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My christina - my first piercing

I don’t remember exactly when I first decided I wanted a Christina, but I’d guess it was probably about three years ago. I saw a picture online and I was in love. I was very hesitant to get pierced though. It would be my first piercing (other than my ears, which were gun-pierced when I was 9 – I’m 25 now – and I pretty much never wear earrings anyway) and I didn’t quite have the cash to commit to it. Okay, that’s not entirely true. If I had been SURE I wanted it, I wouldn’t have had a problem finding the money. I’ve gotten several tattoos during that time!! Mostly I think I was just scared.

As an early Christmas gift in 2011, my best friend gave me a $50 gift certificate to my tattoo studio, Marlowe Ink. A wonderful gesture – but my artist there doesn’t technically work for the shop. She has her own company, and she just uses the shop as studio space, if that makes sense. When I get work by her, I pay her directly rather than paying the shop. So... unless I wanted a new artist (I don’t) I wouldn’t be putting this toward a new tattoo. So hey – now’s as good a time as any to get pierced, right?

I walked in to the shop and there were two women hanging out in the lobby. I recognized one of them as Jacquie, one of the shop’s two piercers. I asked if she had time for a walk-in that evening and she said she was wide open. She asked what I wanted, I told her, and she went about gathering her supplies while the other woman in the lobby had me fill out my paperwork.

At Marlowe Ink, the piercing studio is directly behind the lobby, with doors to the lobby and to the hallway. There’s also a window on one wall that opens up right behind the reception desk. As Jacquie finished prepping, the last thing she did was shut the window before inviting me back.

Jacquie had already placed clean paper on the table for me to sit on. She looked at what I was wearing and judged that I wouldn’t need to remove my pants, I could just pull them down a bit. While I was getting myself situated on the table, she asked if I had any questions before we got started. I said no, because well – I’ve gotten a few tattoos here, so I’ve already been through that whole drill, seen the autoclave, etc. She asked if I know how to take care of it, and I said I knew to do saline soaks.

She put on her gloves, took a quick look at my anatomy, then chose the appropriate length of barbell. After wiping down the area with an alcohol swab, she used a pen to mark the entrance and exit spots. It was a tiny bit crooked on the first go, so she wiped my skin with alcohol again and re-drew her spots. She handed me a mirror, and held the barbell in position so I could see what it would look like. I told her yes, that looks perfect.

She changed her gloves and opened up the needle. She explained that she uses a receiving tube rather than clamps, so it’s a smoother, less painful process in her opinion. I’ll take her word for it!

She leaned over me and said, “okay, I just need you to take a deep breath.” I began to inhale and felt the needle. With the second half of my inhale, I breathed in “FUCK” and grabbed the sides of the table with my hands. Jacquie chuckled and said, “yep, sounds about right!”

She reached over to her desk and grabbed the jewelry. She told me to take another breath, and with that she slid the needle out and the jewelry in. One last pinch as she screwed the bottom ball on. She used a cotton pad to dab up the blood, then handed me the mirror again so I could see. I loved it!

Jacquie tapped the needle out of the receiving tube and dropped the two instruments in separate containers under her desk. She changed gloves again, and handed me two small round cotton pads to tuck in my underwear. I did, and got up from the table to pull my pants back up.

She noticed that I was being very careful, and she commented that these types of piercings are usually the most difficult in the immediate moments after – for that very reason. Pulling up your pants is not easy to do the first time! She told me about a man she pierces who has, as she put it, “literally fifty piercings down there.” So maybe not a literal 50, but a lot! She said that even though he has so many genital piercings, it’s still difficult for him to put his pants back on each time. I said “seems like you’d run out of space at some point...” and she just nodded. Eep!

We went back out into the lobby to pay. The other woman from before rang me up. The total was $80, but after my gift certificate I spent a total of $38 including tip!

All in all, my first piercing was a wonderful experience. Jacquie was very professional while still being personable and friendly. I’m still more of a fan of tattoos than piercings, but I do have a few ideas bouncing around for some potential future piercings... if I ever decide to get any more work done, I will absolutely go back to Jacquie!


submitted by: leastlikely
on: 07 Jan. 2012
in Christina Piercings

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Artist: Jacquie
Studio: Marlowe Ink
Location: Fairfax, VA

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