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An Inverse Navel Story

Little History::

My mother hates mods, as I'm sure I have said before.

When I was 15, I wanted to get a navel piercing.. I told my bestie and she went to get it done so then she had one and there was me, obviously still wanting it. I went to a bootleg hair salon and gave them my student ID and got it done with some birthday money and five minutes later I came out with a slightly crooked diamond-balled barbell in my belly. Mom found out and ripped it out merely three days later and that was the end of that. 

However, as my little scar formed, the thought never left my mind. So I begged and pleaded, eventually letting the topic die down. Then I went to get my septum pierced on my 17th birthday (which is a funny little experience that is somewhere on BME). Months later (last week), I had asked my mother YET AGAIN. To my amazement, she said yes.


Today, the 20th of March, I hopped on a bus to my favourite mod shop Exquizeet in Brampton, On. I thought of this the entire day and planned my evening. I would go to my clubs, concert band, and catch the bus from school to the shop. I had nerves, ate some Pringles, and unfortunately took the half-hour bus ride myself to the mall. I thought about it hard for the entire ride. I really wanted my nipple pierced but that could wait, I was 15 all over again. 

My bus arrived at the mall and I walked through to find the shop. I met who I assumed was the owner, who was making small-talk with another customer. He greeted me with a smile and we began to discuss what I wanted. I told him "I'm looking to get a navel piercing" and he replied "sure thing!", handed me the paperwork and called up the piercer. At this point, I had my septum, nostril, and plugs in the open. He didn't card me (the first time I went there they did however I was a lot shorter with less mods so, mehh..). I paid easily (50 plus tax) and I started chatting with another girl who just came in. I loved the environment there! I always do! Smoke paraphernalia, jewellery, art, t-shirts, the tv on Big Bang Theory, the place is cozy.

When he got in touch with the piercer, she came shortly after and introduced herself. Raychul was a nice chick ! She told me to have a seat in the last room on the right and I made myself comfy in the room with the art, a radio playing (my fave song just happened to be on) and what looked like an orange massage bed (this room was cute). She briefly walked me through the process after I told her that I wanted an Inverse Navel. She said it was less common but it was her personal preference. I told her I rather not bother my little scar, I had grown to like it and the experience of a ballistic mother that came with it.

Raychul suggested that I use a barbell with relatively same size balls so that it doesn't look clunky. We both agreed and she went to sterilize the barbell. When she returned, she disinfected my button and put on a pair of gloves. After what seemed like 10 minutes of marking (making sure it looked good from all angles), we had marks, she showed me in the mirror and I thought it looked cute. She told me to lie down, opened a package holding the clamp, made sure it wasn't too tight, and aligned it with my marker. Then she showed my the 14g needle (which was quite intimidating) in the package (dated for 2014) and took it out.

Raychul assured me that she was quick and told me to keep breathing through it. Deep breath in and.. *cringe* out. It wasn't too bad, I give it a 4 out of 10, definitely bearable. Then she put the barbell through, which actually hurt more than the piercing (still bearable) and played with the ball to fit right. Once we had it together, I was shown my new barbell as she walked me through the cleaning process, ensuring me that I could call or drop in if I thought anything was wrong. She also told me not to worry about the marker and that it would rub off. I thanked her and went out to the store where I spent another 40$ on plugs, then I was on my way.

The bus ride home was alright too! I'm a little chubbier but I survived my awesome little jiggling button on the ride.

Now, it doesn't really hurt, just a mild sting.

Everything went according to plan and it made for a great experience.



submitted by: Quite_Simply
on: 21 March 2012
in Horizontal, True, Deep, and other navels

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