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Is this the start of a mid life crisis?

Well I did it, I'd been thinking about it for a long time, but I actually went ahead and got my nipples pierced!

This is something I had been thinking about doing for many years now if I'm honest, but I think I was worried what other people might think of me as it would seem completely out of character to most of my friends, but now I'm in my 30's I think I've finally reached the point where I don't care any more quite honestly! I did this for me, not anyone else. Though it was probably aided by my ex GF having hers pierced whilst we were going out, which was a real turn on if I'm honest, I just finally needed to man up and get mine done!

So having been thinking about it for ages, I had decided it was a "now or never moment". I rang my ex the night before, with a few questions for her regarding the pain, how long it lasts etc. They were her first and only piercings too, so it was a comparable situation with it being my first time too. She assured me though it did hurt a lot, the pain was only momentary, and the soreness didn't last all that long. Hers took some time to heal though I remember. Anyway...

Probably should have done a bit more research in the end, but I just had to do it, spur of the moment so to speak, otherwise it just wasn't going to get done. I went down to the Tattoo shop in town near to me, with the intention of asking a few questions with a view to getting them done. It ended up that on the way I'd talked myself into definitely getting them done, and to hell with it. So once I was there, I asked the piercer to check out my suitability for said piercings and once he had confirmed I was ok, I just said "sod it, let's do it".

He marked me up for the 14g rings he was going to insert. I was told rings would be more suitable for my nipples to start with, to reduce the chance of migration, as my nipples are quite shallow. I understand there are all sorts of theories on this, and different places do different things, but hey ho what do I know. Thought it best to let the professional get on with it...

So once marked up, he clamped my left nipple. I was told by some people that clamping the nipple really hurts in itself, but I've got to say I could barely tell he'd clamped it, it certainly wasn't painful. He then told me that "we'll just do this one, if it's too painful we won't bother with the second", to which I replied "it's both or none at all". So then he pushed the needle through.

Now I'm not going to lie, it did hurt, but that said I didn't scream or shout. It was pretty painful for a split second when the needle went through the first nipple, but I've done things that have hurt more for sure.

Next in went the ring, which wasn't too much of an issue, and then the ball on the ring, before moving onto clamping the second nipple. I wasn't backing out, so he pushed the needle through the second nipple. This time I let out a slight "ahhh" as it went through, for whatever reason it was slightly more painful for sure. But still less painful than breaking a bone, and only momentary pain. So in with the second ring then, on with the ball, and then to patch me up before I put my T shirt back on, paid the man, and left.

Now the next 90 minutes was quite a challenge as they really started to throb, but after that the pain started to subside. 6 days on now I barely notice them most of the time already, though they are still a bit sore at times. I've bathed them in salt water twice a day which has undoubtedly helped, as has washing them properly in the shower each day. They look the business and I'm barely getting any crusties already, so I'm really happy with the result. I just can't wait til they've fully healed, so I can try some different jewellery out quite frankly, as these 12mm rings with the massive balls on stick out loads if I'm wearing just a T shirt, so I've had to keep a thick jumper on all through Christmas so that nobody notices! They do look the business through, so I'm happy! Definitely glad I did it, I only wish I did it sooner now, though I'm now really worried that this might just be the start as I've been told piercings are really addictive!


submitted by: riggsyb
on: 29 Dec. 2011
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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