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Scary septum...not so scary

I've always been wary about septum piercings, right from when I was about sixteen and read somewhere that it was incredibly painful. I had both nostrils pierced in my teens and they were both so bad, I assumed that the septum would be off the scale in terms of pain! To be honest, this has left me with a bit of a fascination for other people's septum piercings. I frequently embarrass myself every time I meet anybody with one, going, 'Oo did it hurt?' Fast forward a few years, and I was feeling braver.


It's coming up to the end of term, so I fancied a bit of a treat. To put in context, I've gone back to university as a mature student so I get to have silly hair and piercings on show for once. Every year I tend to want something else once the sun comes out, and being a student, I can't afford any more tattoos (not decent ones, anyway!) The idea suddenly came to me that perhaps I could finally have my septum pierced.


Given that the weather was absolutely gorgeous me and my buddy went off to Cold Steel in Camden, where I've long since been curious to visit. It's probably the narrowest shop I've ever been in. We went up two flights of stairs and chatted with the receptionist for a bit, who took a £10 deposit from each of us. We had an hour to kill before our appointments, so we got some chow in the meantime and I bought a horrible hat for my Mum. When we returned, the receptionist chatted with my friend about conspiracy theories while I looked at the jewellery for sale under the counter, and wondered why people pay for the mark up on it! While we were waiting, we paid the balance on our respective piercings (£25 septum, £30 nipple).


The piercer came down to get us, and we followed her up yet another flight of narrow stairs (probably not an issue if your arse isn't as wide as mine). My friend wanted her nipple pierced first as it was only her second piercing, and she didn't want to sit there getting nervous. She decided on vertical, and Julie the piercer did her thing. Without cannula, less bleeding, less irritation. I actually asked about that bit because I've never noticed anywhere doing this as standard. When she was all done and my the blood returned to my hand from having it crushed by my nervous friend; it was my turn.


Julie cleaned up my nose with a disinfectant soaked cotton bud, and checked my sweet spot. I was asked to lay down on the table, and when she was ready, to lay with my head hanging right over the back. She said, 'You know the drill! Whenever you're ready.' So I took a deep breath, and then the needle was through. No pop, no crunch, less pain than getting my earlobes gunned. I didn't get discomfort when the needle was resting on my septum, or any pain when she put in the retainer. To be fair I was expecting it to hurt so much, the adrenaline pretty much stopped me from feeling ANYTHING. Julie gave me some blue roll to soak up my tears, but even my eyes hadn't watered a lot. She showed me how to flip the retainer up, and warned me that when the swelling went down, it was likely to get lost in my sheets like my plugs do. No biggy, I will change to a CBR when this happens! We were asked to go back in about a month for a checkup, which we promised to go back for. This is nice, Cold Steel take after-care seriously. The receptionist actually had quite a long conversation with my friend about after-care, particularly about not adding too much salt to a solution.


We were both really proud of ourselves but had to go home, picking up some sea salt on the way. I also bought ibuprofen to take down the swelling, and help with any discomfort I was likely to get that night. I still couldn't believe how little pain I had compared to my nostrils. Maybe it is because I have pretty fat nostrils? That's a lot of cartilage to get through. Anyway, that night I didn't soak my face in my sea salt solution, but soaked two cotton balls and gently put them in my nose instead. This morning I let the shower warm it up nicely before doing the same thing. It's been 24 hours and I couldn't be happier with it. It hurt a bit this morning when I woke up, because the retainer had completely flipped into my nose and was poking me. Then my boyfriend butted me in the nose in bed, which was awful! Ibuprofen soon sorted it out.


I would definitely recommend this piercing, it is so easily hidden and was not overly painful for me at all. I'd go to Cold Steel again any time; the customer service and duty of care they adhere to is top notch. I've just got my fingers crossed that my healing time is as uneventful as the rest of my experience!


submitted by: pretcico
on: 30 March 2012
in Septum Piercings

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Thursday, April 19, 2012 @2:18 a.m.
Ah, I remember my septum piercing. I wish I had the same experiance as you. Out of all the piercings I've had it was most likely the painful one I've had (or can remember :P), my eyes watered sh*tloads and it bled for hours. The piercer chose a small piece of jewellery which is, typically by many other people she's pierced, is able to be hidden... Unfortunately, with me having such a small little nose with a crappy structure, the b*tch wouldn't raise up. And with my other piercings, my boss didn't allow it. It was gone within a day. :( It also bled a lot to remove it, too. As painful as it was with me it was worth it, even for them 24 hours average. I have plans to quit my job when I have some more money saved back to get into the job of body mods, and then, obviously, it'll be okay to have a cute li'l ring back up my nostril. :) Glad you had such luck with it, though! :) Hope you enjoy it for many years to come ^_^
Friday, July 13, 2012 @12:20 a.m.
Haha, that sounds like how mine was. I pent weeks reading about how terrifying they were, went into the parlour twice and then came out with different piercings, and by the time I actually got mine done, it was so easy that it wasn't funny. ♥
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:42 p.m.
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