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The other unrealized male orgasm

This is about the orgasm that almost every male has not experienced, except seeing their partner reaching it. That I discovered through the manipulation of my penis into thinking it is a clit by using trans scrotal holes and piercings.Most women will know it by the whole body mind jerking orgasm that can last a long long long time. So, you can say it is a feminine orgasm? I am going to try to explain how I do it and how I achieved it mentally. It is very different thinking. My rating of it compared to a normal male orgasm is that it is not as intense as the male orgasm, but the fact it is a great feeling over the whole body that makes your toes curl and body shake for as long as you can keep it. I have become such advanced at this that I try to get a few of these more feminine type of orgasms before I have the final male or cum orgasm (I would rather say cum because a male orgasm runs a different chain of thought).

So, lets start as to why I started this orgasmic adventure; I had a spinal fusion back in 2006 which was part of long chain of problem stemming from anthrax shots I received in the military (If you are on of those idiots that got the shots and say nay they don’t cause problems and they didn’t cause problems for anyone, 1. fuck you 2. good for you for not getting sick, while you are still healthy almost 1 percent have side effects that will lead to a future that will cause some sort of major organ failure to cause death or they will commit suicide because of the pain from the arthritis and the nerve damage as the immune system eats the coatings off the nerves. ); Sorry had to get that out first, I have bullet proof evidence of the cause of my diseases and several doctors to back it except for the VA; So now that you know I have a messed up medical history and very little life left from it, I can move on with this show.

In 2006 my sex life with my wife started changing; I was having a hard time getting interested in sex, or I was in the mood and just could not climax. As from the shots mentioned above, it was around 2006 or earlier when my testosterone started to lower to the point that I cannot produce my own testosterone; If you think it was because of what I have done with the holes and all, I did not start this until after I had medical proof I was not producing, and this is a common this with this disease<.

While having sex with my wife one day, I was just playing around trying to please her since I doubted I could climax. Somehow I was imagining what it was like to be her and what it felt on her side. Somehow this changed it all in one day. My thoughts changed from how good it felt to be inside of her, to how good it felt to have her inside of me! What’s this you may ask? Just think if you took and pushed your penis in so now instead of pushing out it went inside of you. Then your girlfriend pushed and her vag went out to be a penis. Make sense? Hope so, or don’t go further. I never thought myself to be bisexual, I do like my anus being played with. I just am not turned on by a man or hair, sorry. I do have many gay friends and do trust them more than I would a straight man.

Are we on the same page for the first step, to change the way you think about your sex? When you are on top of her either which way she is facing, just imagine being on your lover and how good her penis feels inside you! When you can learn to do this and them give into it and enjoy it, you will feel these what I call &”female orgasms”. There is no cum, just a whole body jerking, feet curling orgasm. Once you have your male orgasm with the cum involved, you will have to wait a while again, but to achieve these female orgasms, you can keep having one over and over. Doing it this way, you cannot maintain the female orgasm for a long period of time because there is too much involved and very little control of your body during these orgasms. Let me add and rephrase about the female orgasm achievement. While having sex and you can change the rolls while using the correct part, you can come to a point where you can release and let loose. To me as a hint, I have this mental image I am not in control and she is starting to cum in me and this is turning me on and I want it more. Then the orgasm comes in waves.

For you guys that are bi and gay, is this what you feel or how you mentally picture it to orgasm? Does this do the same for anal sex? I can say I have achieved the same with a prostate stimulator but without as much intense. I would be willing to let my wife use a dildo or strap-on me, but she is not into that and I dull my crazies out to her slowly.

Now to get to the intense female orgasm, (ladies, if it doesn’t bring justice to the description of your orgasm, I’m sorry, it’s just my opinion and what I can deduce from my experiences and when I talk to my wife.) I started out finding that if I used my wife’s vibrator that I didn’t need to get an erection to have an orgasm. This way I could have an orgasm thinking as the male or the female. I was trying to research into the female orgasm and why men would experience it and somehow came into shemales and mtf surgeries. I can admit now that shemales do turn me on with my type of thinking and since I’m happily married, I guess the thought is not going to get me into trouble.

I found that the mtf surgeries uses the penis head as the clit for the new female to help orgasm. I also found that orgasms could be reached by just taping the testicals and penis inside the body with duct tape or superglue. I even sewed everything together once then just rubbed it and used a vibrator and had some mind blowing orgasms. You can see my early work that I then did a corset around my penis and tesicles that was a group of rings I ran a thin type bunge cord through it to make a corset that pulled the skin on both side together and hide everything. The piercings were too small and with my chemo kept getting infected for somereason. So after 3 different piercing attempts. (I actually did up to 15 piercings and kept them for weeks then removed them, only to repierce weeks later with a different design hoping it would get better. It never did.)

I then found this lovely bme website and came across guys with trans scrotal piercings that I noticed they can put their penis through. Hmm I though, a place to hold my flaccid penis while I used a vibrator on it. So I did it, a few months ago I did my own trans scrotal piercing by myself late at night. That was stupid in hindsight, I could have bled to death. I then over a few months used closed cell foam inserts with my special design to expand the hole to the desired opening. To see how to do the trans scrotal piercing to Stage 1, please see my story labeled “How to make a trans scrotal hole for the Cyn-Corset”.

After the hole healed, I gave it a try with my wife’s vibrator. Ohhhhh Myyyy Goooood, this was an experience life being a 14 year old girl just starting to recognize what is between her legs! I came across a problem that I sometimes would get a quick erection or semi-hard erection since the penis was loose on the other side, so I decided to go back to the drawing board for a way to hold it down. I loved the corset but couldn’ ever get it to heal. So if you want to see the designs to the piercings for the corset please see the story labeled “How to set the piercings for the Cyn-Corset”.

After this new design, it healed as much as it can for this time, but 100x better than the last tries. It now holds down the penis like it is up inside of me. With this new design, I have actually pushed the head of my penis back into the hole and stuck some lube in the hole. I then began to finger-bang the hole. It was not as good of an orgasm as the other stuff above, but I could now say I have a man-gina that I could finger to orgasm!

So, here we are to where I am now. As you by now have seen the many photos of what I am talking about to see this is not a writing of fiction or idea that never got realized. I go on cam4 every once in a while to show off my new man-gina because I started liking an audience. I don’ show anything but between my legs. I go in as a shemale, but would not lead anyone to think I am one as of yet. I have to many manly features to ever be mistaken for one.

To set the scene now, I lay there, either in the dark or the light. I sometime broadcast it, I sometimes record it for analysis. I’m completely naked, I spread my legs slightly thinking that I am with my lover or she is watching me. I will then use a vibrator that is designed to fit the head of my penis or my wife used to use it for her clit, which gave me the idea. I then put my penis into the hole and close the piercings around it like a corset or now more like a cage locking the rings together. I then lay back thinking of being the opposite sex and once I get in the mood, I start the vibrator and place it on my now “Clit”. I slowly move the vibrator in a circle and think of things like being fingered or my partner entering me and when I can imagine giving into her sexually, I can have many female orgasms for as long as I want. There is no cum, just a shuttering of my body and the curling of my feet. When the time comes, I move the vibrator a little faster and pushing in and out slightly and wanting to cum for my partner. I can then have my “cum orgasm”. I think I would rather call it a “cum orgasm” rather than a “male orgasm” for the shear fact that I am not thinking of “pounding pussy” or “stroking the shaft” as you can say.

For those of you just wondering about these types of orgasms, I hope this has been informative to you if you made it this far. For those who want to go further to either do what I have done, or to top that and go for the actual mtf surgery. This procedure is very simple and cheap. It will demand up to a good half of a year for recovery before you can get into it, but for those that want to do the mtf and are not sure if that is right for you. This option can be done and un-done. The mtf surgery is permanent. Who knows I am working on “Stage 2”, where there will be another hole that can be used as a real vagina while your clit is sticking out. Depending on your size, you will be able to have sex with a partner or use a dildo that will be able to get some depth of penetration. For my size, I figure I will be able to insert a dildo that is 1” diameter and 3-4” long into it comfortably, or this is my goal. I will never get to feel the joy of a real penis in it, but I can play with toys with my partner.

My life is short, I just had to do this. After I had those thoughts in my head, I was really interested in a mtf surgery, but after doing this, I like the fact that I can take on either gender when I want. I still would prefer a male gender, but uncle sam chemically sterilized me, then fucked me without giving a reach-around. Maybe some of you MTF wonders will try this before you take the plunge. It may save your life. The poor souls who find it was a mistake and cannot go back live in hell. I hate to see this on anyone who is just trying to find what they consider to be love and sex. We all should be able to enjoy sex, if not, what is the reason for living. Sure its to replicate, but that is just a fraction of most people’s lives. Then they have their time to enjoy themselves and their partners.

Good luck all and contact me [email protected] if you have questions. If I’m still around I will try to answer and help. No question is stupid if it reaches an answer that you are looking for. Cyn


submitted by: cynobyte
on: 31 Jan. 2012
in Cyn Transcrotal Corset Gallery

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Artist: Cynobyte
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Location: alamo nm

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Saturday, February 25, 2012 @2:09 a.m.
I fantasize having sex like that too and it is really sexually satisfying. I'm not too sure what you mean by the trans scrotal piercing and your process but I definitely will look more into that. I just tie my balls and penis with a hair scrunchy then tuck/push my penis inward and kind of position the opening in between the scrunchy which creates an appearance and hole like a vagina. I can actually insert things into the hole like a small dildo or just finger it. Your right about the thought process too. It is the biggest factor to making it a more fulfilling sexual arousal and eventually orgasm.

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