my upper cartilage (helix) piercing. It was definitely bearable though and was over quick. It took him two pushes to get the needle through because I have really thick cartilage, and I heard it pop as it came out the back of my ear. That part didn't really hurt, it just felt weird and sounded gross! I would probably give this piercing a 5 out of 10, with my first conch being a three and my cartilage being a 4. 

I was worried that putting in the ring was going to kill because of my first conch experience, but it didn't. Before I knew it he had the ball screwed on the end and had cleaned up the small amount of blood out of my ear. It looked perfect! The placement was perfect and the angle was perfect! I am so pleased with it! He asked me about how I cleaned my other cartilage piercings and gave me an aftercare sheet just in case. I think the piercing was $30 or $35 and I ended up paying $40 including the tip which wasn't bad at all. 

Now my other conch piercing didn't give me any problems in regards to healing. It hurt for the first day or two and then the pain only occurred when it got hit or knocked. Now my right conch, the more recent one, on the other hand has been a total pain in the ass! I will tell you conch piercings hurt soo bad afterwords. I was in extreme amounts of pain with this piercing. It just constantly felt irritated and painful even though it looked fine. I kept taking Ib Profin and it wasn't helping at all. I kept my hair away from it and cleaned it with warm salty water and with organic soap and water in the shower. I have come so close to taking it out because of it feeling so irritated. The pain has finally subsided after almost a week and it's starting to feel normal. I think part of the problem was having a ring put in. I am fer sure going back in a week and getting the ring changed to bar in hopes that it will heal better. 

Even with the insane pain and irritation with this conch, I love it! It looks so cute and seems to complete my ear. If you are thinking about getting it, do it!!!! I love mine so much despite it's irritation. The pain of getting it pierced isn't bad at all, so if you are worried don't be. It's two seconds of pain for a really awesome piercing! If yu are in the Orlando, FL area I would totally recommend you to Orlando Tattoo Company. The prices are reasonable and the people really care about you and know what they're doing. 

If you have and questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Happy Piercing!



submitted by: Jadams101
on: 05 May 2012
in Conch Piercings

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Artist: Stevo
Studio: Orlando Tattoo Company
Location: Orlando, Fl

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