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My lovely vertical nipple experience!

I have been a huge fan of nipples piercings for ages. I just never got around to getting mine done, for a variety of different reasons. Well, my boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago; and I just got an IUD inserted so I'm on a permanent menstrual cycle for a while. In conclusion, I won't be having any sex for a while so I decided it was the perfect time to get them done! Plus, I had the extra cash thanks to tax season.

I did a lot of research on what kind of positioning I wanted. I instantly threw out the idea of the more common horizontal. While nipple guards are an interesting idea, I think most of them look horrible. I debated with the idea of diagonal ones, but thought maybe they'd look funny down in the future. So I set out to get vertical!

I wanted to go back to the same person who did my tongue piercing, as the shop is gorgeous and the people are completely wonderful! So Tuesday morning, my sister and I head left a bit early. We stopped off at Tim Hortons and got some bagels to eat before going to the studio. We then walked over to the shop for my appointment while we ate. She was coming with to hold my hand, and convinced me to lend her money so she could get her industrial done after me (but that's a different story). We went through with all the paperwork, I paid for the piercings first so I couldn't chicken out. My two nipples and my sisters industrial came to about $210 CDN with basic jewelry, which isn't bad at all. We both got a bag of sea salt, aftercare instructions and a bar of soap that was recommended.

We headed back to the room, where the piercer Niki started setting up. I asked to get my nipples done both at the same time, and she said of course and she'd go grab another piercer in a minute. I pulled down my shirt and took my bra off, it was a bit chilly in the room so my nipples got really perky. She had to hold the back of her hand up against them to soften them up. She marked them, checked them three times and got me to sit down. 

She then began to adjust the chair so I was laying down, and double checked her marking once again. Then she got with cleaning them. Afterwards, she went out to grab the other piercer. (I don't remember her name, which makes me feel bad.) Niki is an amazing piercer, she walks you through every single little step and just has a personality that really relaxes you.

By this time, my sister was up and holding my hand, and the two piercers were putting on the clamps. I hardly felt the clamps. She asked me to take a deep breath in, and out, and through went two needles! I'm not going to lie, I did squeel a bit, but it was definitely no where near as painful as I was expecting! They put the jewelry through, I thanked the second piercer as she left. I was feeling fine, no dizzyness or anything. My sister then climbed up onto the chair to get her industrial, and it was my turn to hold her hand. She did wonderfully though and it really suites her. My next piercing I've been wanting will be venom tongue piercings in addition to the tongue piercing I already have. So Niki was great and checked to see if it would work. Alas, my tongue didn't have enough room for another center but side venoms would work! Exactly what I wanted, so I was getting a bunch of good news. I will probably go for those next tax season.

After my sister was through, Niki gave us instructions on aftercare. I tipped her and we left. My nipples did throb and burn for a good hour or two afterwards. I took some liquid ibuprofin capsules and the throbbing stopped, but it still burned. It's now been 4 hours and there is no pain at all! My left nipple is perfect, but my right nipple has bled some. I'm glad I didn't wear one of my nicer bras because there is some blood staining on the bra that I am wearing. I just ended up taking a wet Q-tip and carefully removed the dried blood, hasn't bled again so far.

I can't stop looking at them in the mirror, they look so perfect and beautiful. I highly recommend you get it done, it hardly hurts and the pain you do feel only lasts literally a couple seconds. I also highly recommend Niki at Metamorphosis Body Art for all piercings to anyone who is in the Winnipeg, Canada area. I'm looking forward to the healing process and I couldn't be happier.


submitted by: Kayluh
on: 29 Feb. 2012
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Artist: Niki
Studio: Metamorphosis Body Art
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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