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tattoos for cancer research

At the end part of last year (2011) we found out that my aunt had breast cancer, as you can probably imagine it was a massive shock and no one really knew what to do. I was talking to my mum about it and she said it would be nice to maybe to the race for life to show her our support and raise some money for cancer research at the same time, and that we could get the rest of our family to get involved too. At first I thought this was a brilliant idea and I started thinking about it a lot, and thought it might be a nicer idea to do something more personal. I’m not saying for one second that doing the race for life is a bad idea! It's a very worthwhile thing to do! I just thought that a lot of people do it, you hear about it a lot, and you go and do it, then it’s over and I wanted to do something much more personal, much more permanent.

So I came up with the idea to get a tattoo, and I thought that a pink ribbon would be a good design. I spoke to my family about it and most of them agreed with me that it was a great idea. My next step was to go online and order myself a fundraising pack, so I at least knew what sort of things I could do to make this event as successful as possible. From this I found that the most effective way to collect donations was to get everyone involved a sponsor form and to get a donation box for which ever shop wanted to help me out with the tattoos (had no idea which one yet!)

Because I didn’t know who was actually going to be doing these tattoos I thought that I should probably sort that bit out before I got anyone to get sponsored as it will not happen at all if I don’t have an artist! The shop I approached about the situation was Nutz Tattoo in ware, Hertfordshire, the reason I chose this shop was because I knew them, I had got 13 of my piercings done there, I knew it was clean and I knew that the artists in the shop where professional. This is what I wanted from a shop not only because it’s standard but because it’s not just me getting tattooed, I wasn’t just choosing for me and I wanted to know I could trust them. When I went into the shop and asked, I didn’t even finish my sentence before Nutz said yes! He said he would like to do something nice for someone, which made me tear up! He said that because there was so many of us we would have to pay for costs of needles and stuff, which I was fully expecting. He then said to leave my number and he would ring with some dates that I could have.

We set the date for Wednesday 11 April 2012 which only gave us 5 weeks to get sponsored! I wasted no time in handing out forms and bringing the donation box into the shop, and then realised that I had got so excited about the whole thing that I had forgotten to tell my aunt about what I was doing, so I phoned her and told her all about it and she cried! She was so happy that someone was doing such an amazing thing for her. But then, I run into a few problems! About 3 days before we went to get the tattoos people started phoning me and saying they couldn’t make it! So my list of participants went from 11 people to 8. Which really made me angry, I had taken the time to organise something to show support and people didn’t want do it!

So the day arrives! I have made a little plan of who’s coming into the shop at what time so I don’t block up the shop with waiting people. We arrive at 12 and me and my aunt Georgie are first to get tattooed, she’s being awkward and wants the ribbon from the race for life and not the pink ribbon, she got her tattoo on her ankle and I got mine on my ribs, which surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Next were two friends who got there’s on their hips and lastly was my cousin, had hers on her hip and my mum, on her breast.

I am really proud of my aunt Niki, not once have I seen her without a smile on her face through the whole thing. She’s really brave, a lot braver than I would be!


submitted by: siany_flo
on: 18 April 2012
in Miscellaneous Tattoos

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Artist: jackie and nutz
Studio: nutz tattoo
Location: ware, herts

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