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Adventure for Venoms

Ever since I was 13 years old I had always wanted my tongue pierced. My mum was completely against it (until I turned 18,) so she let me get anything else. I got my belly button and my lip done (twice,) to suppress the need. I could not help but become obsessed with the idea, though it dimmed over time seeing how common it was and it was just another piercing just like belly buttons. My brother's former girlfriend ended up getting venoms, the only other person I've ever seen with them; then that was IT, I knew that was what I was going to get. My plan was when I turned 18 I was going straight to the piercing shop to have it done, but I then became pregnant when I was 16, so money was tight. For my 18th birthday, in May, I asked my mum for the money, but she obviously denied. I had been spending all my money on my son, therefore I really could not afford it.

For Christmas 2010, my boyfriend at the time decided to pay for it for me. My brother is a body-mod fan, and when I was contemplating snakebites he advised me to not get both done at the same time (because the piercers around here don't tend to stuff information into your face) because the swelling could make it the second piercing a bit off. So I kept that advice close to me, especially when it came to my tongue.

Finally! New Years Eve I had gotten the nerve to go get it done, so I wanted to go to Sinners and Saints in Wareham, Mass because they're very well known for the tattoos they do, and my brother had his labret done there. (Yes, my brother had a strong influence on my decisions. Haha.) I called to see if the piercer was in, he was. I told them I wanted venoms, they said come on over. At this point, I'm extremely excited, yet trembling because I've heard so many different pain scales. I took my 800mg prescribed Ibruprophen right before the 20 minute drive, along with my prescribed Klonopin to relax my nerves because I didn't want to chicken out. AT LAST, I arrive to the shop, they tell me the piercer had been busy on a tattoo for a while, and would not have time for me to have any piercing done, and asked what I wanted, so I told them I wanted venoms. The guy had NO CLUE what I was talking about, I showed him, he said impossible and that they'd never do that because it's too dangerous. It's understandable, but don't tell me to head down when we had already spoke over the phone about it all!

So, I'm on a mission. I had my lip done, then re-done at Pincushion in Hyannis, Mass. I was not completely a fan of the piercer, but like I mentioned.. I was on a mission and they were quick and efficient. so, 40 minutes away from Sinners and Saints, I head to Pincushion. Told the guy the story we clicked better than we had the other times, and my nerves were settling. He had even had venoms before, which was comforting. He explained that both will be pierced at an angle to avoid my veins, at all costs. I got the first one done, after running around and nerves going up and down and the adrenaline unbalanced. I was just so happy to finally have it partially done. I barely swelled, it barely hurt, and I didn't have any problem talking or anything. He said come back in 2-3 weeks and we could check to see if we could do the second.

Since my former boyfriend had paid for the first one, I was paying for the second. I then had to wait for the money again, but this time I was being wiser and saved up. I put it off for a while because classes had started 3 weeks after the first one, so the last week of February I went for my second. Only, it didn't work out that way. I ended up getting into a car accident literally right next to the shop. (It's on Main Street in Hyannis) Someone had T-Boned me. I began thinking I just was not meant to have these done because it was becoming such a process, but then I had more motivation because I just wanted it done SO badly. So 2 weeks later, I had someone drive me to get it done.

I arrived, he said the other one healed amazingly, he was happy to see that I actually followed through yadda yadda, so we got to business. I got it done, this one swelled pretty bad. I got real nervous because it turned a deep purple a week afterward and if the bar moved a little, I would sometimes get a sensation in the tip of my tongue as if it was hitting a nerve. I went to go talk to him, he said it looked fine, and if it didn't change in a week to come back and he would check on it again. Let me tell you, it was the ugliest thing ever! I thought my tongue was going to fall off, though it didn't hurt as bad as it looked. It did clear up, and they healed perfectly. It's been nearly a year and I haven't had one issue with it.

By far my favorite piercing, I always get told "Oh my gosh that's so cool I've never seen anyone with that before!" I just reply with "That's the point!" I'm happy Sinners and Saints had turned me away saying it was 'impossible' to do such a piercing, but I had seen people with it, I've seen them on BME, I knew it could be done so I did it. Though I wasn't always a fan of Pincushion, Brian did an amazing job and I'm glad he pierced me!


submitted by: enizemb
on: 20 Dec. 2011
in Multiple Center Tongue Piercings

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